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Mailing address & phone number for corporate office of United Airlines?

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    Contacting United Airlines

    If you wish to send a complaint via post to United Airlines, the mailing address is:

    Customer Relations


    United Airlines

    PO Box 66100

    Chicago, IL 60666

    You can address your letter to any of the following:

    Glenn F. Tilton, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

    John P. Tague, Executive Vice President - Customer

    Jane D. Allen, Senior Vice President - Onboard Services

    Larry D. De Shon, Senior Vice President - Airport Operations

    Sara A. Fields, Senior Vice President - People

    Captain Stephen A. Forte, Senior Vice President - Flight Operations

    Gregory F. Hall, Senior Vice President - Maintenance and Engineering

    but odds are it will end up in the same basket as all the others, regardless of whose name you put in the envelope.

    Telephone and Fax numbers for Customer Relations are:

    Telephone: (877) 228-1327 (toll-free) or (847) 700-6796

    Fax: (877) 406-1059 (toll-free) or (847) 700-2214

    Since a former UAL Sales Development Manager was kind enough to provide us with the email address of Denise Harvill, the (former) Director of Customer Relations, we previously suggested that disgruntled passengers may wish to send her a note directly. However, as Ms. Harvill no longer seems to occupy that role (nor, for that matter, was she known to respond to any such email messages), it may be more useful to enter your complaint in our fill-in complaint form, which also generates copies of your complaint to others at United Airlines.

    In an effort to discourage negative customer feedback, UAL has recently stopped advertising a general email address for the submission of such complaints, opting, instead, to supply an on-line form with a tiny text box for entering your message. Given the limited attention span of UAL's customer relations department employees, the size of that text box may be informative.


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    United Airlines Corporate Office

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    United Airlines Headquarters

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    Mailing address & phone number for corporate office of United Airlines?

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    UAL Corp.

    1200 East Algonquin Road

    Elk Grove Township, IL 60007

    United States - Map

    Phone: 847-700-4000

    Fax: 847-700-2214

    Source(s): Yahoo Finance
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