Who else hates the confederate flag?

I think the rebel flag represents slavery and a hatred of America. Nazism is the same way. I moved to the memphis area from texas. 1 out of 3 cars has a rebel flag on it or a Dubya (W) the president sticker on the rear window. This pisses me out so bad. How do you feel?


Some of you whites are real confuses. If the rednecks know it's not hate then why do most have a "heritage not hate" rebel flag sticker on their window? Some ignorants blacks display the rebel flag. I saw a old black man walk out of a gun show holdng a confederate sword. He's very stupid. During the civil war he would had said "yesa masa" and joined the rebels! He sickens me!

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    I'm from the south. The confederate flag has become something to be hated. It was a banner of pride for the Confederate soldier's. Now it has become a banner for ignorant rednecks who are racist and are still fighting the civil war. It is a shame really. I would never own a Confederate flag. This country isn't divided by north and south anymore. The civil war ended that. The American flag is the one I own and the only one I display.

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    it doesn't represent slavery, if it does then the american flag represents slavery, because america had slaves too.you need to think about your own country before you criticize others."nazism" has nothing to do with it.america had not, and still is most defintaly not now abiding by the constitution that was started, that's where america went wrong then, and now on a bigger scale.its too bad the "W" sticker "pisses" you off, because i have to look that the kerry pres. sticker too.its called america, we are suppposed to have some freedoms, even if it offends some, offending someone because they're too stupid to know anything isn't a crime.AND.... How is it that i have seen black women wearing the confederate flag on thier bikinis, if its such a racist symbol... ?

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    I actually come from the deep south (mississippi) Everyone here (Florida) seems to have the same problem with the confederate flag. The flag is not typically used as a racist symbol, at least in the area where I came from. For those who wore it on shirts or hats or on their cars it is a symbol of their history. It is our way of displaying our heritige. When I say heritige I do not mean a heritige of slavery, opression and hate, I mean our history. Its like how people get tatoos or stickers on their cars that say "In memory of ____." I never heard of any violent race based incidents while I lived in Sandhill, MS. I totally support you on the Nazis though. Nazi in the modern sense at least.

  • wmp55
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    My great-great-great grandfather was a Confederate soldier who died in a Federal POW camp in Illinois in 1863.

    I think the only places the Confederate flag should be displayed are at historic sites, either as historic relic flags or to mark the Confederate positions on battlefields.

    And vote Democratic.

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    Which confederate flag would that be? There were several. But the one I think you mean was NEVER an official flag of the Confederacy. It was the battle flag of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, but adopted after the war by racists.

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    It doesn't piss me off.

    It is a symbol of the Confederate states during the civil war. A part of our history! It represents the South not wanting to be told what to do. It has been used by those that chose to use it in a manner that represented hatred, and that makes me very angry!

    It is the intolerant that breed hatred, not the symbol! You can choose not to use it, you can choose to hate it. Whatever you do it is your choice.

    I don't view it as a symbol of hatred, I view it as a symbol of our history!

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    Tough call.

    It is part of our culture, a piece of our history that we do not like to talk about but is there nevertheless.

    But I understand how hated it is to certain people of our society; all the horrors and tortures that are represented by it.

    Is it a shorthand for racism? Can't deny that. But I personally don't want to ignore the flag all together.

  • JC
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    Lots of people from the south believe it represents a whole lot more than slavery and certainly not hatred of America....you're entitled to your opinion, even if its wrong.

    It doesn't 'piss me out' as you have mentioned, I just live and let live...they have the right to be proud of where they are, just like anybody else.

    I have to admit, I would not like to see the president stickers....I'm not a fan....

    Source(s): Live in Texas
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    Which is worse ignorance or stupidity? Ignorance is lack of education. Sadly there are a lot of educated people in this society, but they tend to listen to what they're taught in a public school system never hearing the TRUTH or searching out the truth for themselves.

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    the flag itself it just a piece of fabric, but I agree it represents hatred and ignorance. Anyone who flies that flag does not belong in this country.

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