How to get rid of a computer virus ?

Comp. is only about 3 months old. Has the latest Norton Antivirus and Webroot Spysweeper and good cookie cleaner and so on. I thought it was basically virus proof. But I have been told I have a virus and it will cost $249.00 to repair. Computer is acting haywire and I don't know where to start.

I have already reset system to a previous date but didn't help.

Any advise ?

How do I find anything out without taking it in ?

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Anytime I run Nortons or the SpySweep It says no threats or viruses detected.

But the comp. is only running good for about 15min. at a time.

Until now I have never even had to re-boot before.

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    Lol you MAY NOT need to re-format your computer.

    How-ever the Following programs will take hours 2 compleate

    If u can get on the net I suggest u download Bullguard which give's u a 30 or 60 day trial!! I have this program meself.

    Get RID of Norton as soon as u have downloaded bullguard, install and then run!! The scan will take a while 2 compleate.

    It takes about 1/12h to fully scan my system!!!

    Once the Viruis scan has run you will proberly find that bullguard is unable 2 remove a virus or 2. this is becasue some viruis lodge them self's in active programs. If the program is active Bullguard will not b able 2 clean it.

    This can b solved by Re-starting you computer in2 "Safe Mode" this is F8 if u r running Win XP.

    "Safe Mode" only allows the absolute Minimum 2 run your computer! This is things like VGA mode and running them in 8bit rather then 16bit or 32 bit! You will not be able 2 access the internet whislt in safe mode!

    Run Bullguard again it will now clean the left over viruis(s)

    Get the l8st version of Bullguard the version I have does not run in safe mode!

    After Bullguard has cleaned your computer Re-start it and allow it 2 boot up as normal! Then get rid of WEBROOT this is more then likly the source of your problums!! It is stuffed full of Spyware adware viruis(s) You will need 2 check your regestory keys thourghly as some programs leave "Tracks" in there!

    This is simple Press da start key and goto the run menu when the run box comes up type in regedit and press enter. Once the window is open you will b able 2 find wot u r looking 4.

    Goto the Heading labled Edit and look 4 the Find command, then type in the key u r looking 4 like this WebRoot press enter and it will search the registry 4 keys with the word(s) WebRoot delete these keys as u come accross them! Re-start your computer.

    Once this is compleate log on 2 the Internet and downlaod the following programs!!!



    2. SpyBot Search and Dystory

    3. Ad-Aware, the folowing program is optinol

    5. Acronis Privercy Expert Suit

    6. AdsBlock

    Acronis contains a Malware Program detector which isint coverd by SpyBot or Ad-aware Bullguard or BlackIce.

    Install SpywareBlaster, Ad-Aware, AdsBlockSpyBot and Acronis log off the net and run these programs after u have run them all Re-Start your computer log back onto the net and download BlackIce.

    BlackIce come's with it's own firewall as do's Bullguard all the manuals say dont run 2 Firewalls at 1ce however I am doing so and am jus fine!!!

    BlackIce also has an "Application Protection" program which once installed monitors ALL applications. Unfortunetly it requires you 2 b at your computer when u first install it as it will sort though every single application on your computer and come up with a window saying "Whateever is trying 2 connect 2 the net" do you want 2 allow this etc etc. Check these carfully when all the windows have stoped Blackice is installed. Restart your computer and Bingo your computer shold b clear!!!!!! Run Spybot and Ad-Aware and Bullguard every day, Acronis every couplea days

    It Would b quicker 2 re-format your computer How-ever as u cant trust anything on your computer you wont b able 2 make a back up of any programs so you'll lose the lot!! Better 2 spend several hours "Cleaning" rather then re-downloading all the lost stuff!! Hope this helps


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    The ultimate way of getting rid of a virus is formatting your disk and reinstall your system. You will have to boot with a clean boot diskette or the Win XP installation CD.You should do a backup of your personal data before, on a CD or another hard disk. But beware of software that you have downloaded. The virus may be hiding in one of them. Viruses can't hide in mp3, picture or movies nor in word processor documents. Surest way is to wipe clean everything (don't make a backup), if you do not use your computer for professional work.

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    U might want to try this utility..

    Its a small virus removal tool for specific kinds of viruses and it is totally free.. It is designed to remove certain kinds of viruses which cannot be normally removed by standard antivirus programs.

    If this doesn't work try reinstalling Windows. That might solve the problem. The virus might have messed up some system file. You don't need to reformat to reinstall windows. Just pop in the CD at boot up and boot from CD.

    Good Luck !

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    Anti-virus software are effective in preventing viruses but there are always new viruses. That's why you must update your software regularly. If the virus is a real pain in the ***, reformat your computer.

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    Go to and try other free virus and spyware programs. Particularly the spyware ones. One spyware program is never enough. No spyware program finds all. Add Adaware and Bazooka to your computer and run them.

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    Find the name of the virus if you can, go to the website and follow the recommended info to get rid of it, or take it to the nearest Compusa store...I think they will do it for 150.00

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