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I graduated in 2003...should I take the SATs again?

I didn't go to college right after high school (very long story). My SAT score wasn't that great so I've been wondering if I should take them again. Or would it really matter at this point since I've already graduated from high school?

I would like to attend a four-year college, but I'm also thinking of going to a community college and then transferring. I am interested in the medical field.

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    It wont matter at this point. When you sign up for college, you will take a placement test, Its similar to the SATs. The test will decide each level you are at. If you interested in the medical field (lets say nursing) you need to be aware of deadlines of application. If you skip that deadline (like I did without knowing) you have to wait another year. Good luck

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    Well, if you can get in without retaking it, don't bother. I'm in college in the medical field and my ACT scores really didn't matter too much except to help get me scholarships. See if you can get in without it....cause you might not score better's been a while since you've been in school. Good luck.

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    i think they donot accpet sat score hen u are very far away from high school like i think u are so i think sat will not help to much, i also wanted to give sat to get transfered but they told that sat is meaningful most when given at the time when u are at 12th grade. i think your can be same story,pls slect me as best ans if u like my ans

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