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who should a newspaper call to become adjudacated in Solano County, CA.?

We are a newspaper in Vacaville, CA which is in Solano County. We need to contact someone in regards to getting a copy of our adjudication. Where/whom do we call?

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    I don't quite understand the question: if you think you have a judgment against you for something, you would contact the clerk of the court in Solano County. They can provide you with a copy of any judgment against you.

    If you truly don't know how to proceed here, I strongly suggest that you contact an attorney licensed in California, and ask him/her to look into the matter for you. In the long run, that will save you both effort and money. If you don't have an attorney, contact your local or state bar association for a referral

    Source(s): 10+ years in the legal profession.
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