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What country in Eastern Europe is the best place for holiday (Except Czech Republic and Hungary)?

I was in Czech Republic and Hungary last year and now I want to choose the best place for holiday in Eastern Europe.

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    You didn't say what you are looking for in a holiday location, but I currently live in Sarajevo, Bosnia i Hercegovina and of course I would tell you that you should definitely put Sarajevo on your list, but there is just so much to see in CE Europe it would be hard to list it all, but here are some cities to check out:

    Ljubljana or Bled (Beautiful Scenery)

    Zagreb (City Life / Night Life)

    Dubrovnik or Hvar (Beaches/Night Life)

    Warsaw (History/Culture)

    Sarajevo (FOOD/History/Night Life)

    Skopje (History/Culture)

    Sofia (Night Life)

    Istanbul (Food/Culture/Shopping...every...

    Kiev (Architecture/Night Life)

    Odesa (Beach/Night Life)

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    We love Turkey,its fantastic,we have been there about 7 times in the last 10 years,the people are lovely and friendly,the sea is crystal clear and theres lots of historical places to visit if you like,the food is good ,but if you dont like the turkish food you can get english food in every restaurant.You can buy lots of designer rip offs ,e.g. t-shirts,watches and bags,the leather goods are cheap and the jewellery is 14 carat gold and worth nearly double what you paid when you get it valued at home.I could go on and on but i wont bore you,its just i love it so much,we're off there again in 4 weeks !!

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    Poland would be a good choice. Go to the seaside or to the mountains (Tatry are the highest, Góry Świętokrzyskie are the lowest, Bieszczady are my favourite especially in September), or to the Mazury, the lake district in NE Poland. There's plenty to choose from.

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    Romania, Romania and...Romania. It's the most beautiful country in the world and, trust me, I traveled a lot. There is a gorgeous nature, a rich history and culture, very nice people.Visit Moldavia with its wonderful monastires, visit Transilvania with its medieval small cities, visit the Black Sea coast and you'll enjoy a great trip.

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    If your last names Bush, stay in Washington, where it's nice and safe. Although, Iraq and Afghanistan are nice at this time of year - not really eastern Europe though. Mr Putin has a big house in Eastern Europe, go stay with him and talk nukes....

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    Split, or Dubrovnik Croatia. Romania is also supposed to have some nice resorts on the Black sea.

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    I have to say BULGARIA (not because I am from there) but because it's real fun and you gonna like it there. Go on a Black Sea!

    Sunny Beach

    St. Vlas


    St. Konstantin and Elena

    Golden Sands

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    Why don't you be adventurous get a map of east Europe, blind fold yourself and pin point a country? Thatll be more fun exploring somewhere when you don't have any preconceptions.

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    Try Croatia

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