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LADIES HELP a man out. I want her to really find that she really LOVES me!?

what is something that i can do.

i have been seriously dating this amazing women for 1 year.

17: me

16: her

what can we do.

i want it to be romantic.

other than sex...that will happen if it happens.

i don't know if it should

help on that too!

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    First, congratulations.

    Second, you probably know this girl better than anyone.

    The most romantic thing you could do for her would be something very personal, that only you know.

    For example, I love cereal.

    I mean, 3 or 4 bowls a morning.

    While away visiting family, my boyfriend sent me a huge bowl, green (my favorite color), and spiraling from the rim to the center were things like "You're beautiful", "You're a Goddess", etc.

    I eat cereal out of that bowl every morning.

    See how personal that is and because it was so personal it was also very romantic?

    So ask yourself: if she could do anything, be anywhere, have anything, etc.

    You know the answers.

    Now pick one!

    Also, there is nothing more loving and caring than waiting on sex.

    Sex is special and should be saved until marriage...or at least engagement.

    Most people would agree with me...or at least I would hope so.

    I hope my advice helped.

    Take care!

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    You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are a good young man. Get her something special, like a necklace or bracelette. Tell her kind things, and how you feel. Don't have sex yet. It's not time yet. Wait another year and see where you two are at in your relationship then. The longer you wait, the better it will be, and the more she will know that you truly DO love her for her, not for her vagina. Guys make the mistake all too often that sex will make the relationship better when they are the same age as you. This is not the case. The longer you wait, the closer you will become. Good luck.

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    experiment. try different things 2 spice up a date or something.

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    If u really luv her and she luvs u get married

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    you cant force someone to love you its their own will. all you can do is love her and hope that she falls in love with you.

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