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So, is Carl Edwards gonna try to kill Tony Stewart at the next race?

I hope not!


May I remind you all that I HOPE NOT! Tony rules, man. He RULES.

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    I doubt it. I'm sure Carl has had some time to cool down and reflect on his not so rated 'G' for everyone comments. He might not be looking for a new best friend in Tony, but I think he'll watch himself. He let him know he was ticked during the pit road incident. I really think Carl is adult enough to let it be that. I'm sure if the two were racing Carl would not play as nice as can be, but I dobut he's goig to go out with the full intention of looking for more revenge.. Kind of stupid to wreck your chances while you are still fighting on that off chance you can make it into the chase, and both are adults enough to not try to intentionally hurt another driver.

    Or at least I certainly hope so. I like Carl, and was a bit disappointed in some of him that week. Not all, but some of the choice words he used were not really pleasant and he could have really put more thought into that or walked away. I hope he learned from it and will move on.

    Well, actually I hope both have learned from the situation and will leave it at Pocono.. I like Tony a lot, and I like Carl quite a bit.

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    No he wont kill him ut he wont cut him any breaks either..this could amount too a wreck,last place finish or even one sick of tony thinki9ng he can run people off the road every race when he gets mad...hes a danm good driver and i cant take anything away from his skill but he needs to realize that evry driver on the track every race can do the same to him..they just donwt ,becasue they would be harlshy penalized..he is not because...?? because????i dont know but a one lap penalty is not enough to keep succh a good driver dwon..mabey they should park him for the remainder...and see how he likes that..carl is kool and he should just always be aware whenever hes around 20 ...i know tony didnt meant that to get carl at pocono..but regardless you cant ram rookies...they re just learning this gig and that type of thing will do what it did...he needs to get his *** kicked and Im sure Carl could do it...!! Tony better watch his ***!!!

    Go #99!!!

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    I hope so! Someone needs to give Carl Edwards a wake up call. Tony Stewart's the right man for the job. If Carl was smart...he would just keep his cocky mouth shut....

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    No he won't because even though he was mad last week and rightfully so, he has too much class to do something stupid like that.

    Carl Edwards does not have a cocky mouth but whiney *** Tony Stewart sure does. I don't know any other driver who whines, cries and complains as much as TS. He probably couldn't even catch Carl Edwards to show him anything....he is a bit chubby to try and outrun Edwards on foot! LOL

    Yeah that is true ol' "smoke" is indeed a big boy!! Too big for his britches.....literally!

    By the way I am not a "dude", I am a female!

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    LMAO!!!! If I were Tony the Tiger I'd think twice about taking a late night stroll around the track to get some fresh air!!! Carl just might be waiting and watching from the shadows!!! Tony is a great driver with skills to back up his trash talking, but if it comes down to a fist fight Tony just might get his growl shoved right up his a$$!!!

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    Carl won't kill him. He aint man enough to even hit him or he would have! Hopefully by the Brickyard Carl has cooled his jets. IF he goes after Smoke I think Tony can handle him. He's a big boy!

    Love ya Smoke!

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    No. None of the drivers are that stupid to hurt one of their fellow drivers. Am I saying that we couldn't see a little tap here and there from Carl or possibly even Clint? No. But I highly doubt anything will happen at the Brickyard. And if something (As in a wreak or bump and run) does happen, we're going to hear this story get beaten even more by writers that have defective view points.

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    No Carl will not kill Tony. Give Tony long enough and he will kill himself. I like Tony, but he just needs to calm down.

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    We can only hope so. Somebody needs to teach Tony a lesson.

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    No, and hopefully it won't be the other way around either! I hope they dropped it and got it out of their system! Or they realize the biggest payback would be to win this week, so we can see some hardcore racing!

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