Israel is bombing the crap out of every town and village in sight in Lebanon... why?

I mean, so terrorists were shooting rockets into Israel... and they kidnapped two soldiers.

Israel is marching towards the north of Lebanon and they are blowing the crap out of every town they can get in range without any real reason or purpose other than they have the firepower... and then later they claim that Hezbollah uses human shields... maybe so. but if you look, Beirut is trashed, thousands of civilians across the country are probably dead, and the Lebanese infrastructure is almost beyond repair... and I am supposed to beleive that Israel is doing the right thing in waging all out war on a *political party*?

Just because they drop bombs from airplanes instead of wearing them on belts doesn't make them any different from terrorists. Especially when they've just killed about 10x as many innocent people as they have accused Hezbollah of killing/kidnapping...

Help me out here.

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    You’re just seeing the truth even with all the propaganda around you. It's just too evident and clear that any excuses Israeli sympathizers come up with fall on deaf ears. Israel has a history of incursions into Lebanon way before Hezbollah existed ,favoring it peace and security at the cost of their neighbors security, innocent lives, and infrastructure. Right when the country began to stand on its feet again, this came. As the war goes along more evidence emerges that this war is not about those two soldiers. It's about having Lebanon under Israel’s control, nothing from this country should threaten Israel. From it's militia, politics, to it's economy (mainly tourism which was blossoming this summer). Which is something that the American gov. endorses because they want "a new ME" one that surrenders to it and it's interests.

    Here is something that might interest you, it's a report saying the soldiers were capture IN southern Lebanon, contrary to reports suggesting Hezbollah kidnapped them from it's soil.

    Evidence suggesting Hezbollah didn't invade Israel. Israel invaded Lebanon. And then when they sent more forces into Lebanon to try and get their soldiers back. When they couldn't find them their soldiers, then they decided to start bombing Lebanon.

    While the Hezbollah chief previously had warned the Israelis that they'd kidnap Israeli soldiers as it was the only way Israel would release it's people (as exchanging prisoners with Hezbollah has been effective and done in the past with Hezbollah).

    Israel has a history of committing atrocities against Palestinians and Lebanese. There's no reason why to see it's latest actions are noble and legit.

    Israel has a right to exist and defend itself, but so do it's neighbors. No coutry deserves security more than the other, nor is an Israeli life more valuable than an Arab's life. Arabs don't deserve to die cause they are plenty, or have to give up their lands, nor do they deserve this collective punishment because they didn't get rid of Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a product of Israeli aggression against the lebanese and the more they are threatening the Lebanese the more popular Hezbollah gets.

    Today they have not only over 80% of the lebanese support , but the Arabs support too. Many Sunni Muslims who couldn't stand Shiites, put their differences aside and are all praise for Hezbollah right now. Would this be the case if this war didn't happen, no way! . Hezbollah was already getting unpopular especially with it's ties to syria.

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    I just want people to stop and think of what they write.

    NO LIFE is worth more than another, no matter the justifications.

    Think about this:

    One day, someone walks into your house and says you can only live in the kitchen because the rest will be given to another person as a compensation for the hurt they suffered in their life so far.

    However, everyday that other person invades the only space you have to live and destroys what little you have.

    Wouldn't you fight back?

    In the only way you could?

    War is awful, innocents die and they have nothing to do with it.

    I haven't yet seen proof that Hezbollah' members were present in all those buildings that were attacked by Israel.

    I just think they're trying to justify their invasion.

    I do believe that someone who has suffered will never even think about making others suffer, so... why do Israeli's, in fact, started the war?

    hizbollah is not a terrorist group, they are the Lebanese resistants against the Israeli occupation in south Lebanon, but as usual, everyone against the US or Israel is concidered a terrorist, I dont think the french resistants against the Nazis when they occupied France were called terrorists, but HEROS, they were called terrorists by the Nazis only.

    I dont think kidnapping 2 soldiers, justifies all the killing and destruction caused so far by Israel, especially that Israel (the so soft and innocent) is bombing civilians, and infrastructure Lebanese constructions, not Hizbollah sites, the proof: over 500 civilian Lebanese casualties, and 12 Hizbollah fighters, and the casualties among israelian civilians is only 19, see the difference ? and that with the use of the smart bombs used by Israel, and the internationnaly forbidden weapons.

    nice articles :

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    Wait. Hezbullah has been lauching thousands of rockets into Israel. How come you aren't screaming about that? They hit an apartment building but you didn't seem to want to cry about those innocent people that were killed from Israel. So they are doing the same thing that hezzbulah is doing but they are much better at hitting things, so they are the bad guys?

