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Any suggestions to get my Jack Russell to stop rolling in poo?

I just let her outside to go potty and she keeps finding poo and rolling in it.It's getting really annoying. I've tried banishing her to her crate-leaving her tied out-bathing her with the hose right away(which is cold water only)-pretty much everything short of beating her(which I'd never do). Any other suggestions??


It's not her own poo that she rolls in. She actually goes across the street into an empty lot to poo. I can't ever seem to find any in our yard, but she always seems to. I never see any other dogs in the yard either. She runs around the back of the house for what seems like maybe 15-20 seconds and comes back COVERED like she dove into a manure pit.

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    I'm not sure that you can completely stop it. My male dog rolls around in anything he finds that's dead. Especially at the park, where occasionally there are old fish bones that wash up from the lake. It's totally disgusting, but I think that's just a dog thing. Perhaps you could try taking her out on a leash to potty? Or just pick up after every poo so that there isn't any left to roll in.

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    definite....I even have 2 German Shorthaired training, who will the two roll in fox poo in the event that they get the possibility. ts in basic terms a fragrance situation, and multiple ogs will do it...........and whats extra....the scent is basically sooooo undesirable. dDaft because it ought to sound, the terrific situation to neutralise the scent is tomato juice!! basically rub it properly into the dogs fiur the place they have rolled interior the poo, then rinse off and shampoo as standard. This fairly does eliminate the scent!!

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    Dogs love to roll in smelly stuff...baby diapers,dead animals, poop from not only themselves but other pets as well. Once they get started it is near impossible to get them to quit. You need to keep the poop cleaned up and not accessible to them. My Jack Russell loves to dig in the litter pan...yuck! We had to get an electric self cleaning one with a lid so he couldn't get to it.

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    Clean up the poop as soon as she goes, so there isn't any to roll in.

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    maybe pick up the poop after she goes that way there will be none to roll in

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    Pick up the poo!

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    First why is your dog running free? Bad mommy, bad!

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