Advice for South Africa?

I'm going to South Africa in November, but have read some depressing facts about crime and driving conditions. We're flying into Cape town and planning on hirering a car and travelling down the Garden Route (not going to Jo'burg). Should this be safe? I'm interested to know if the situation there has improved over the past 5 years, as a lot of things on the internet seem to be from a few years ago. Any tips and advice would be much appreciated :-)

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    Things have calmed down quite alot over the last couple of years Rob. The garden route and the Cape in general are alot calmer than Gauteng and KwaZulu/Natal so you should have a great time.

    Some things just to keep in mind though are :

    Not to visit the townships anywhere unless accompanied,

    Keep car doors locked when driving in town esp at night,

    Don't carry lots of cash on you

    Do'nt make it obvious that your a tourist.

    I think that that can apply to alot of countries though and having been to SA regularly over the last 10 years I can really say that things are at last looking up.Your going to one of the safest areas in South Africa so don't worry and have a good holiday.

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    You are out of your mind to go anywhere near South Africa unless you wish to be returned in a body bag. Have a look at the site and you will read stories from ordinary South Africans who have been the victims of crime that will make your hair stand up. Cape Town is probably the most unsafe venue in SA and if you make it from the Airport to the City without having stones rained down on your car whilst you are driving then consider it a huge success. The Tourist Boards and their sites are doing everything in their power to hide the crime and obliterate the aforementioned site in their immoral quest for self enrichment. An International campaign warning tourist against visiting South Africa is due to commence in August 2006 with the UK being the start point. Lastly Norwich Union have placed South Africa as the number one most dangerous destination for British tourists to visit. Change your plans!

    That post from Odie is utter junk. There have been 54 murders per day for the last 5 years and rape and hijacking are high on the most common crimes. If you are hijacked in your car you will most likely be shot as are most. The Police are mostly corrupt and are an utter joke. They couldn't catch a cold never mind a criminal.I urge you to visit the site and read their own Police statistics on violent crime which incidentally Interpol say are grossly under stated.

    Today 30/7 I read the British Foreign Office and the Tourist Authorities of the US,Canada and Australia are issuing warnings to their citizens about travelling to South Africa.

    To Kalahari Tiger- The answer to all your questions is Yes but it doesnt change the facts that a once great Country has gone to the dogs because of the genocide that is happening now and for the past 5 years. Why are other Countries issuing warnings to their citizens if it is so safe? Get your facts right and stop wishing it is the way you would like it to be! And Agliotti clearly we know far more than you sitting behind your 8 foot walls and electrified fences with your gun at the ready.

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    I am South African. Cape town and the garden route are very beautiful. There is still crime, but I think if is worse in Johannesburg. (You do not want to go near there). If you are travelling in the car down the garden route, I think it should be quite safe. But you still have to be careful. I would say, try and do all your travelling in the day. Never stop for someone, even if you think they need help. They might not be alone, and you could possibly have your car hijaked. Always expect the unexpected. Try not travel too much at night. Be very weary and observant when drawing money from cash machines. Make sure that no one is near by enough to see your pin no, and if you are uncomfortable about someone too close, rather don't draw your money right then, wait till later, or ask them to give you some space. If your partner is carrying a handbag tell her to never leave it exposed on a car seat or unattended. Always try and keep it out of view. Try not to look like a tourist, try and look like you are part of the place.

    But you are going in November, the weather should be great and hot. I think you will have a wonderful unforgettable holiday. Just always be on your guard.

    Hope you have a wonderful time and let me know when you get back how it went. Take lots of photos and if you enjoy wine, you have to do the wine tasting in Stellenbosch.

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    I've worked for a few years in South Africa and it's a great country to go to. I drove once a car from Jo'burg through Swaziland and Lesotho to Cape town and had no problems. But be a bit careful. Don't go walking on your own wen it's dark, take a cab. Be aware that wen you drive there can suddenly be someone with a car with a horse or another slow driver on the road.Or pedestrians. Keep your doors locked in the cities. Wen you drive in a rural area be aware of animals on the road. Especially at night because some animals, like cows, like to lie down on the warm road. Don't be scared just be careful. And keep enough chance to pay for the toll roads.

