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how can i tell if my goat is depressed?

how can i tell if my goat is depressed? she still eats and is active but sometimes acts depressed. she has lost a few pounds. shes wormed and everything. do i need to get her a friend? we dont have any other goats.


ive had her for 2 months.

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    How long have you had your goat? Goats don't like to be alone. They are herd animals and they get very lonely not being with other goats. Yes I would get her a friend. Until you can do this I would give her as much attention as possible. They will get very depressed when they are alone. Normally when goats act depressed and they are not alone, I would think that something might be wrong with her and you should call a vet. Goats are very sensitive animals and they require companionship. Hope this helps and good luck with your goat. They make great pets.

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