why is the population of a country important?

just akin...

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    If the population is too large, then the resources of the country are strained, and health care, etc, can become unavailable, jobs can be limited, increasing poverty and sickness. Look at India. Or the overpopulated countries in AFrica being destroyed by AIDS.

    If the population becomes too small, the economy can't support itself.

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    Generally its a sign of how well a country is doing. It helps in determining how many babies are surviving birth (poorer countries usually have higher birth mortality rates), making it to adulthood (poorer countries have more trouble feeding the children), how many people immigrate to a country (immigrants usually looking for a better deal so they pick countries based on how rich the overall country usually is), and how long the population is lasting (reaching old age-not lost to car accidents or war, or lack of food and so on). A higher population also provides a broader base for an economy, so up until the population reaches a point where it is just too big to support itself, a growing population usually means a better economy.

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    Well if you have TOOOOO many people you

    can't feed and house them.

    If you have too few people then someone else

    will take over your country and make it theirs.

    Unless of coure the population has good weapons

    like the Swiss which is a small country with a few

    people, but ALL HOMES are required by law to

    have weapons for self defense.

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    it is important for economic and social planning. Example, The population of one city is important so as authorities will know how many hospitals to build, how many schools are lacking , how mnay votes the politicians suppose to get. How much food should be manufactured/exported or imprterd so there wont be a shortage of goods, etc.

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    The population of a country is important, so you know if it is changing. If it is getting bigger, someone needs to plan for feeding all those people. Jobs, housing, fun, schools, etc. If you don't plan for changing population, taking it to the limit, people will die of starvation.

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    The more there are, the more taxes collected.

    Errraaahhh! Sometimes.

    How about cheap labor?

    And, negatively, more welfare.

    I don't know!

    I think I'd like to see "The Republic of Texas" 'agin'. We had only one star too. Flags were cheaper.

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    It shows how much income the government and the country is getting. Like it tells you how many workers there are and other stuff like that.

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    To keep track of how many people are in the US. It's the govt.'s way of knowing when to raise taxes, and prices on things, it's a way of raising the economy when need be, I guess...

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    to know the number of people there

    to know hich country is trhe largest

    to be able to provide fro the all and sundry of that particular country.

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    how can be a country without people

    so people are important.

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