What the dealio with Israel and Lebanon?!?!?

Ok first of all, why did this whole thing start anyways with Israel bombing innocent civilians in Lebanon. Who are these Hezbollah people and how do they come into play?? Why Israel still bombing lebanon. And why is the U.S involved in this. Enlighten me with your knowledge guys!!


The news is confusing because i don't know the basic stuff of the attacks!!

Update 2:

Thanks a bunch guys!!

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    The deal? Lebanon became independent in 1943. Its capital, Beirut, used to be a great city to visit. It was proposed as the venue for the 2024 Olympics.

    Back in 1982, the US supported the incursion into Lebanon, as the Israelis were in opposition to the PLO. They evicted the PLO from Beirut. The Hezbollah formed in 1982. They are a militant and armed organisation based in Lebanon.

    In 1983, their suicide bombers (allegedly, some say) blew up US & French headquarters in Beirut, killing 302 people, many of them Marines; and the US withdrew its forces.

    "Osama Bin Laden would later cite this bombing as evidence that the United States would withdraw when attacked and use it for planning the attacks on US Embassies in Afria, the USS Cole, and 9/11.

    In May 2003, U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth declared that the Islamic Republic of Iran was responsible for the 1983 attack, on the grounds that Iran had originally founded Hezbollah and financed the group throughout the years."

    The Lebanese have been trying to avoid a civil war in their country. The Hezbollah are armed, and based there, and wish to become that government, with some support from Iran and Syria. Plus their own car-bombing and rocket-launching skills.

    Also, Syria was involved in the assassination of the late Rafik Hariri (former Lebanese President).

    I guess this would be why the US is involved in observation of the situation. That's most of what I know of what's going on right now over there.

    An Israeli soldier was kidnapped - which was the current topic - and for weeks before that, Hezbollah terrorists in Gaza regularly fired rockets into towns, killing civilians in Israel.

    The Iranian president publically expressed a wish "to wipe Israel off the map". Israel's equally innocent civilians had rocket bombs rained on their cities. 1,200 Hezbollah bombs have hit Israeli cities in the last few days. Israel fires back - you post your question. See how that is?

    Anyway, my impression is that it's a proxy war on non-Islamic states by Iran and Syria. A bit sly, really.

    I would consider the Hezbollah to be terrorists.

    But then, I would consider the IRA to be terrorists.

    But opinions vary, if you are prepared to do some research. Alternatively, you can take the easy route & just take sides.

    I can see that many Jews are opposed to this conflict. As are the Irish government. Not any reason to support either side, I know.

    I suppose most people who are neither, like myself, and are unaffected, are not that worried, unless Iran brings nuclear weapons into the equation.

    At that stage, it'll be too late, and there'll be no news to watch. There again, it's maybe just another Middle-Eastern fight. I guess the thing to hope for is that we die voting for the right side. Not that anyone asked us!

    Who's prepared to stop bombing in return for some concessions?

    Who thinks death is glorious and an improvement on their life?

    Personally I reckon if you had to decide, you could reason with - as in, make a deal with, the Israelis, and they'd respect it. I mean, they've been bombed for years and not acted like this, and it has been a very hot summer, thanks to global warming.

    It's only fair to say that that's only my opinion. But I do respect their consistent attitude to known terrorists. The US offers a great life to so many, and there were very very few American bombers in the US. I reckon envy has something to do with it - surely any Israeli citizen could go back & live in the US if they really wanted to stop farming in a desert? Maybe offering the Hezbollah members a visa would make instant peace!?

    On the bright side, my spelling is OK. That's the trouble with peacetime, no decent challenges.

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    Isreal and Lebanon have technically been in a state of war for decades. In that sense, not much that has happened recently should be a vast surprise.

    But historically speaking, in 1948 Israel did a massive land-grab, marching into Lebanon and siezing it for 'defensive purposes'. Human right organizations had other words for what went on: 'atrocities' and 'massacres'. Faced with a public relations nightmare, Isreal was forced to retreat.

    Lebanon became the home to more than a hundred thousand Palastinean refugees. The country was in ruins. One of the organizations to pick up the slack was the terrorist group Hezbollah, which provided more infrastructure such as roads, schools, and hospitals to the recovering country then the Lebanese govenement itself. It is perhaps unsurprising that many of the tormented Lebanese and Palastineans began to also adopt Hezbollah's terrorist ways... to many of them Isreal were slaughterers and Hezbollah saviours.

    All of which devolved into meaningless skirmishes for years and years. The real match which lit the fuse was Isreal's isolation of Palestine, ostensibly because of their democratically elected government Hamas. Hamas had certainly done their share of terrorist acts to Isreal in the past, so Isreal decided to repay Palestine by treating the entire nation as terrorists after Hamas' victory in the polls, even though the GOVERNMENT of Palastine had overtly done nothing to Isreal.

    Palastine was isolated and desperate for allies. Billions of American dollars were still flowing into Isreal, but Isreal blocked even the delivery of aid supplies to Palestine. In an untenable situation, Hamas sections still dedicated to terror reached out to Hezbollah in Lebanon and arranged a coordinated attack on Isreal, aimed not merely at killing militia, but on capturing them as well.

    It was all the excuse Isreal needed. Now they are tearing up both Palastine and Lebanon, supposedly in a serch for their missing soldiers, though one wonders how they expect to find a living soldier if they do most of their 'searching' with bombs. Already many Israeli attacks have been condemned as being completely without strategic merit - they have even been accused of intentionally striking unarmed U.N. observation points! Now why would Isreal not want the U.N. to be watching? Hm....

    Source(s): Here's a GREAT movie with a lot of background as well as multinational views on some of the issues involved as well as accounts by Israelis, Palastineans, and experts in international politics: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-782812371...
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    israel is bombing lebanon cuz they wanna take over lebanon..but of course they're hiding behind saying they're "fighting terrorism"..

    hezbollah are like an organisation...they have a say un lebanon...and they are well armed...they're there to fight for lebanon and peotect is as the lebanese army almost doesn't exist..

    israel is still bombing lebanon cuz they still didn't take over cuz hezbollah are fighting back strongly..

    the US is involved cuz israelians killed some US soldiers or ppl or something...they were 8...some were killed and some injured but am not sure of the numbers....israel is saying it was an "accident"..

    anythin else??

    u can check this site http://english.aljazeera.net/HomePage

    Source(s): the news...the news...and the news
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    the hezbollah is a fanatic group of muslim extremist, who read their koran about hatred of non beleivers like jews and christians, and allowed themselves to be the pawned in arms dealing of the merchands of death (US)and dogs of war (israel), to fight with and deal with the deaths of hundred of civilian , for what nothing, they must seek now , a peacefull resolution to this war,

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    Watch the NEWS it's all over it!

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