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Hi!My name is Cristiana and i'm 14 years old!My question.....Are there sweat boys in the earth?U r 1 of them?

U r?

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    ya there r ..................yes of course my classmates(female obvsly) say it that im wer frends right

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    I'm pretty sure you mean sweet, so here's my answer:

    There *ARE* sweet boys on this earth. Play with them, don't give up the respect you have for yourself by "putting out", as that is most all boys look for until after high school's done.

    A sweet boy will go months without kissing you, if he actually likes you for you and not just for your budding female body. On one hand, I'd say guard your heart.. on another.. don't.

    Part of growing up, part of life, is learning these things on your own, for yourself. You can choose to be smarter than the hormones' game, or you can play it wisely.

    Boys are sweet, for a purpose. In a few years you'll realize that men are better, and you'll leave the boys behind.

    Bottom line is, always respect yourself, do what's right for you, and beware a boy who is TOO sweet.

    Good luck darlin'.

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    There are alot of sweet guys out there, but they are also put off by girls your age because most girls go after jerks...

    just look at who you or your friends have dated...

    keep your eyes open and you will find the nice guys and just give them a shot... thats all they'll ask for

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm not a sweat boy, but I'm sweet. I'm right here.

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  • amanda
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    1 decade ago

    aww hun, you need a dictionary. your asking for a perspiring boy. if thats what you want, go look at the local gym or bball court.

  • Annie
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    1 decade ago

    ewwww...why would u want a "sweat boy"? i like sweet boys personally

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes...i'm sweaty as hell....just finished playin football...and, as a bonus, i am sweet me at hellhunterxxx or e-mail me at im me at my aim at cestushunter

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