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If hip hop was a highschool..............??? Please Enter!!! Do you like!!?

Beenie Segal and Ol' Dirty Bastard would be the two special ed ****** who took classes after school

Lil Kim would be the school hoe.

J-Lo would be the school ****.

Master P would be the loser that nobody really knows,who wears his own clothes that nobody likes but still on the basketball team.

P Diddy would be the annoying dork who couldnt dance but thought he could and on Biggy's nuts.

Nas would be the dude normal popular kids cudnt figure out,but around his crew he was tha ****.

Jay-Z would be the ugly kid who could rap but hated Nas cuz he is better.

Westside Connection would be the school bullies that beat everybody up.

Dr. Dre would be the O.G. that knew everything and was respected by everyone.

Beyonce would be the most popular girl in school and be the captain of the cheer squad.

R Kelly would be the dude that graduated 3 years ago and still goes back to the school to talk to girls.

Ciara would be the best girl dancer and head of the dance team.

Paul Wall would be the man dat evry body looked for if they needed something, from grills to last nights home work.

Lil Jon would be the loud special ed student that takes classes at the back of the school.

Ludacris would be the class clown.

Kanye West would be the best dressed guy at school who gets along with everyone but the principal.

Outkast would be the two guys who wear their own unique style of clothing.

50 cent would be the guy who's been shot before and thinks he's cool because of that.

Ja Rule would be the wannabe thug that gets beat up by 50 cent

Biggie would be the fat ugly guy with the fine girlfriend who has

everyone wondering how he hooked that **** up.

Nelly would be the pretty-boy sophomore that plays on the varsity football team and all the females love him and most of the guys hate him.

And Murphy lee would get all the fine girls simply because he hangs with Nelly.

Lil Bow Wow would be that skinny loser who hangs out with his

older brother and his crew because he has no friends of his own.

Christina Milian: the pretty sweet girl that everyone wants to tap but she's a virgin and only talks to pretty boys.

Twista would be the kid who always writes 3000 word essays instead of the required 700.

Cassidy would be the young freshman kid who is the best freestyler and is loved by girls and respected by dudes.

Usher would be the school's hottest guy but is secretly gay.

Juvenille would be the guy u hated listening to cuz of the way he talked.

Dem Franchize boyz is the group that wears nothing but white tees and does the same dance every time.

Wayne would be the guy who freestyles out of nowhere and his rhymes are tight.

Mariah Carey would be the mixed girl that looked white that only likes black guys.

Jermaine Dupri would be school snitch who told on evrybody.

Chris Brown would be that new kid that the ladies loved but the guys picked on.

Mike Jones would be the guy that tries to get popular by saying his name every 5 seconds and giving out his phone number.

Mary J. would be the sweet but thugish black girl that loved to sing.

Remy Ma would be the girl who think she is fine but everyone else thinks shes ugly.

Snoop Dogg would be the school stoner that drives a cadillac to school and smokes in class.

Omarion would be the schools lady man and always winning talent shows.

Pretty Ricky would be the group of dudes that ran trains on alotta girls

Rihanna would be the foreign exchange student from the Carribean that all the dudes hit on.

Sean Paul would be the guy that no one understands what he's saying but still gets girls.

Flava Flav would be the school janitor with stank *** breath.

Missy would be the fat ugly girl who is still popular.

Trina would be the tough but fine girl who intimidates guys.

E-40 would be the guy that made up the coolest slang.

Tupac would be the guy that everyone loves and respects.


**** i had eminem but don't know what happened but i'll post another one

Update 2:

Eminem would be this tight white dude who didn't give a damn what the **** he say and who thhe **** he said it to. You would most likely find him making cool *** beats in class with 50.

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    damn!! i wish that was a real would be hella fun...i was crackin up on the part with pretty ricky....lmao

  • Mj
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    1 decade ago

    hahah thats hot

    i'd wanna be in a class with lil kim, missy, and jlo

    that'd be funny to see kim and missy gang up on the school *****

  • 1 decade ago

    i agree with you but you left out Eminem..

  • 1 decade ago

    lol. did you take the time to type that out yourself ?

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  • 1 decade ago

    **** that would definetley be my favorite school.

  • 1 decade ago

    sign me up!!!!It would be so cool!!!!!!!It would be so ****ing funny !!!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    And I don't care

  • 1 decade ago

    I like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jubei
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    1 decade ago

    i dont like hiphop

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