Why doesn't Outlook Express work with my new Internet connection?

I shifted to broadband connection a couple of months ago. I chose to keep my email address (from my previous ISP. I couldn't send email from Outlook any more, but I could still receive. Then I stopped receiving as well, (error 0x800CCCF something) so now I have to use the webmail page, which is annoying. Whatever the ISP told me wasn't helpful. Can anyone help?

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    Because MS email software is crap. Buggy and very unsecure. Many evil people just like it to copy your adressbook. Outlook (Express) supports those evil people wishes.

    Try something like: Eudora Lite (or Light, so it states somewhere):




    Or change your mail server settings. That could be applicable because you changed ISP. Your ISP manual should tell you which settings.

    But i wouldn't really want to stay with MS. Do you know how to make a backup? With Eudora: it's just copy a directory. With MS, you'd probably not even find in which directory the email stored...

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    Try changing the settings to use the existing Internet Explorer settings. This way if the IE is conencted successfully, so would the Outlook.

    And yes, Outlook is a crap.. try using Edura Lite 5.0 or latest. It's good.

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    My outlook has stopped working with Yahoo digital mail. I certainly have deleted the account and reset yet no longer efficient. I certainly have 2 computers and it has stopped working from the two computers

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