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I have a 69 340 in 75 Dodge dart trying to restart it from sitting too long; need help.?

Its got a 727 torkflight tranny and 8.75 rearend with 3:23 posi need advice on what stall converter to use with it, to make it a great street car and cruiser on weekends with friends; also all its orginial but the drivetrain, I'm the second owner on this fine car.

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    I'm envious-----------------first off pull the plugs and buy a small pump/squirt can and put a little transmission fluid into each cylinder for the rings and walls. Put new plugs back into her with a new battery to get her started. Now the thing that you need to understand is that the converter is mostly depending on your camshaft. If your cam is radical enough to need to idle at about 1500 RPM then you need a converter that doesn't engage until just a little higher than that. Get your technical information together and try 1-800-626-1828 which is BTE converters.

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    Bypass the battery and jump start it at the starter. If that doesn't work replace the starter and do it again. It should start with the first jump. If the battery does not recharge you should replace it.

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    recharge the battery or but a new one

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