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who are you with lebanon or israel?why?

for once in ur lives ignore the media effect and answer

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    You have to separate Lebanon and Hezbollah.

    I am with Israel. They are just defending themselves against Hezbollah. Lebanon is too afraid to fight Hezbollah, and it's even harder for them to do it since Hezbollah has taken a few seats in the Lebanese Government.

    The only reason it LOOKS like Israel is killing "innocent" civilians is because Hezbollah won't let people evacuate. Hezbollah uses

    the civilians as human shields, JUST to make Israel look bad. They even bomb there own buildings and civilians, to make Israel look bad. Israel LET their civilians evacuate. If they didnt leave, then maybe we would have more Israeli civilian casualties.

    Also, remember that Hezbollah millitants have FAMILIES. I wouldn't call them "innocent". And those are usually the people getting killed. People that support Hezbollah are just as bad.

    A lot of people in Lebanon don't like Hezbollah. My math TA is a PHD student and he's from Lebanon. He calls the governement "pus sies". They are kind of stuck. They can't say or do anything against Hezbollah, because if they do, they will get killed BY Hezbollah. So they keep quite. That's why you never hear their side.

    And it's unfortuante that the media doesn't show the Israeli side. They don't show all the families that had to leave their homes. All of Northern Israel hasn't been working, and they have lost a lot of money. They have been living with strangers(which is SOOO uncomfortable..and they have no privacy), or in bomb shelters. It's hot. Humid. Sticky. Disgusting. They sit and do NOTHING all day. Families have died in Israel, too.

    Have we forgotton about the soldiers that were kidnapped? Hezbollah started this. This was NOT supposed to happen. This was "supposed" to end in 2000, but look who started attacking Israel YET AGAIN.


    PS: Christine, you should check your facts, and stop spreading complete lies.

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    Both Israel and Lebanon are playing both sides of a multi-player game. Israel is acting like they are the victim while playing the game like the tough guy in the neighborhood. Lebanon on the other hand is a victim of very bad circumstances, but Lebanon has an unofficial army that is doing the fighting for them. Lebanon thinks of itself as a European Nation but it loyalties are in the opposite direction.

    The whole region is beginning to look like Iraq. With players saying one thing and doing another. According to reports out of Washington DC, some of the Government in Iraq is working with what is called the terrorists.

    All in all, I think Americans should be neutral at this point before the situation is truly "For us or Against Us.!" It is time to find some peace and expand out from there with a peace plan.

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    Israel tried in every way possbile to live peacefully with their neighbors but nothing satisfied them. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the only ally the US has in the region. They are surrounded on all sides by terrorists.

    Israel gave up large tracts of land and bulldozed their own settlements to give the Palestinians their own country. However, this did not satisfy the terrorists. Time and time again they have sent suicide bombers and missiles to kill innocent civilians. Israel even built a wall to try to keep terrorists out, but the raids kept coming and they were on constant terror alert. Now Hamas and Hezbollah, two of the terrorists groups, have kidnapped Isaeli soldiers. They have taken over the government of Lebanon. Israel has had enough. They are now doing what the US should be doing - destroying the headquarters of the terrorists. These are the same terrorists that attacked us on 9-11 and have attacked Britain, India and other countries

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    I am with Lebanon. Because israel is wrong. The only reason israel reacts like a bully is because the biggest bully is behind them USA. Israel has occupied Arab land for years, in fact they do not have a home of their own israel was given to them, taken from the Muslims..Israel is killing hundreds of Muslims in Lebanon and Gaza because of three (3) soldiers, so in their minds a Muslim life is not worth as much as theirs. Israel has thousands of Muslims that they are held as captives (prisoners) that they are not given a fair trial or some times not even a trial. Everything about israel is wrong. And i HOPE that Hezbollah continue to fight.

    Source(s): I am not a muslim or arab> I just believe right is right> and israel is wrong
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    Um, I'm with Israel, but Israel isn't fighting Lebanon, they're fighting Hezbollah

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    With Lebanon, which means against:





    US Bush

    Saudi Arabia

    Extremists on both sides (and all sides).

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    For Israel

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    israel they defendin

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