3 very important reason to update XP to vista?

can Vista tester give me the 3 most important reason to update from XP to Vista?

My import reasons mean that which are quite relevant to our daily usage,not something Gates brag about and useless to our consumers, like 64 bit, more stable, more scalable, stuff like that is very boring and tricky.

thanx a lot!

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    The only thing great about vista is its new graphics and design, speed is no different really.....I mean c'mon. Anyone can make their computer go as fast as vista.....blah.

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    Smells like a homework question. :)

    Two of the biggest reasons to upgrade to Vista are things that aren't in Vista anymore - the WinFS file system and the new command shell. Both got dropped so Vista had a snowball's chance of shipping this decade.

    The third big reason to upgrade is to pump up Microsoft's revenues - remember that it's been a while since they sold you XP upgrades, and an incredible number of people didn't upgrade to XP yet (including a lot of corporate customers, who saw XP as just Win2K with a Teletubby GUI interface on it). With WinFS and the shell out, and pressure from Linux , and people starting to be worried about Windows security, , Microsoft needs all the upgrade dollars it can get. :)

    (As an aside, I suspect that Microsoft is between a rock and a hard place on security - they *know* how to fix the problems. The bigger problem is that it's impossible to do it in a compatible way - so they're stuck with doing something compatible and losing customers too Linux because they see Linux as being more secure, or they can actually fix the problems, and people move to Linux because if they're going to have a costly incompatible migration, it may as well be to a cheaper system... :)

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    I have been a A+ Tech for years, and I advise that NO One upgrades to any OS until the final version is released from Beta... The new Vista OS is supposed to be more secure ( yea right ) I have been applying updates to XP Pro Since it was released. And honestly so far, I have not seen much of Vista or IE7 that makes me want to shell out $$$$ anytime real soon. My XP Pro does the trick for me. It is all about taste, needs, and what you want to do with it...... Just because someone makes something newer, doesn't mean get it.. If it isn't Broke - Don't try to fix it......Good Luck

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    There is no need to buy Vista now. Wait until you buy your next computer. Eventually all new computers will come with Vista already installed.

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