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what is the quickest way to learn chinese language?

both written and spoken language.


i live in china.. just moved here.

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    Check out this new website from China

    It's free and very helpful with learning not only the language, but the culture as well. It also has different levels from really basic and elementary conversation to advanced.

  • mike i
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    1 decade ago

    As you said that you just moved to China, first of all, what part of China? If you are in a major city, look into enrolling in a Chinese class at a university. Many universities offer basic to advanced chinese classes. There are also private classes offered in some areas. A common place to learn is the cities Language and Culture University (I know that there is one in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai) If this is not for you, find a local (usally a teacher of english or a student) who would be willing to help you learn. You can even put up some advertisements.

    As you learn, make sure you take every opertunity to pratice it.

  • 3 years ago

    To be taught Mandarin inside 3 months might be not possible. If you have to be taught it for a industry travel, I might assume that you are going to best quite have a few hours a night time and such a lot weekends, so a "complete immersion path" might be out of the query. It quite is not adequate time, so I might propose simply studying the fundamentals and don't forget that just a little Mandarin can move some distance. You will want a translator, so uncover out in case your corporation or the corporation you're touring have one. If you're an entrepreneur......I might propose discovering a translator from a massive reliable corporation. Hope it is helping

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Move to China for 6 months.

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  • Anonymous
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    You could take a class...

    ... but then again.

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    Go to China>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Go live there and train yourself not to speak any english. If u have no way of getting there put yourself in a chinese environment and train yourself not to speak any english what so ever, only chinese!

    Or maybe if that dosent work there is no quicker way of learning chinese but there is a best way and you have to find it yourself because everyone learns differently.

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    The best way to learn any language is to submerse yourself into the culture. Study abroad and take classes in that language.

    Learning from books and tapes is another option, but it takes more time and a lot more work (but it's easier on the checkbook and long distance bills)

    Source(s): studied abroad in college
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    i think its best to learn chinese starting frm a young age. tht way, all words can be instilled into ur brain easily and quickly. i learnt chinese since the age of 6.

    well, to learn to speak, i guess u should socialize with those who speak chinese. just like that, u'll get easily influenced, n u wouldn't have any weird pronounciation or accent. or, another way is to watch chinese movies.if u dont understand, read the subtitles. it really does work!!!

    to strengthen written mandrain, i believe there's no easy or simple route. u must learn frm scratch one... go for classes..

  • Anonymous
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    go to china but at the same time have a friend that knows chinese or that is chinese go with you so that they can gradually teach you what everyone is saying. Because you'll prolly be confuesed if you go to china and u dont kno what ne one is saying,,,,,,,even if you go for like 6 months.

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