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What is going on in Lebanon? Can someone explain?

I'm VERY confused. I try to read articles or listen to broadcasts on the topic and they tell of everything with the new-fangled words that i can't understand... ive asked around and most people only have a general idea what's going on but can't explain.. what the heck is going on over there... hezbollah? please someone explain.

i'm much younger than you think, and i try to keep up with politics, but have a hard time doing so.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The pictures will tell you what's going one. Sorry they are graphic:


    To get a full understanding, we have to go back a long time ago when the Israelis were expelled from 109 locations and the British mandate and Balfour declaration gave Israel a part of the Palestine land that was occupied by the British forces then.

    The Israeli Zionists had their own agenda to attain their "promised land" - the land between the Al Forat & the Nile Rivers - and Israel began to invade parts of Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and more parts of Palestine.

    In 1967 the UN passed resolution 242 calling for Israel to withdraw form the occupied Arab territories they have invaded & occupied during these wars and Israel has yet to comply.

    During this time, Israel has been conducting ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians and is continuing to do so to this day as it is now doing to Lebanon as well. Have you heard of the Israeli Sabra & Shatila massacre in Lebanon or the Deir Yassin massacre in Palestine? Please read on:

    The whole issue of the current abuse over Lebanon is not the issue Israeli soldiers. Israel provoked Hezbollah by crossing the Lebanese borders to aggravate matters and have Hezbollah retaliate. Lebanon is only a stepping-stone to reach Syria and Iran after Iraq has been totally destroyed and occupied by the US. (Israel was behind the Afghanistan / Iraqi wars).

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    For Israel to be able to fulfill its agenda, then it has to ensure that there are no powerful Arab / Muslim armies in the region except the Israeli, which is backed up & fully equipped with US military weapons. Israel also has its own nuclear power station and nuclear warheads.

    Israel is re-invading Lebanon and wants to disarm Hezbollah so that it can re-occupy Lebanon and move on from there to Syria.

    As for Hezbollah in Lebanon, their goal is to keep Israel off Lebanese land and trade the 2 captured Israeli soldiers for Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners (over 10,000 Palestinians are rotting away in Israeli jails).

    Israel aggresses and Hezbollah retaliates to the aggression.

    The Ghaza is part of Palestine and not Lebanon. Yes, Israel “supposedly gave back” the Ghaza strip to the Palestinians only temporarily and with the intent to get it back again and that is the reason it’s bombing people from their homes, killing and imprisoning whoever is left alive. What Israel is doing now in the Ghaza strip is what it had previously done back in 1948 – terrorizing the Palestinians to leave their homes and land so that Israel can take it. Did you know that Israel forbids Palestinians who leave Palestine from returning back?

    Israel does not want to end this war and it believes that it has the green light from the international community. Despite several Security Council meeting, the G8 meeting and the latest meeting in Rome where the international community wanted to stop the war and the fighting between the Israel and Hezbollah, this ruling never passed against the wishes of the international community because the US vetoed this request and gave the green light to Israel to continue its wars and are supplying it with the weapons to continue.

    Israel throughout history has been conducting covert operations against the US (in particular) to set up the Arabs and begin wars with their neighboring Arab countries to achieve their cause / agenda.

    From history, Israel did conduct attacks on the US harming and murdering US citizens trying to set up Arab countries in the process so that the US may start wars with these countries – Check the sources below: USS Liberty and the Lavon affair and others:


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    Please take a look at the results of the current war and Israeli aggression and judge for yourself:

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  • spider
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    1 decade ago

    Well, it has a really long and complicated History really.

    To understand it better you need not look to the media or news agencies really. Books that is your best source for understanding

    the stage if you will that events are currently playing out on.

    Hezbollah is a group that organized inside of Iran during a period of intense oppression, with a completely different function then to what it does now.

    I don't want to influence your views too much, it is better for you to inform yourself of History first and not just current books on history but books from the era when possible because the views of the era are more clear from the writers who lived it rather than those who lived after it.

    This war an all it's casualties seems like the most horrible thing

    in the world for those with short memories but in fact pales in comparison to the civilian casualties of 58 to 62 years ago. It was Millions. The UN was created to prevent another global war.

    The Countries at the time that formed it formed it in the hopes that a place where the world could meet might prevent it. This can only work if the world actually wants it to. I have always found

    it a little disturbing watching UN reps from Dictator Countries Demanding a vote.

    It is to easy to take now out of context with the past, and thus we repeat the past.

    This probably isn't the answer you wanted, but I could write a book on this question alone. Don't think Yahoo would be down with that. :)

    Source(s): I love antique books, I collect them and I read them. I read anything I can get my hands on.Knowledge is the lock and the key to everything.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Hezbollah is a group that is kind of like 'stationed' in Lebanon. Some consider them a terrorist group but not like Al Qu. because they focus on Israel much like the Palestines. They also play a role in the Lebonese government.

    Israel was at war with the Hez. group up until 1994 (date is somewhere around there) when they had a sieze fire. If I'm not mistaken Clinton was involved in that.

    Ok now, basically out of nowhere Hez. comes across the Israeli border and kidnaps some soldiers then commences to start sending a few missiles into Israel's 3rd largerst city.

    Israel then used it's air force to start bombing the Hez. main base in Lebanon. When you use bombs from planes, like we did in Iraq, you end up with a lot of collateral damage... innocent ppl dieing. So, this has gotten the actual lebanese ppl ticked off too because a lot of non-Hez. are dieing. And now Israel has actually invaded Lebanon.

    Also, the weapons that Hez. suddenly seems to have (the aerial missiles) appear to all be coming from Iran. Some are suspecting Syria is supporting them also. This is complicating the issue enormously.

