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Heres another one for angels_among_us....?

This lady does make some extremely valid points and I congratulate her on being able to see into something of real truth and substance.

Definitely someone I would like to TANGO with.

Your statements bring up some very valid points for the discussion you are fast approaching...

I would have to say that your well on the mark with immigration.

Now, why is it that we have alll these problems of which you speak?

Don't you hold your own country accountable for anything?

Do you think that "they" are to blame for all the things you so graciously listed?

Welfare....HAH...thats a crock of ...get up and dance are draining us and the deficit only proves it.

Crime...too many slaps on the wrist that just lead to more crime...cut them wrists off.

I could sit here for hours and vent at the innuendo made at illegals in this country.

I don't approve of them either.

However, I will not attribute all our country's problems to them because I finally found a reason to hate.


The problems always start at home.

We need to teach OUR children proper principles to have a firm BASE to build on.

Peace, Love, and Harmony to you and yours.

Update 2:

Uncle: There are plenty of reasons to make a home for someone that cannot work productively.

There are no reasons to make one for someone that will not work...and this includes every race.

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    you could, but what you have written is not productive either.

    if you hold your country accountable for her actions, do you not also see her limitations?

    why shouldn't she try to address her poor? why shouldn't she care for those who can't help themselves? you realize that welfare was begun in part to take the place of state run institutions that once housed the insane? should we simply turn people into the streets like animals? that is how i hold my country to a higher standard, please don't pretend that by writing people off you are doing the same...

    hold the phone... anyone can say solutions begin at home. but here's my concern... i don't want to abandon people whose only sin was having idiots for parents. i believe this country is strong because it values individuals... you do have to take responsibility for yourself at some point. but if you never had the tools, your road will be that much tougher. my parents raised me to recognize how lucky i was. we weren't rich, but they made sure i did my homework and slept at home. the government cannot be everyone's parents, and that isn't what i'm asking for. i have met people abusing welfare and i have met those that needed it. i don't tell diabetics to just suck it up and make insulin... i see kids who had retards for mommies in the same way. they never had a prayer and it's sort of mean just to watch them flounder around until they starve.

    you say our justice system is inefficient? i agree. but i cannot champion one that kills innocents... and ours is far from perfect.

    i can't follow you to the most elegant solution. i must try to identify one that resembles a society i can live in. must it be so cruel?

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    5 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Whatever happened to "The Buck Stops Here"?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    WOW !

    I agree copy / paste is kinda neat.

    "Peace, Love, and Harmony to you and yours."

    Once again agree: up yours.

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