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Which players shall i put in my fantasy team for the forthcoming season?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've already entered a fantasy football team in one of the daily newspapers. Last season I finished 18th in Britain so I had a pretty good team.

    This year I've gone for players that are dependable and that will rack up lots of points. This does not neccesseraly mean the best individuals.

    In goals I've put Petr Cech. The goalkeeper is one of the key positions. If you have a good team but a dodgy keeper it can ruin all your other player's hard work. Cech will get a lot of clean sheets.

    For centre-backs I've thought about who can get goals. I've picked Senderos and Terry. Both players proved last season that they can score goals from set pieces. A goalscoring defender is golden to a fantasy team as they get loads of points. Also they play for Chelsea and Arsenal who have good defences and will keep clean sheets.

    For wing backs I went with Mr Consistant Gary Neville. Every season he scores highly. He runs up and down the wing all match and sets up lots of goals over the coarse of the season. He wont be my top scorer but he'll be one of the top wing-backs. Although he isn't normally a wing-back I also added Jamie Carrighar. He is also very consistant and picks up a lot of Man of the Match awards. As he plays for Liverpool he will also get a lot of points for clean sheets.

    My Midfield is very strong. In centre midfield I have the main man Frank Lampard and the dependable Xabi Alonso. Lampard is the best player to have in a fantasy team. He gets bags of goals and makes heaps of assists. He will deffinetly be one of the top 3 overall points scorers, guarenteed. Xabi Alonso will score some goals. His best way to get points is through assists. He does a lot of work in the Liverpool midfield and is an expert at presision passing. He will pick up a lot of points.

    My wingers are less predictable but could be a big help over the whole season. They are Cristiano Ronaldo and Thomas Rosicky. Ronaldo is an amazing player and is one of the best wingers on the planet. He will get goals, he will make crosses, he will get Man of the Match awards. This will be worth a lot of points. The only thing to consider would be bookings. He does get booked a lot. This could cost me a few points. I think he will be worth ity though. I don't know what to say about Rosicky because I don't know much about him. He had a decent World Cup individually. He has been rated very highly by pundits and radio brodcasters. So I've went for a risk and I think with the team Arsenal have I think he will fit in well.

    Strikers were the hardest thing for me to work out. As you might of guessed I didn't have much money left, so I had to work out who would be the best bargains. For my first striker I chose Craig Bellamy. He is a good player and is guarenteed to score a lot og goals at Liverpool. He got 15 goals (I think) last season at Blackburn so with the service he'll get at Liverpool he should be a shining star this year. My other choice was Hasselbaink at Charlton. Even though he is quite old and Charlto aren't one of the top teams, Hasselbaink proved last season that he could still find the back of the net regularly. Although I do expect him to be my lowest points scorer, I think he will still be in the top ten goalscorers in the Premiership.

    I hope that I've been able to help you with your decision.

    Other players I thought about for my team were: Toure, Heinze, Duff, Pederson, A.Johnson and Guiseppe Rossi.

  • 1 decade ago

    This in the Soccer section so I'm thinkin American Football ain't the way to go.

    You need a good goalkeeper (or one who plays behind a good defence) so Lehman or Cech?

    Defenders: - Try to limit the numbers of defenders from the same club because if you concede a few it's gonna hammer you in the points department

    Midfielders: - Screw what they say about a player being a good alrounder. Goals means points in Fantasy Football so that's all that matters. Paul Scholes will be cheap because of his fitness troubles last season so he didn't get many points

    Strikers: - Henry or Shevchenko surely, and another, depending on who you can still afford.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Carragher, Hyppia

    Gerrard, Luis Garcia

    Craig Bellamy

  • 1 decade ago

    GK: Cech

    D: Rio Feridinand, Terry,

    MF: Lampard, C. Ronaldo, Scholes, Pires,

    F.: SHEVCHENKO, Henry

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ballack,Ronaldino,Ronaldo,Gerrard,Lampard,Terry,Joe Cole,Henry,Buffon,Ashley Cole,Owen,Nisterroy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Henry-Best player in the league always scores the most points.

    Terry-Top defender consistently.

    Gerrard-Joint best midfielder.

    Lampard-Joint best midfielder.

    Bellamy or Shevchenko-could both score quite a few this year.

    Reina or Cech in goal-play behind the best defences.

  • 1 decade ago

    You should start with two good running backs, they score the most, and depending on where you play, qb's are next. If you want perticular players, I would go with either S Alexander or L Johnson, you probably can't get both, so choose one, its a toss up.

  • 1 decade ago

    gk-reina, van der sar and myhre from charlton, he was veeery good last year and at the beginning when started playing was reasonably cheap

    d- terry CHE chimbonda WIG heinzeMANUcarragerLIV

    m-gerrard, lampard(overrated in my opinion, but u still gotta pick him for his set pieces , mostly pks)ronaldo, roben, and i would imagine ballack might rack up some points.........

    F- last year's best fantasy forwards in my opinion, Henry(very expensive), rooney and marcus bent...... and i think scheva might be a good pick but i dont think u'll be able to get him for less than 20!?

  • 1 decade ago

    u cant put all the good players on ur team because u dont have enough money. so put players like: terry, faye, ronaldo, cech, drogba, and rooney

  • 1 decade ago

    cristiano ronaldo

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