    Lastly, the most current problem is that Israel is no longer willing to just accept the return of its soldiers. They are now so ticked off and tired of this repeating itself that they are talking about not quitting until Hez. is completely disarmed and demobilized.

    I heard Nicholas Burns, undersecretary for political affairs state department, tonight on the Charlie Rose show say that the USA would be requesting international troops also move into South Lebanon. This means us too.. international.

    So, this basically means WW3.

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  • 4 years ago

    In Lebanon i think of the incident between the army and Israel ought to be resolved peacefully , i do no longer think of a tree will initiate an entire scale conflict with Lebanon however the subject right that's plenty better than this , its Hezbollah which its substantial purpose is to wipe Israel from the international map. and because now Hezbollah is a factor of the Lebanese government so if Hezbollah had a conflict with Israel all Lebanon would be in touch and in all probability many cities would be purpose to Israeli jets alongside with that's the south , Beirut , North , mountains and basically the best deal. I actual desire none of this could happen word to asker : ma3ak 7a2 khaye sheyef shou 3emlin ! yel3an hal shaghle inshalla ma yseer shi

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  • 1 decade ago

    hezbollah is a terrorist group like the ones that struck here in the USA. They have been hitting Israel for quite sometime with Gurella like tactics. Numerous cease fires have always ended in more war. Hezbollah kidnapped some israelie Soldiers, and now Israel wants them back. Since Lebanon harbors the Hezbollah, Israel is now fighting to find the terrorists. Hezbollah and the UN shared Quarters at one point, and Lebanon accidently took out this building, resulting in more backfire.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hezbollah terrorists snuck across the Israeli border and kidnapped a soldier and took him into Palestine, and Israel asked politely to have him sent back alive, Then, they went across the border, killed 7 soldiers, and kidnapped 2 more soldiers and took them into Lebanon. Israeli troops followed and Hezbollah started shelling the Israeli side of the border to try to make them stop.Israel fired back. Now, Hezbollah has set up missile-launchers in areas with many civilians, and constantly shell Israeli towns and cities and of course Israel has fought back, bombing the roads and airports so that Syria can't supply the terrorists with more weapons. Israel has better weapons, and have accidentally killed civilians, since the Hezbollah are using them as human shields(cowards that they are) and that is where we stand. Hezbollah lobbing missiles into Israel from inside Lebanon, and Israeli planes bombing the places the missiles are coming from. there are many killed and injured on both sides, mostly women and children

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ok: In the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel about Israel occupying Palestinian land and treating the Palestinians and their new government horribly, the Palestinian militia attacked some Israelis and took one of them as a prisoner. Israel responded by attacking a lot of civilian infrastructure in Palestine, including their only power plant, as well as roads and bridges, and even homes. Hezbollah was getting tired of Israelis bullying and destroying so much of Palestine that they attacked Israelis and took two Israelis as prisoners. Now, Israel launched an offensive against Hezbollah in southern lebanon to try and eliminate Hezbollah. Israel refuses to talk about a ceasefire at the moment because it wants to do as much damage to Hezbollah and Lebanon as possible.

    Lebanon doesn't want to involve its military because then Israel will have the go ahead to launch an all out military offensive into the farthest parts of Lebanon, and will destroy a lot of Lebanon as well as kill scores of people. Israel is demanding that Lebanon disarm Hezbollah, but Lebanon is unable to do it. Israel occupied Southern Lebanon and was eventually forced to leave because they continually recieved casualties because Hezbollah kept attacking them in an attempt to get them to leave the country. Israel was unable to disarm Hezbollah in the many years of its occupation of Lebanon, and now wants a smaller, less supplied military of Lebanon to do what Israel's army couldn't do.

    Hezbollah is a religious political party type group of Shia Muslims that is centered in Southern Lebanon. They do a lot of humanitarian work like running hospitals, schools, and help with poor people in the area. They also have a miltary. They are not affiliated directly with Lebanon's government. They are just like a sub government that lives in a bigger country.

    That's mostly it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hezbollah is group of Muslim Militants who do terrorist activities in Israel. So why do they do terrorist activities in Israel? Because Israel is a jewish country and there is a long standing problem between Jews and Muslims based on land partition. Recently Hezbollah captured 2 Israeli soldiers and so Israel started waging a war against them. Hezbollah terrrorists reside inthe south of Lebanon along with the civilians. Israel is continously bombing these areas ..Lot of civilians are dying and so the whole world is aginst this except USA. USA and Israel are allies. So they will not go against israel....

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  • netjr
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    1 decade ago

    Three entities;

    1) Israel a country wanting to defend itself;

    2) Lebanon a weak country unable to defend itself or police itself

    3) Hezzbolah a militant militia group with open intentions on destroying Israel.

    The later, Hezzbolah, set up camp in Southern Lebanon on the Israeli border. Lebanon can't stop them - they are too week. Israel confronts them, they skirmish, Hezzbolah kidnaps some Israeli Soldiers; Israel responds by attacking into Lebonon to find them, Hezbollah responds by firing rockets into Israeli cities from Lebanon and Israel goes after them full force. That, in a nut shell, is the issue in Lebanon.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hezbollah is a Lebanese political organization founded in 1982 that opposes the existence of Israel. This problem has been going on for almost sixty years, since the formation of Israel in 1948. The Palestinian's land was taken from them to create Israel. They've been duking it out ever since. The U.S. basically created Israel and has financially and militarily supported it ever since.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Hezbolah are an extremist muslim group who want to eliminate all jews and the state of Israel as do many muslim extremist do. The reason being this group believes muslim way of life and faith is the only way to believe. This group captured two Israeli soldiers for hostage. The state officials of Israel permit any means necessary to stop terriorist or other invaders to attempt to bully them. So war ensued which means innocent people who are citizens of Lebanon are in danger of their lives.

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