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which one do you choose to side? Israel or Lebanon?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am 100% supporting lebanon & poor lebanese ppl, but the problem is that the US & Israel are the real terrorists in the whole world, US supported sadam before and helped him against iran and when they had what they wanted from him it was time to get rid of him its not the matter of getting the oil or any treasures & unfortunately they are doing the same with most of the arab leaders, they are using them to get what they want, sometimes they instruct them to act as if they are against they US or Israel but hidden there are secret vists to the US and secret deals, the US is interfering in most of the countries for their own benifits.

    US & Israel are the same they are one, every now & then we hear that someone in the US discovered that they have roots in their families from Israel (allbright who said that the innocent ppl killed in iraq does not move a hair in her body), US use the vito against just stopping the fire in lebanon and many other important issues for their benfits but when somone is killed from thier side whether by intension or not they must revenge. Did anyone beleived their story on the poor ppl in the WTC (9/11) really there were innocent ppl there but they were the ppl who were not warn to go to work on that day, did you know that the jewish employees did not go to work on that day guess why? even if the bombers were arabs or even muslims as the US said why don't we search who was after them (does anyone know that the governments uses ppl from other countries to spy for them and to execute certain operations.

    I just want people to stop and think of what they write.

    NO LIFE is worth more than another, no matter the justifications.

    Think about this:

    One day, someone walks into your house and says you can only live in the kitchen because the rest will be given to another person as a compensation for the hurt they suffered in their life so far.

    However, everyday that other person invades the only space you have to live and destroys what little you have.

    Wouldn't you fight back?

    In the only way you could?

    War is awful, innocents die and they have nothing to do with it.

    I haven't yet seen proof that Hezbollah' members were present in all those buildings that were attacked by Israel.

    I just think they're trying to justify their invasion.

    I do believe that someone who has suffered will never even think about making others suffer, so... why do Israeli's, in fact, started the war?

    Devil lives in Israel! Actually, they have this crazy belief that this land is theirs, even though their messiah hasn't come yet and they cannot claim it as their land until he comes. So technically, they shouldn't even be there. The only reason they're still alive is because the US backs them up. Otherwise, the germans or the arabs would have wiped them off the face of this earth. They're horrible people. They bombed hospitals, escape roads, airports, bus stations. They bombed civilians trying to escape in cars and buses, and they bombed a PREDESIGNATED UN PEACEKEEPING LOOKOUT! All that over two soldiers? Yes, I must admit that Hezb-allah is retaliating, but what would you do if bombs are being dropped over your head. You'd fight back any way you can.

    See the images :

    And the articles :

    God help us all

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, it's not really a fair question, because the two sides aren't at war. Israel is attacking the Hezbollah, the militant, Iranian-syrian backed terrorists, who are charged with kidnapping.

    After these attacks have been going on for some time, and Israel not retailiating...or maybe it was the fact it happened while they were fighting in Gaza, Israel went ballistic.

    Now, don't get me wrong....Israel has put up with a lot of garbage, and this is pretty much the strongest response they've put together....but at the same time, if they wanted to, they could toss a nuclear warhead at Beruit, or Damascus, to make an example of Hezbollah, and how to deal with a problem. Instead, Israel is selecting targets, at random, that have been pockets of resistance. they also dropped leaflets, warning civilians of the impending attack....then, they marched in.

    Now, Lebanon, on the other side, is in a bit of a pickle. First off, they just got rid of Syrian influence....but, with a new country, Hezbollah is still in control of the southern part, they say, to ward off Israeli expansionism. Hogwash. Shooting rockets into Israel, isn't a military action, it's random acts of terrorism....and I'd keep attacking.

    I'd stick with Israel, basically, because they've faced the long odds...and all they want, it to wake up, without rockets dropping over the border.

    Now, if the neighbors would just help.

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  • 1 decade ago


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  • 1 decade ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    it scares the hell out of me to see how many people support terrorists. terrifies me actually. I support Israel and any other free countries that do not condone terrorism. and Hezballah IS a terrorist organization. I would support a free Lebanon though. I think every country has a right to exist. And if it wasn't for organizations such as Hamas and Hezballah, I definitely think there would be peace between Israel and its surrounding Muslim nations.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I side with both Israel and a free Lebanon. I would like to see both nations free, prosperous and at peace. It is Hezbollah and Hamas that I hate with a passion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i,m in lebanon side- not a evil side like israel

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  • 1 decade ago

    ofcourse Lebanon

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  • 4 years ago

    Sorry, that's now not the way it works. As the man or woman who's answering your query, I will opt for what number of phrases and something layout I opt for. In any occasion, your whole query is needless centered to your precise factor of view. Why? Well, you mentioned : "It has been beneath profession for over 60 years." Translation into undeniable English: You view the whole Israel as illegitimate (as it's has been round for sixty one years) and an "profession". That being the case, then why the precise consciousness on who Jerusalem (a unmarried town) belongs to. It is an overly atypical approach of citing the discipline. Now, for one of the crucial misconceptions for your query: - There isn't any such unbiased nation referred to as Palestine. There was a colony referred to as that nevertheless it ceased to exist in 1948. That being the case, asking if it must be the capital of a non existent state does not fairly make a lot experience. Most men and women, whilst addressing the obstacle, say matters akin to "Palestinians wish it to be the capital of a FUTURE Palestinian state". That, BTW, is a lot more sincere, despite the fact that I for my part disagree with such an results assuming it will get to that state. - Doing a elementary frame rely is needless. It proves NOTHING. If you have been to do this, I could additionally ask for: Breakdown of civilians killed vs. militants Breakdown of civilians intentionally particular vs. individuals who have been killed within the direction of focusing on a legitimate army goal Breakdown via YEAR - You make the argument that the land is holy. As a devout Jew, I believe you on that factor. However, the Zionist argument isn't particularly centered on devout arguments. And for the list, the devout argument used to be certainly not that Moses gave any land to any individual. It used to be that G-d gave the land to the Jewish men and women which, BTW, isn't blasphemous. This, BTW, I anticipate is because of lack of knowledge to your aspect that being the case, I enormously recommend that the following time you think like announcing matters like ", a few men and women again up Israel considering the fact that they are both ignorant" make certain that your function itself isn't centered on lack of knowledge first. Oh, and for the list, as a "Muslim believing in Moses" it's not your situation to verify what or what does not represent "blasphemy" from a Jewish devout factor of view.

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  • 5 years ago

    Lebneniye w l da3se 3a ra2betkon

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