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For all those anti-Israel, what military value is it for Hezbollah to rocket civilians?

Israel's actions are at least of military value. They are deliberately targeting military targets. Israel is not specifically targeting civilizians - Hezbollah is.

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    If Israel were not specifically targeting civilians then how come 95% of its victims are civilians? Hezbollah's victims have been more military Israelis than civilians. Is it that Hezbollah is really the more precise and accurate military?

    Oh, I know... Israel warned the civilians to leave repeatedly but they stayed either by choice or

    Hezbollah made them stay to cause civilian "collateral" damage and raise outrage against Israel. And Hezbollah hides amongst the civilians too, right.

    Two things. One, the first thing hit in Lebanon by Israel was the road infrastructure. The civilians cannot leave as there are no roads to travel on in most of southern Lebanon. Israel also made it harder for them to leave, if they could on the tortuous dirt roads, by "forbidding" trucks. These people don't own Jags. They often have one vehicle, a truck, because it serves many purposes. Finally, if people had a car and could leave on the unknown dirt roads, they take enormous risks. Israel has attacked them like rats in a barrel as they leave.

    Second, if Hezbollah hid in the residential buildings, the ambulances, the UN posts, and Israel knew it, it should not shoot. Not unless it considered its own interest over and above any consideration for any human life and for International Law.

    Open your mind. I know you ask your question because you support Israel. But consider what I am saying.

    Open your heart. Israel is setting a new low in its actions.

    And hear this everyone in America. You are directly associated with Israel's action. You have been rushing hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons and ammunitions to Israel in the last two weeks (oh yes, and a couple of millions of aid to the Lebanese). You are standing in the way of a cease-fire to stop the massacre of the Lebanese. Your administration is you. Raise your voice against its politics or never ask "why do they hate us?'

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    Hezbollah is getting exactly what it wants a great deal of angry civilians in Israel ill considered and even foolish attacks that create headlines that the news will blare out getting a UN cease fire. Using the time gained to regroup and rearm for more terrorist attacks.

    Remember Hezbollah is a terrorist group who arrange the deaths of large groups of civilians. This is what they do.

    NOTE, the number of civilians and housing dieing and/destroyed in Israel is getting no coverage.

    Makes you wonder about a house crowded that tight too, that kind if casualty count does not occur normally outside of plane crash.

    In the light is not where the rats live.

    Source(s): Just out of my head , very biased sourse me
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    i think the first israeli military thing did was to target the infrastructure of lebanon , not hezbullah , regardless if there were civilians there or not .

    israel destroyed lebanon , killed 600 civilians , today the 2nd massacre of qana took place , where they killed 60 civilians at least 40 one of them are children

    (write in yahoo or google search engine the name qana to find links to 1st qana massacre at 1996)

    hezbollah can't target israeli army everytime , so he punish israel the way it do , and target everything in israel, military or not ( the same as israel is doing now when it couldn't reach hezbollah, it targeted civilians heavily )

    p.s : dont believe Hesbollah hide among civilians , because if so and all those tons of rockets and fire was on hezbullah , and civilians killed occasionly , hezbullah would have vanished long time ago , or at least got weaker , but what happened is the opposite , it got more strong , and escalate its attacks , it defeated golani bregade 2 days ago , and keep fireing ...

    another evidence : if so , civilians would have been angry from it , or at least leave sites of hezbullah army , but what happened is that hezbullah is hero now in lebanon , and belove from all lebaneese

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  • Bill
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    Well seeing how everyone in Israel has to serve in the Military one could assume that they are all potential adversaries.

    What is the purpose of killing 60 civilians?


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    Both target each other with little or no regard for potential civilian casualties. Neither side cares. But it wont be fair until someone bombs Iranian civilians....considering they started this.

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    Hezbollah's stated ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel... I guess they think that they have to start somewhere!

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    it's like the World War 2 theory of strategic bombing I guess. Keep bombarding the civilians until they revolt against their leader to give up and stop the attacks.

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    .You must be Jewish to beleve that propogander

    An Israeli air strike killed 54 civilians, including 37 children in the southern Lebanon.

    At least 15 Lebonese civilions are killed to every Jew

    Source(s): yahoo news today
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    Ask your Jewish friends what military significance Arab women and children have. So far, that's all the Israelis have been able to kill.

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