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Is it hard to live with an annual income of 30000$ in USA?

I am an engineering student in Europe and i am planning to live in USA. Do you think i can live comfortably with this income? (Assuming that i have nothing in my hand at the beginning)

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    You'll have to research the cost of rent and utilities in the area you plan to live, but $30K is usually enough to get by. You won't have too much extra money after you pay for food, rent, etc. but you'll be able to get by.

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    It depends, by far, upon where you live. You cannot survive in New York City on that income, but here in Saginaw, Michigan, you could be a homeowner paying off a new car as well--assuming there are jobs for you.

    Boston is also expensive as is Washington, DC, Seattle, and many areas of California. Baltimore and Philadelphia are not too bad, especially if you live outside of those locations in the suburbs, but the crime rate is higher.

    Go where the jobs are. The American economy has less of them every passing day.

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    It would help to know where in the USA. Some areas cost a lot more than others to live. California, would be too expensive for you to live comfortably with that income.

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    It really depends on where. You can't compare New York, California, with any other states. It's managable - You won't starve, If you can take those two states out of the equation, you'll be doing ok.... Good luck!

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    Depends where. Probably not in any major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, etc.

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    Depending on where you live, $30,000 is a decent starting salary. A lot of Americans would kill for that amount of money, including myself. And I have a college degree.

  • Dude thats nothing i make that in a day for saying a few lines then going home

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    The average american make about 40000 year, you will be on the bottom of US economic spectrum.

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    You can live modestly, but it will be tight. You won't have a lot left over.

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    if you can budget and you don;t have a family to support you won;t have a problem.

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