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sguamous cell carcinoma , vocal cord , T1N0MO(節節多大腫瘤有無轉移?)



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    sguamous cell carcinoma , vocal cord 指Glottis(聲門)癌 (鳞狀細胞癌)   T1N0M0「T」就是指「腫瘤的大小」、T1指仍只侷限於聲帶 仍可正常移動「N」是指「有沒有淋巴轉移」、N0 沒有淋巴轉移「M」則是表示「有沒有遠處轉移」,M0沒有遠處轉移頭頸癌都以TNM system為分期標準,除了唾液腺癌、甲狀腺腫瘤有各自的分期外,其餘口、舌、鼻、鼻竇、咽、喉、扁桃腺等,均一併包括在內Glottis tumorT1      Tumor limited to the vocal cord(s) (may involve  anterior or posterior commissure) with normal mobility          T1a    Tumor limited to one vocal cord          T1b    Tumor involves both vocal cordsT2      Tumor extends to supraglottis and/or subglottis, and/or  with impaired vocal cord mobilityT3      Tumor limited to the larynx with vocal cord fixationT4      Tumor invades through the thyroid cartilage and/or to other tissues beyond the larynx (e.g., trachea, soft tissues of neck, including thyroid, pharynx)

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