Allow attack on Lebanon? SHAME ON THE WEST!?

Bush's conversation with Blair was picked by a live microphone at the G-8 summit in St Petersburg last week. The cowboy was quoted as saying to the British PM, "Anaan wants a ceasefire in Lebanon. I don't like the sequence of it. " I reckon, sequencing is important in these war games. Sequencing must suit the relevant parties. Israel, the Jewish lobby in US, the neo-cons in the white-house. They decide when to stop the killing and when not to.

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    Sorry, may be I am not answering your question straight forward.

    I need first to say something important. I do not know what ground facts some of the people who answered your question have to say that Hezbollah is a terrorist group.

    Just let me list some facts. First, Israel did not exist before Britain gave Palestine to them years ago according to Balfore promise. This means that England first occupied Palestine and then hand it over to Israel – which did not exist back then - to create their own country in Palestine. I think it is apparent that neither had any right to take control of the land which means that the hand over process was not legitimate in any way.

    After that and in the 1948 and 1967 wars Arabs lost more land to Israel and Israelis took over parts of Lebanon and Syria.

    What do you get out of all this? Israel is an occupier. A country built on other people's land. Ironically enough, as the US is built on the Red Indians land; may be that is why the US is helping Israel it is after all following the same course of actions: ethic cleansing and mass destruction.

    Back to Lebanon, Hezbollah and Israel current conflict. I do not think there is anything wrong with fighting an occupier. It was not wrong for France to fight against German back in WWII and it is not wrong for Hezbollah to fight against Israel in 2006.

    PS. I am not blaming Bush for what he said. As far as I know he is working on realizing his goals. The whole blame is on the Middle East. They have the right but they are not defending it. They have the power but they are not using it. If Lebanon falls just as Iraq did before, it is not an Israeli's victory as much as an Arab withdrawal. If you are not fighting your own war, no one is going to fight it for you.

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    Yep, the Jewish lobby in the US. Sheesh.

    The Israeli lobby, sure, but American Jews are by no means united on Israel.

    You know who are the biggest boosters of Israel in the US? Evangelical Christians. They think that if the Jews hold Jerusalem at the second coming of Christ, he will kill all the nonbelievers (including the Jews), and usher in the end times. And, sadly, most fans of the anything-Israel-wants lobby are getting in bed with these manipulative sickos. Which includes George Bush, by the way.

    Oh, and if you would like to cry "Shame" for the many civilian deaths inflicted by Hezbollah terrorists and other Muslim extremists, I'm listening.

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    The question should be (and the one that you are ignoring is): Why did the people and government knowingly harbor a known terrorist organization all over their country? They had agreed not to do so from a past war and did it anyway. Shame on Lebanon. They deserve what they get.

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    To answer your question,I don't think the lebanese viewed them as a 'terrorists' I think they viewed them as 'guardians',as protection between an imaginary evil [israel] and themselves,as a sort of defense against threat.

    You have to remember the group built many schools and hospitals so obviously the community is going to support people who provide for them,protect them and promise them things like that.

    Its like Mr Bush really, he provides for you,he is trying to protect you from "terrorism' he follows the same ideals as Hezbollah so you don't view him as a 'terrorist'.He states that only by killing a whole tonne of people [the terrorist's full time job] can he protect you and get rid of all middle eastern 'terrorism'.That's his promise to you and that's a nice thing to fall for [cough] I mean believe in.

    I think the lebanese were duped in exactly the same way so don't feel bad.

    Hezbollah probably did a very similar show and song routine and said "I promise to get rid of us/israeli terrorism and domination by blowing up americans and israeli terrorists",i'm sure they had a condi version of their own who said "it's time for a new usa!"

    Bush though was far more succesful in his pursuits in that he killed twenty gillion times more people,yet likewise has been unable to fufil his promise.

    So what we have now is many little girls lying dead in the fields of lebanon and people lost and forgotten in the rubble of twin towers because of a few men with nothing but dead false promises.

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    1 decade ago

    should carpet bomb Hezbollah

    Israel trys to let aid in Hezbollah tries to shoot more rockets .

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