Is the touch screen on the Nintendo DS able to be fixed?

My son's Nintendo DS touch screen no longer works. Nothing happens when you try to make choices w/ it et c. It still plays the Gameboy Advance games, tho.

Can this be fixed cheap enough or should i just buy him a new one?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, check the Nintendo site for troubleshooting this problem:

    If it still doesn't work, you have a couple of options. If it's still under warranty (it's for 12 months), you should probably get Nintendo to repair it for you.

    If the warranty has expired and you are handy with some basic tools, you can try to replace the touch screen yourself.

    The touch screen itself is about $30. Here's an ebay store that carries them,

    If there are no cracks in the screen, you don't need the LCD part which would cost you another $40.

    You will also most likely need a "tri-wing" screwdriver. I'm sure they used those screws on the DS also. It looks like a Phillips but has 3 prongs.

    These have gotten much easier to find since the GBA SP came out. You can get them on Ebay for about $6 with shipping. Just search for "Nintendo tri-wing".

    You can also find them in the GBA SP battery replacement kits. I bought a replacement battery at Gamestop and got one.

    Now, armed with that, you are going to have to take it apart.

    Here's a great video showing a guy field stripping the DS,

    It's not in English but that's okay. You'll get the point. He's very thorough.

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