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Where is the best beach in Australia?

Hey Aussies, in your opinion, which of your beaches is the greatest? And by that, I mean anything that you define as greatest from which is the cleanest, which has the best place to surf, which one has the hottest crowd, or perhaps which one is the most relaxing. The one I hear mentioned the most is Bondi beach. I was just curious as to what you thought. Thanks!

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    I live in Cairns, Far North Queensland..where the rainforest meets the reef...we have the best beaches in Australia up here...

    about 20 mins from here is Ellis Beach...and its just beautiful...and not to mention the fact that you can have the beach to yourself...there are not too many tourists and sometimes you can be the only person for 100's of metres. there are lots of beaches say within an hour of here....too many to mention, but if you want beautiful beaches than Far North Queensland is the place to come!

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    The East Coast has beautiful beaches, pop a map on the board and throw a dart. If you are coming for the surf the West Coast is less protected and the waves are larger.

    For popularity, Bondi is great as is Manly. All are clean and popular from Spring onwards. It is winter here now.

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    Australia has miles and miles of shoreline but how do you know, as a traveler which beaches are really great? Just judge for yourself by visiting some or take the recommendations of others before you plan your trip. One of the best beaches, according to those who have been, is Palm Beach in Sydney. Actually Sydney has a long stretch of beaches with Palm Beach being at the end of the beach strand. The set of beaches travels north from Sydney and ends with Palm Beach's white sands. The area is perfect for surfing and there's even a golf course.

    Hyam's Beach in Jervis Bay, NSW isn't one of the most easily found beaches. Claiming to have the whitest sands around, Jervis Bay is more secluded than some of the beaches in Australia. The sun seems to reflect off of the water and sand even more so at this beach than others because it is so brilliant. Sunbathing is great here but the sun is so bright it's imperative you take sun screen along.

    Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas, QLD is dotted with nearby hotels and many palms. The area is known for it's deadly marine jelly fish, mostly found in shallow water. Visit during June through September to prevent getting stung. When visiting during other months stay in safe zones inside the stinger net. The water is so clear you can see right through it.

    Mission Beach, QLD is a unique site. You can look out across the water and see small islands along the horizon. White sand with vine-filled forests add to the serene view offered at this beach. Not visited by as many tourists as some of the other beaches in Australia, Mission Beach features more privacy and space than most. Marine stingers are also a threat here so visit from June to September.

    Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, QLD is not ideally a surfer's beach. The almost-four-mile shoreline features white sands and peaceful surroundings. The rainforest that edges the beach is serene.

    Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast, QLD is only one of 35 beaches on the 19 mile Gold Coast strip. Nearby are high-rises and motels but the beach itself is pristine. Surfing is great here, as well as other water sports.

    Cable Beach, Broome, WA is an exotic area with 16 miles of white sands that stretch on forever. Marine Stingers are also a problem in this area, so swim from June to September. The area features hotels, resorts, camping houses, houseboats and water sports opportunities. Or, take a voyage to see everything the land and sea have to offer.

    Cottesloe Beach, Perth, WA is one of 19 beaches at Perth and one of the most popular. Thought to be one of the pretties in the area Cottesloe also features an Indiana Tea House and a mock-Edwardian bathhouse. Nearby in Perth, visit the Kings Park & Botanical Gardens, the Western Australian Museum or Shark Bay.

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    have a look in here on the surf & beach link a lot of surf cams in there you can decide for yourself


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    surfers paradise or bondi beach or byron bay

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