How many times have you prayed the sinner's prayer and asked the Lord into your heart?

A recent survey says that the average teenage christian has prayed that prayer asking for salvation nine times on average over a seven year period. What is it about contemporary Christianity that causes so many to doubt their salvation experience and repeat it so many times?

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    Never.Should I?


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    I can answer this question as I did that many times as a child and even an adult, but it wasn't until I was about 40 that I finally figured it out.

    Too many CHristians base their faith on saying those words as if that was the key to salvation. But what they don't realize is that praying the sinner's prayer is just accepting the invitation.

    It's what happens after you get up from praying that denotes whether you are saved or not.

    Salvation is about accepting

    Jesus = as your lord and savior,

    Christ = Accepting that Christ was the messiah, the chosen son of God

    is Lord = means that you have chosen Him as your personal Lord and Savior.

    Which means you have someone to help you now to walk with God.

    When I became a Christian I started to realize that my relationship with Jesus Christ is about letting him be in control, not me.

    I look at it this way

    Jesus is my teacher and the Bible is my textbook. You read the BIble and talk to God to understand what it means to have a relationship with God.

    By having a relationship with God through his son, Jesus Christ I became the new creation spoken about in the Bible. I read the Bible and ask God how he want me to live my life in order to please him.

    We doubt when we don't seek that relationship. You can pray this all you want, but until you get to the idea of deciding to actually follow God and Jesus and live your life the way that Jesus shows you, you will continue to doubt.

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    Next time could you include an example of the sinner's prayer? Or is it that you would burst into flames touching a Christian website with your browser?

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    I went through that many times Myself when I was younger, and it seemed that no matter how many times I did, it somehow wasn't good enough! I finally decided to become a Unitarian-at least they don't try to make you "doubt your salvation"!

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    Every day and you never give up.

    You have to believe in what your praying about or it will never come trune.

    But you must believe in god first and then every thing else will fall in to place all by it self.

    No it will not happen over night or in one day.

    Just by praying he is in your heart always.

    God always love's and for give's and is with you every day.

    It is just up to you how long you want him with you,he never go's away.

    Take care.


    Source(s): He is with you right now,just talk to him.
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    One time is all it takes. When you are truly under conviction, and God speaks to your heart, you ask Him to save you, that is all done. Once you are truly saved, you are saved forever.

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    if you commented the sin,you need to repent of your sins to Lord.And Said him for your forgiving.

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    1 decade ago

    I have more than once then I realized once is enough

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