    Enjoy the fresh fruit you can often buy from women on the side of the road. The Garden route is great, enjoy it.

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  • Odie
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    Don't listen to the first two people that answered first. I'm South African and don't worry you are safe here. Yes we have a crime problem but if you use common sense you will be fine.

    I travel often and every person that I know that has visited the Cape says it is one of the best trips of their lives. The Majority of the violent crime is inside the informal settlements, just like every other place in the world.

    90% of our roads are better than anywhere else in the world. We do have many car jackings but almost always all they take is the car. It is becoming less common because nearly all cars have tracking systems fitted.

    As with all countries, do as the locals do. Don't leave valuables in your car lock the doors at night and so on.

    November is wonderful time to visit the Cape. Just before the tourist season.

    The Police are very strict against crime on tourists. As a tourist you are safer than a local..

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    Baldy - have u eva been to South Africa? Yes we do have crime, yes our police force is a joke, yes some off our roads look like s..., yes there is websites telling ignorant people like yourself how bad south africa is, but you get crime all around the world. South Africans just talk alto more about crime, because we are not used to it. In the old apartheid era there was never this much crime.

    But have u ever smelled the earth after rain in the Kalahari?

    Have u ever walked Blouberg beach at sunset?

    Ever seen Cape Town from Table Mountain?

    Ever tastes Spier's wine?

    Been on holiday in Plet in December?

    Seen the flowers in Namaqwaland?

    Seen white & black people work together - laugh together?

    Cried when you hear Johnny Clegg sing " scatterings from africa " and you are miles away from home?

    If not, then you know nothing about my country. And you'll never know.

    Cape Town and the Garden Route is safe. November is the best time to visit - perfect weather & before the Christmas rush.

    Enjoy it. I know you will.

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    You're not going to have any problems. The garden route is safe and the roads are fine. Baldy old git obviously has issues. People who don't live here know sweet eff all. They live their scared little cloistered lives and somehow get offon paranoid drama.

    Yes there is crime but if you're not stupid you'll be fine.

    PS - the only crime I've ever come into contact with was when I was in the UK and friends of the people I was staying with found a chopped up dead body....

    South Africa is a great place. You'll have an awesome holiday I'm sure :)

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    None of these people who say south africa is safe know what they are talking about,most say they have lived there, so what was their reasons for leaving then?the website is real and to much controversy it has been released despite numerous amounts of death threats to the designer Neil Watson by our very own government, it was in many newspapers.

    i would suggest you do some research for yourself and go to this website where you can read south african newspapers which contain the real info,here are some of the headlines in todays newspapers:

    Sunday Times

    Stolen car found near Jeppestown house

    Cellphone camera busts cop

    United need new blood: Fletcher

    The Cape Times

    We will petrol-bomb your homes, say Delft residents

    Thousands probed for social welfare fraud

    Politicians admit owing defunct travel agency thousands

    Crimes against tourist are regarded as more serious?i dont know who this girl is fooling but i worked as an intern attorney for two years, these people dont care about the tourists, they dont care about sending the dead bodies back home all they care about is the revenue these people bring in, and what is worse is that these people who commit these horrid crimes are very seldomly found. Its like finding a needle in a haystack. Criminals are usually set free because our jails are full and less serious offenders are often set free who in turn go to commit worse crimes.

    Why would anybody want to go on holiday to a place where they must look around every corner and cant even drive at night without the risk of being shot for your cellphone.Id say australia is a much better bet, safer and you can have a wonderful holiday without having to look over your shoulder every ten minutes?

    Goodluck with your ventures.

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    Murders even just for simple mobile phones.

    N1 offramp of murder

    Another motorist is gunned down after getting lost on highway

    July 24, 2006 Edition 1

    Gill Gifford

    A second motorist has been murdered on the N1 highway Rivonia offramp in less than six weeks - and in chillingly similar circumstances

    A bluetooth headset remained in the car and a gold wedding band was still on the victim's hand. The only thing definitely missing was his cellphone.

    Rivonia off-ramp is a crime hotspot , warning: motorists not to stop "in the middle of nowhere" when lost in the city or anywhere else.

    Trust God you will be safe

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