    How about the fact that there was a seize fire this weekend and then Hezzbulah went and fired on Israeli troops when they were not provoked? Why doesn't the Lebanese government stop the Hezzbulah terrorists and put and end to it?

    Read the whole story, not just bits and pieces.

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    It is a war, the end desire is peace. This entails getting rid of Hezbollah or at least taking the fight out of them. People get killed in war, it sucks. But Israel didn't want this, maybe Lebanon should have done something about Hezbollah besides support them.

    And your statement of "so terrorists were shooting rockets into Israel... and they kidnapped two soldiers" Speaks volumes about you. You also skimmed over some facts (k=like the three soldiers killed in the kidnap attempt, the desire of Hezbollah to eradicate Israel etc...)

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    By last count, Hezbollah has fired almost 1,500 rockets into Israel, and they claim to have at least 10,000 more rockets. Furthermore, much to everyone's surprise Hezbollah has shown that they have more sophisticated weapons than anyone thought - such as laser guided missiles. They also have apparently been very thorough and strategic in hiding these weapons.

    So now, suppose you're a country of 8 million people in an very small geographic area and you're surrounded on all sides by countries that don't like you, who all harbor terrorists who have as their stated goal the destruction of your country and the annihilation of your people. Now suppose those terrorists cross into your country, kidnap two soldiers, and then began firing rockets at your cities.

    Hmmmm, - I wonder why Israel flew off the handle?

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    Because Hezbollah -- the ones who have explicity expressed a desire to wipe Israel off the map, and who have launched premeditated attacks on her -- are deliberately situating themselves in residential areas.

    Hezbollah are doing this because they WANT Israel to inadvertently kill civilians.

    Then, when it happens, Hezbollah tells the world how evil Israel are being -- and folks like you (no offense) are falling for this ploy hook, line, and sinker.

    When an innocent Lebanese person is accidentally killed by an Israeli rocket, Israel regards it as a tragedy.

    But when an innocent Israeli is killed by a Hezbollah rocket, Hezbollah regards it as a victory.

    That's the difference!!!

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    These primative countries that produce and harbor terrorists, need to be destroyed in order to preserve those who don't. I know that there must be some kind loving peaceful people who have been and will be killed in the wake of this war. But that is what happens sometimes.I know I sound like a cold biatch, but i do not like to see children's bodies carried out of rubble by the dozens either. Those who do not support their government's views should pack-up and leave. Specially if they know that war is coming because of it. Those countries have been fighting eachother since way before the first colonists arrived in what is now the U.S.A. We should not interfere unless they bring their fight over here, which is why we are there since 9/11/01. Only a completely stupid government provokes a larger more powerful country's wrath. They wanted it, now they're getting it.

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    You must be hearing only half the news....CNN only shows one side. since it is funded by arab oil

    Israel is bombing the crap out of every town and village in sight in Lebanon because those particular towns are hezbollah strongholds,.. also the civilians that are dying are also the families of Hezboallh. Israel warns them to get out of the way.... Lebanons refuses to oppose Hezbollah terrorists and will not give back the prisoners.


    Hezbollah is bombing the crap out of Israel.,targeting only civilians....North Israel is in very bad shape too....Israel has to destroy Hezbollah, since Hezbollah has declared holy jihad on Israel, and vows to destroy the whole country of Israel and everyone in it.

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    I agree. They are full of crap and they like to play the victim.

    I like the Israeli Diplomat at the UN the other day. He said something along the lines of "we apologize for those civilians we dropped a bomb on yesterday. You won't see Hezbollah apologize to us ever.'

    As if saying 'oh, sorry about murdering innocent people, my bad, somehow makes it OK.

    They are so damn full of it.

    The other thing that pisses me off is seeing on American media these reports where they bash and accuse the Arab media as being biased and promoting anti-semitism because they are showing the people killed by the IDF. Funny how the American media didn't have a problem showing those contractors in Iraq who were killed by the mob on that bridge. They are creating just as much propaganda as Al Jazera.

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    Israel is tired of being harrassed and intimidated by Hezbollah. If Lebanon wouldn't allow Hezbollah to hang out in the country, then Israel wouldn't be bombing the mess out of the place trying to drive 'em out.

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