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螞蟻上樹作法 我想要英文版的






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    豬肉碎 125 克;粉絲 2 小朿;蔥末 2 湯匙;薑末 1/2 湯匙;「品珍」豆瓣醬 1/2 湯匙;西芹末 2 湯匙。


    「品珍」原生抽 1 湯匙;鹽 3/4 茶匙;糖 1 茶匙;「品珍」蚝油,雙老頭抽各 1 茶匙;上湯 (或水) 2 杯;芝麻油少許。


    1. 將粉絲泡水,浸至軟,略切。

    2. 將鑊燒熱,放生油,把豬肉碎放入炒約 2 分鐘。

    3. 加入調味料略炒,再下蔥末,薑末,西芹末,豆瓣醬及粉絲等兜勻後,改用小火煮數分鐘,至汁略收乾即盛起,可灑些蔥末及芝麻油,即可供食。

    Stir-Fried Bean Threads with Ground Pork


    Ground Pork 125g,

    Bean Threads 2 rolls,

    Chopped green onion 2 tbsp,

    Chopped ginger 1/2 tbsp,

    Chopped celery 2 tbsp,

    Pun Chun's chili bean sauce 1/2 tbsp.


    Salt 3/4 tsp,

    Sugar 1 tsp,

    Broth 2 cups,

    Pun Chun's preimum light soy sauce 1 tbsp,

    Pun Chun's preimum dark Shang Loo Tau soy sauce 1 tsp,

    Pun Chun's preimum oyster flavoured sauce 1 tsp,

    Sesame oil as desired.


    1. Soak the bean threads in water untill soft, drain, cut the bean threads in short length.

    2. Heat the wok and add 3 tbsp of oil, stir-fry the pork for 2 minutes.

    3. Add the sauces and the bean threads, put the chopped green onion, ginger and celery, stir-fry mix-together, turn heat to low and cook for 2 minutes. As the sauces turns dry.

    4. Put onto a plate, sprinkle chopped green onion on top of the bean threads. Add sesame oil as desired.

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     Bean Threads with VegetablesMaterial:‧粉絲:75Gram(Two)‧豬絞肉:110 GramIngredient:‧麥蔥花:


    2 big spoons‧薑末:1 big spoon‧蒜末:1 big spoon‧辣豆瓣醬:1 big spoon‧醬油:1 teaspoon‧糖:1/4 teaspoon‧清水:1 cup‧麻油:2 teaspoon‧沙拉油:4 big spoonProcedure:●Admits the bean or sweet potato starch noodles in the lukewarm water to soak first, after soaks softly fishes drainings does, slivers approximately 20 to 30 centimeters lengths. After gets up the fiery pot, joins 4 big spoons the salad oils, when oil to seven minutes heat, twists the meat to put into the pot, the fire fries quickly.●After twists the meat fries completely disperses, again joins Jiang Mo, at the end of the garlic and spicy thick bean sauce each 1 big spoon mixes fries. After the seasoning fries uniform, then adds 1 cup of clear water, 1 teaspoon of soy sauce and 1/4 teaspoon of sugar, mixes with the fire boils. After * in the pot cooking liquor boils up, again puts in the bean or sweet potato starch noodles, changes to the flame to boil slowly. Boils, must use the spatula to change the bean or sweet potato starch noodles, pays attention do not have to let the bean or sweet potato starch noodles moisten perhaps mounts a group in the bottom of the pot.●The bean or sweet potato starch noodles boil at the same time in, can absorb the cooking liquor to swell at the same time, manages the kitchen the cooking liquor soon is attracted by the bean or sweet potato starch noodles does, changes to the fire, accelerates the bean or sweet potato starch noodles absorption moisture speed.●When the cooking liquor receives completely does, when in the pot bean or sweet potato starch noodles present the transparency, may switch off the fire. Finally,sprinkle the next 2 big spoon minced green onion and 2 teaspoon of sesame oil might take a pot off the fire.● “On the ant sets up” is nobody did not know together in the Sichuan cuisine, is known to everybody the delicacies, spread extremely universally. 

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