I bought a car from an Auction I took it for a drive, the brakes failed and I crashed? Should i get a lawyer?

I remember seeing "Cars sold as is" signs but i would think they would at least makes sure the brakes work. Poeple tell me i should seek legal help but with my luck I feel like i would just be wasting my time and loosing money. This was the 2nd time i drove the car and i didn't have insurance and I live in maryland. I didnt hit any other cars cause I veered off to the side of the road. I also ran up a nice medical bill because i hit my mouth on the stering wheel. All input would be verey helpful and appreciated

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    Cars are sold as is - there is nothing that you can do at this point.

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    You bought a car as is. You did not have the Maryland State safety inspection done You did not legally register the vehicle. You did not have insurance, as is required by Maryland state law.

    You drove the car once, and either the brakes worked, or you were very stupid to drive it again with bad brakes! The brakes failed the second time you illegally drove the vehicle, and fortunately, no one else was hurt.

    Now you want to blame the problem on the auction, that had you obeyed the law, would never have happened. When you buy a vehicle at a public auto auction, you should not expect it to be perfect. The auction is not going to check a vehicle over, they are going to sell it "as-is, where-is, how -is, and any other is you can think of"

    The best thing to do is have the vehicle towed to a qualified shop, and have it checked for problems before you drive it. Make sure that you put insurance on the next car you buy, and legally tag it before you drive it!!!

    Source(s): 26 years in the auto business
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    You bought the car "as-is." Going after somebody would be a waste of time and money. Especially since you bought it at auction. The first thing anybody will tell you when you buy a car at auction is to have the car checked over carefully before driving it for any distance.

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    Yeah sold and bought as is.nothing can be done...A lesson for anyone buying a used car or a car at an auction....Before you buy, have a mechanic look at it first!!! And make sure it is a thorough inspection!!

    Hey just be glad you're here t tell us about this....I hope you learned from your experience.

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    If you bought it at an auction, its not their responsibility to get it checked out. Its yours. They just want it off their hands. When you purchase a car from an auction, they aren't responsible for anything that happens with you or the car after it leaves their lot.

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    like the sign said at the auction all cars sold as is the auction is usaully not required to do safety inspections it is up to the purchaser so you may try a lawyer but i doubt it will do much good

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    You are out of luck always have a mechanic look at any vehicle you buy as well as always always always look at the breaks. No sense in suing anyone since you are at fault for not checking this before you drove of the lot as well as no insurance.

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    sounds like it would be worth checking with a lawyer to see what they would suggest

    there are lot of attorneys in that sort of law, and most of them will give you a free consultation

    document everything you can

    if you took the car to a mechanic after the wreck, be sure the mechanic documents anything he found with respect to the brakes

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    No, you really should not get a lawyer. When you buy a car in this manner or anywhere else you really need to find out what you are buying before you buy it. Consider this an expensive life lesson.

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    you should have bought it somewhere else where you could have gotten it to a mechanic before you bought it and because you didn't, you are out the money you bought it for....If it was sold with no written or expressed warranty then your screwed and cant do anything.

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    if its sold as is then you stuck... thats a bad thing about auctions, good deals arent sometimes always good... and im sure you know this but please never drive without insurance.. its for your own sake as well as the poor family you may hit as well.

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