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what is your opinion about israel's second massacre in qana (lebanon)?

here is the masacre happened today, please go there and give 30 sec. from your time to read :

and here is the first qana masacre 1996 , they woth visiting, the 3 of them :

and here are shocking pictures of the israeli war now on lebanon , ( comments in arabic , but anyway they are 3 groups of pics : first group of pics are for israeli children writting messages to lebanon children at the rockets , 2nd group of pics : lebanon children recieved the messages , 3rd group of pics : what lebanon become )


i forgot to put the last and most important link :

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    Israel is a terrorist state. I am not thrilled by Hezbollah, but the taking of 2 military personnel......hardly justifies the killing of 34 youths (NO MATTER HOW YOU DO THE MATH!!!) How does Israel cry FOUL, when it's civillians are blown up at a bus stop.....but when it kills civillians, they are not mourned and are called CASUALITIES OF WAR. If these are TRULY CASUALITIES OF WAR.....then why are the largest percentage of people killed non-military targets?? (80% are women and children). If Israel is truly MILITARY SAVY.....where is the PRECISION??? Or is it that Israel just DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE LOSS OF LIFE IN LEBANON, BECAUSE IT HAS GOTTEN A GREEN LIGHT FROM ANOTHER TERRORIST STATE....NAMELY THE U.S.???

    Personally, I was neutral about all this, prior to the Iraq war........but all this bloodshed and loss of innocent life has shown me THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT INNOCENT LIFE, DESPITE THE RHETORIC. The only innocent lifes anyone cares about are those in their own country (i.e.; innocent US or innocent Israel), which in fact is an OXYMORON. There can be no innocent people in the US OR ISRAEL......when we can watch the innocent lifes of so many other be taken........and IT DOES NOT CAUSE ANYONE TO LOSE ANY SLEEP OVER THE LIVES LOST. We have so much blood, apathy and ignorance on our hands.....we can HARDLY BE INNOCENT!


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    If Hezbollah would simply follow the U.N. mandate and disarm. And would return Israel her soldiers kidnapped from Israeli soil while killing others this would end. I am sorry that Hezbollah has chosen rather to attack Israel and kill innocents in Israel and cause the deaths of innocents In Israel and Lebanon they should be punished why would they continue to cause the deaths of all these innocents. Hezbollah are terrorist and the do not care about the deaths of the innocents in Lebanon or Israel.

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    Devil lives in Israel! Actually, they have this crazy belief that this land is theirs, even though their messiah hasn't come yet and they cannot claim it as their land until he comes. So technically, they shouldn't even be there. The nly reason they're still alive is because the US backs them up. Otherwise, the germans or the arabs would have wiped them off the face of this earth. They're horrible people. They bombed hospitals, escape roads, airports, bus stations. They bombed civilians trying to escape in cars and busses, and they bombed a PREDESIGNATED UN PEACEKEEPING LOOKOUT! All that over two soldiers? Yes, I must admit that Hezb-allah is retaliating, but what would you do if bombs are being dropped over your head. You'd fight back any way you can.

    see the images of Qana massacre II :

    and this article :

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    First off it's not Israel's massacre it's hezbollah and Lebanon's massacre. Hezbollah is the one hiding among civilian and its Lebanon's fault they didn't control these terrorist groups. There was an easy end to the war. Give back the soldiers and stop firing into Israel.

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    Israel has a long bloody history of massacres...Qana is just one more line in that shameful book !!

    If Israel is to be blamed once, the international community has to be blamed 100 times.

    If couple of countries called thier ambassadors to Israel for "consultation" (just a fake threat),Israel would have thought 100 times before it commit this evil.

    But for this international community i say: "Good bye Dignity..Hello Cowardness" .

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    Hm...stop bi.tching because you were told to leave cities that Hezbollah has a hold of. The people there are stupid enough to stay so they suffer the consequences. Get a brain and leave to northern Lebanon. ITS A WAR.Innocent people will die ESPECIALLY if they dont listen to the warnings. can blame your government which let Hezbollah thrive in it. Your fault....not Israel. Do you expect them to let suicide bombers come in and kill innocent people without any counter must be kidding yourself. Blame your government.

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    Israeli should stop military operations that affects the civilian and innocent people of Lebanon. Civilians, do not symphatize and harbour Hezbollah guerilla.

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    I am wondering why Hezbollah has not separated themselves from the civilians yet.

    It looks like Hezbollah is doing everything they can to increase the number of civilian casualties.

    How come you have no criticisms for them when hiding among civilians is a war crime?

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    U ppl need to stop being ignorant HEzbollah doesnt hide among the civillans they know how to fight and they beat the isrealis butts outa bint jebail! n isreal is cometing genocide .... theyre trying theyre hardest to kill as many ppl as they can what are the totals 2day over 750 dead in lebanon compared to 50 in ireal only 20 of which are civillans!!!!!!!!! TELL ME THAT ISREAL HAS THE RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF!

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    Why they were tempted to react harshly. Survival of the fittest.

    The jungle rule is prevailing in the entire area. Jews were living there before 1800 years. Give them the tiny land and peace.

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