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Is it bad to drink battery acid?

I just drank two gallons of battery acid for fun. My friend told me it is bad.

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    I think you know the answer to your own question.

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    Big Sigh.

    I guess I'm not surprised that people still ask inane questions for some deep seated need for attention, and certainly "wasting" 5 points didn't cost you anything, but you weren't very creative in your immaturity. In this load of "Stuff" certainly you can't expect anyone to b elieve you, and sadly I'm answsering, as others have, which may not waste points for us, but certainly wastes time.

    To suggest you must have escaped,,, or are a candidate for a short bus would be as insulting as this Q is,, so I won't suggest either,,,but I'll wonder after I've finished.

    I find too many of you here, and I happen to enjoy this forum as a way to not only teach, but learn. Nothing in your Q allows either for anyone,,,not even you.

    I'll assume you're young, and devoid of what constitutes a better life than to spend time and energy posting here.

    I might suggest however,,, silly or not,,, see if you can start a car by holding the battery cables,,,, Then see medical help,,, um wait,,, professional help.

    Rev. Steven

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    No, not bad at all...tastes a little acidic. Mix it with Gatorade next time (the lemon-lime is best), over ice.

    And have mum prepare a tray of ho-ho's or twinkies for you and your mate while you're sipping your drinks. Nice combo.

    Cheers--enjoy your your summer treat!

    One last thought. The battery acid and Gatorade, mixed with water in a pitcher and then poured into an ice-cube tray, with popsicle sticks, makes great-tasting (and healthy!) popsicles!

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    4 years ago

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    You would only do it once.

    Look up sulfuric acid in the dictionary.

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    I guess you drank something else, it is not sold in the store without a doctor prescription

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    no,not at all. Go drink another two gallons. Give yourself a bleach and diesel enema too while your at it.

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    Call 911 if you are still alive.

  • 1 decade ago

    You should probably go get some Rolaids.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do sharks have sharp teeth? May you rest in peace...

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