Our President George Bush two brothers. Who writes their pay check?

One brother is Gov. of Fl. The other is in the middle east.

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    Um, I don't understand the question.

    Florida governor Jeb Bush is paid a salary that comes from the taxpayers of the state of Florida. In 2005, he received $127,804 in salary. His tax returns showed a net worth of $1.4 million, down 41% from the amount he reported when he first took office in 1998.

    George Bush has 2 other brothers, (not one), Neil Bush, and Marvin Bush. Neil (born in 1955) is a rather unsuccessful "businessman", while Marvin is a venture capitalist.

    Neil Bush was a director of Silverado Savings and Loan, one of the most spectacular failed banking institutions during the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s. He has since been involved in some other less-than-successful ventures with close ties to powerful friends of the Bush family. Then again, that is, like it or not, how the business world works. The rich and famous "help out" their rich and famous friends with jobs, board of director appointments, etc. There's nothing unusual about Neil Bush's access to good jobs and good business "luck".

    I believe that Neil Bush is still associated with an educational software company he co-founded called "Ignite!" - the company, funded with loans from Bush family members, and other powerful business interests around the world, pays him a salary of $180,000/yr. He also works as a "consultant" for a few companies, including "Crest Investment" ($60K/yr) and Grace Semiconductor (paid him stock, plus $10,000/ board meeting). He travels in the mideast as a "deal maker", and makes an outstanding living on the commissions that he gets from bringing businesses together on a transactional basis.

    Marvin is a portfolio manager at a venture capital firm in Virgina, Winston Capital Management. He was a co-founder of the firm, which, again, to no one's surprise, was funded with investments from international organizations with close ties to the administration.

    George H.W. Bush and Barbara also had 2 daughters. One, Pauline, died of leukemia, the other, Dorothy, is the youngest of the family - she's married to a wine importer, and works behind the scenes as a fundraiser and for charities and non-profits (and her big brother's campaign).

    I suspect your question is a "conspiracy" theory kind of question, but I'm not sure exactly what dirt you're trying to dig up. No doubt there's plenty of dirt, but I'm not sure how much you'll find on Jeb, whose primary income is as governor of Florida (plus a significant amount of investments).

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    Jeb gets paid by the State of Florida (he's the gov there).

    Neil has an educational software company. I hear that he produces a software application that is required for the No Child Left Behind act.

    It's nice to be the Bushes, isn't it?

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    Jeb Bush, governor of Florida is paid by Floridians

    Neil Mallon Bush, In 1999 Bush co-founded Ignite! Learning, a business corporation to sell educational software. Ignite! pays Bush a salary of $180,000 per year

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    The governor is paid by Florida.

    Neil Bush is co-founder of Ignite!Learning, which pays him well, plus he gets consulting fees from various sources.

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    They have to get it in the mail from the government like everyone else does(judicial,supreme,and legislative).And the state of Florida.

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    All who pay taxes

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    You forgot the word "has".

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    WE DO.




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