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Who do you think J.K. is going to kill?

In the 7th book J. K. Rowling is going to kill two people who do you think they are?

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    Actually, she said that two additional characters were going to be killed off in addition to the ones she has already planned.

    As much as I don't like it, I think it is totally possible that J.K. Rowling might kill off Harry. If you remember the article, she said that there is a good side to killing off your main character. When she is dead and gone, no one will be able to come back and write Harry because he already died; it would be satisfactory to know that no one will come back and take over you masterpiece.

    Here is a list of people besides Harry that I think might perish.

    Ron: Besides being Harry's best mate, we haven't really seen him prove himself in times of danger and battle. He showed his strengths back in Book 1 when during the giant chess match during the hunt for the Philosopher's Stone. There is a theory that Ron will sacrifice himself for Harry in the final match against Voldemort.

    Pettigrew: Do I have to explain it? Let's see... He betrayed the Potters, he helped Voldemort get his body back, and is an all-around bad guy. I think it's time to go, and that the life-debt that he has to Harry will be involved somehow.

    Draco: I think that apart from being "bad", Draco is really a tragic character. His family are Death Eaters. He's got a lot to live up to. I got the kind of feeling that he was forced in the Book 6 to serve Voldemort. All the stress he underwent, the frustration, the anxiety... I mean, the poor boy was misguided. Remember that he is only about 17. People can make horrible mistakes when they are at that age. Unfortunately in Draco's case, it might cost him his life. He's in too deep.

    Professor Trelawney: I think there is a possibility of her death in Book 7. She's always predicting how people will die, and seeing strange, dark omens everywhere. I think that is a kind of subtle foreshadowing. She sees death everywhere, why can't it be hers? I just wonder how this would play out, and how important it would be to the actual plot.

    Percy: Hmm... Anyone sure which side he is really on?

    Who will get a reprieve? (JKR said in a very recent interview that she gave a certain character a reprieve from dying) I have an inkling that it is one of the Dursleys.... or Snape.

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    That's a tough answer, cause I would've never guess she'd kill Dumbledore in Book 6. I have a sad feeling she is going to kill Harry. I don't know why, but she's said for a while that the last chapter has been written for years and this is the last book......

    I really hope not, but it could happen...maybe she'll have a final battle where Voldemort AND Harry both die and then it turns out Ginny is pregnant with his child. Hmmm....

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  • Harry defiantly Harry. Its simple shes going to kill him so that after she's done writing the books some one else cant come along and continue the series. Lots of author do it, they don't want someone else coming along and making a mockery of what they had written before. Its possible that I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that its Harry.... of course he'll kill Voldamort first.

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    voldemort and harry both. maybe draco and his father too.

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