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Are u Against Lebanon or WITH Lebanon? i need Ur opinion? how can we help them??

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    If everybody / every country is against Lebanon and help Zionists, It means they are Zionists accomplice.

    "Hezbollah" is a Lebanese armed movement and political party, with a military arm and a civilian arm. It was founded in 1982 with the declared aim to fight the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon that lasted until 2000.

    "Hezbollah" has some members in Lebanon parliament. Also, their military branch was founded by Lebanese militias for defense their country against Israel.

    This is their right to defense their country against Israel barbarism.

    The most of parties in Lebanon including, Lebanon government are supporting "Hezbollah" as well.

    In the other side, Israel is a hostile country in middle east. Since it was founded till now, they are killing innocents, running out Palestinian of their country, invading other countries and occupy some other countries such as "Palestine", "Lebanon", "Syria", "Egypt" and threating the whole of the region.

    US is supporting Israel regime for a long time including, giving them WMDs, political supports, etc. So, US is Israel accomplice.

    "US prime minister said they want to change the middle east map."

    It means all of these troubles and killing innocents are made as a plan. Actually, invading Lebanon is an excuse to continue this plan after US invaded to Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Since this war was begin by Israel till now, more than 2500 Lebanese civilians are killed by Zionists and almost all the country is ruined by Israel planes and shells that US offered them.

    Israel army drooped several tons bombs and missiles on Lebanon's cities. They had more than 4000 air strikes.

    More than 1/3 of killed people are children and the rest of them are ordinary civilians, including men and women.

    Lebenon doesn't have a powerful army, so "Hezbollah" is only resistance against Israel aggressor and offender army.

    US and Israel want to eliminate all the protesters in independent countries. They don't want peace. Actually, US and Israel are real threats for Middle East and the whole of world.

    Also, In my opinion we should support Lebanon with our policy, money and military. Otherwise perhaps Zionists can occupy Lebanon again and kill all of civilians.

    Israel is cancer in Middle East body, we must fight with them.

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    I am against Lebanon , the best way to help Lebanon is to allow Israel to wipe out Hezbollah. Setting up a more Pro Western regime in that poor state wouldn't be bad either

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    All world nations are FOR Lebanon.

    The problem is the cancer within Lebanon which is called Hezbollah. Israel is actually in a long run helping Lebanon to be a freer society by getting rid of radical Islamic terrorist group acting independently from the Lebanese government.

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    I cannot be for a country that breeds, feeds, houses, and supports terrorists. Lebanon supports Hezbollah and cannot be helped.... until the Lebanese people wake up and help themselves. They do not appear willing to do so at present or in the forseeable future. Then there is Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia to deal with.... they have made a puppet out of Lebanon. It is up to the Lebanese people to cut the strings and denounce terrorists and terrorism..... something they refuse to do. Lebanon is doomed to dance for now.... just a puppet.

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    I am not against Lebanon, just Hezbollah. I know that Hezbollah has done a lot of social things to help Lebanese people but hiding amongst woman and children during war time is despicable and shameful.

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    I simply surprise the way you individuals feel approximately this THING referred to as Israel!! Although I recognise that your media has massive final result at the approach your ideas and believes are initiated , however I am much more surprised of ways you men cannot notice the very transparent reality and truth of ways Israel and its killing-via-nature alliance of USA are essentially the most conceited, disdainful and scornful forces ever existed on the planet. Its a massive disgrace and shame to remember killing youngsters and females as self protecting. For God's Sake, how Israel is presumed to be a defender!!! Defending what precisely? Is it protecting their rights to homicide youngsters, is it protecting their ideas of stealing and occupying others' houses? Israel are invders and via magic they became to be defenders. What a reasonable Justice is that this!!! It isn't just approximately the these days predicament, it's approximately the fashioned clash within the center east? Have you ever got here to feel why this side of the arena is essentially the most unstalbe and unsettled for the beyond a long time? Do you feel that this proposal of NEW MIDDLE EAST is simply born very not too long ago? Can you dare to suppose that shooting 2 hostages is the truly purpose at the back of this giant desctruction and savage killings of infants and blameless civilians? This is with ease the most important homicide of humanity. Why do not you simply speak about the purpose of this clash, as an alternative of discussing the outcome!! Why cannot Israel with ease go back to Lebanon the relaxation of land it occupies? Why cannot Israel liberate the lebanese hostages held behing bars for practically 30 years? Who gave Israel the proper to kill and seize hostages and forbidden different countries to protect themselves and to talk up protective their rights? Why will ever the lebanese executive remember retaining HezbAllah lively at the borders if there was once no Israel violating and breaking all of the global legislation and borders? What HezbAllah as a resistance drive will face up to if there was once no enemy to battle in opposition to? A message to Israel:" Respect the International Borders, excute the United Nations choices # 425, and so forth..., liberate all lebanese hostages, and HezbAllah won't exist once more to kick you out".

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    I am with Lebanon. I'm Europian and I'm against Israel.People are fighting for their land. Who cares what "land was promised to Jewish" hundreds years ago? Jewish came there and kicked out people from their houses recently. Just think what's going to happen if Native American come tomorrow to your house and start kicking you out just because it used to be their land????? They decided to make their country there! Just because they decided! Based on what? On "promises"? Let's say tomorrow American Indian decide to make their own country on the territory of America? What will America do? I do not have to answer, you know...

    About help... Every Muslim goes to the Mosque every Friday and every Cristian goes to the Church every Sunday. After the prayer, get organized their, get permission from the city and go to the street to protest against that. Tell this government what you think about that and by media all the world will see that America worried about killed kids, not only about oil from the countries of the third world

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    Not against Lebanon, but against the HEZBOLLAH Terrorist

    Organization, Iran and Syria. Destroy the Terrorist organization

    and that will solve the problem.

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    I'm with Lebanon.

    I hope the good Lebanese rise up and kick the HezBULLies out. Then they can make peace with their only true friend in the neighborhood: Israel.

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    Your question shows you are with Lebanon, therefore, we have nothing more to say to you except ask WHY Lebanon fired rockets into Israel for no reason, killed 8 soldiers for no reason, and kidnapped 2 soldiers for no reason. Thank You

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