Are aliens real?

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    Most likely, yes. There are at least 70 billion trillion stars out there. I wrote an article arguing with the "non-believers" the likelihood of the existence of aliens.

    Are we really alone in this universe?

    This question has been burning us for decades: are we really alone in this universe? There are strong reasons for why aliens should exist and why aliens shouldn’t exist. However, before I bring up the reasons, I just want to make sure that you know what an alien really is. An alien is not something mystical; it is simply life (preferably intelligent) on another planet.

    Some people don’t believe in aliens, some just don’t believe them because they’re like ghosts, but others have stronger reasons. “Earth is very rare. Everything is just perfect on Earth. First of all, our star is not too bright, and not too faint. We’re just at the right distance from it to have temperatures in the comfortable zone. We have a large moon that stables our rotation, or else Earth tumbles in its orbit. One day the Earth tilts 35 degrees and another day it tilts 90 degrees, with the moon, Earth is always tilted at 23.5 degrees. We have a large Jupiter to divert the comets away from Earth or we’ll be bombarded with them every single year. We have a cloud that surrounds our solar system and that cloud prevents all the biggest comets from demolishing our solar system. And lastly, we have oxygen, and we have water. You need all that just for life. That’s very rare; perhaps we’re alone in this universe,” stated the “non-believers”.

    Well, I don’t think so. Why is Earth so special? The laws of nature that created us are the same across the entire universe. This same law should have created life elsewhere in our universe.

    Any more reasons for why aliens don’t exist? Oh boy, here we go. “Ok, maybe life is out there, but animals and large plants are still very unlikely,” as the “non-believers” argued.

    Well, in recent decades, we have discovered life the just loves extreme conditions and they flourish in those conditions. That suggests that life is probably widespread across the cosmos.

    Those are very good reasons, and I am not saying that you “non-believers” are wrong; I’m just saying my side of the story. Now what do you have to argue? “Man-kind is just an evolutional fluke. If an asteroid didn’t strike 65 million years ago and killed all the dinosaurs, we humans may have never evolved. Intelligent life don’t just evolve because of the laws of nature, they just evolve because of a sequence of unlikely events,” as the non-believers argued firmly.

    Well, perhaps these flukes happen more often than we think. Everything that occurs in our universe must obey the laws of nature, if life can evolve somewhere else, the same fluke will probably happen on at least half of those planets, the universe is not random, things happen because of a cause. And intelligence is relative. The most intelligent specie on a planet gets to control that planet. Some sea-life are also pretty intelligent, if humans did not exist, they probably would be controlling the world right now.

    Now, as I’m noticing in your arguments, first, you’re like life doesn’t exist at all, and then, you’re starting to agree with what I’m saying. Then, you’re like thinking that life do exist, but animals don’t, and finally, you go up a level into intelligent life. The “non-believers” have something else to say, “Even if intelligent life did emerge somewhere else, they would probably be gone by now. I mean look at us. We’ve only be here for 125 000 years and we’re already savaging our world. We’re making more mistakes, there are more fights, more wars, and we’re polluting our air and water supplies. Natural disasters are also becoming more devastating. Take a very strong solar storm for example. If a strong solar storm occurs now and creates a global blackout that lasts for a year, then millions of people would lose their lives. If the same thing happened 150 years ago, humans would be unaffected, because electricity wasn’t even invented at that time. We’re becoming more reliant on technology.”

    Our solar system is only 5 billion years old, but our universe is more like 14 billion years old. There are two possibilities for intelligent life that evolved before us. They’re either gone because of disasters. Or they got so advanced (much more advanced than us) that they defeated all the disasters and can never be defeated. This means that some intelligent life that’s still around today may be much more advanced than us. This maybe unfortunate for us. Since they’re more advanced than us, this means that if we ever meet, they may literally tear our civilization apart. Think about ourselves, we’re the most powerful civilization on Earth. And look at us, killing all the animals and eating them. Once a more powerful civilization comes in contact with us, we will become the prey.

    The “non-believers” would like to say something, “If the intelligent aliens are there, they should have visited us. I mean, scientists say that there are 50 alien civilizations in our Milky Way alone. Each star in our Milky Way is on average 1.8 light years away from each other. Now it’s best to assume that each star can hold at most 1 intelligent civilization. Our Sun only have humans. So 50 out of 300 billion stars have intelligent life, this means that each intelligent civilization in our Milky Way will probably be on average 3350 light years away from each other. A Type-III civilization will be able to go that far with no problems, so shouldn’t they be visiting us?”

    Even though as I noted earlier, that very advanced civilizations could exist, they’re still going to be extremely rare. So rare that the distances are just too much. The distance between them and us could be billions of light years away, that is impossible for any Type-III civilization to conquer. Them traveling billions of light years is like us right now visiting Jupiter (man actually going to Jupiter themselves), it’s impossible right now. And also, are we really that interesting? There are trillions of civilizations out there, why would they want to visit us out of that trillion. Why don’t they visit another alien civilization? Now I’m pretty sure that there are more than 1 civilization that’s more advanced than us, wouldn’t a Type-III civilization be more interested in a Type-II rather than us, a Type-0?

    The “non-believers” have one last thing to say, “Well, SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, hasn’t found any life yet, and it’s been 40 years already!”

    The search is just beginning! We’ve only been searching for 40 years; this means that we’re still not very professional at it. It’s like we’re still in kindergarten, we just got into school, and we’re still learning how to behave, and how to do things in school. Same here, we still don’t really know what signals to sent and what signals to look for. And perhaps we’re looking for the wrong signals. Some intelligent life may not be advanced enough to send or receive radio signals, like humans in the 1950s. Others may be so intelligent that they use a completely different way to communicate, we won’t even be able to receive those communications because our technology is so futile compared to their technology.

    And lastly, the main reason for why aliens exist. If you hadn’t notice, there are over 100 billion galaxies in our universe, each containing 100 billion stars. Our latest estimate puts the figure at 70 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 stars or more. Our Sun is one of them. What are the chances that only our star, the Sun, has a planet that has life on it? Are we really that unique?

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    You guys are funny. "yes we are" said stan. lol. Anyway yes of course aliens are real. We get aliens coming across the border if you talking about aliens being foreigners than yes. Aliens are real very real. So real they can be living next to you right now.

    hahahahahaha [ the ha-has are suppose to be scary laughter]

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    I appologize that my response is so long, short and sweet would be my preference unfortunately this subject is not a simple matter.

    Aliens are not "real" however, they actually do exist and in abundance! (being "real" would require they be born of this creation) (unlike lies which are not "real" but "actually" do exist )

    First, we should define "aliens", as the terminology is often misused. Screw what the dictonary says, a true, factual, scientifically verifiable "alien" wolud be; an entity which is not manifested by this creation/universe. These other realm entities have been long recognized by many a wise man, they used to call them "demons".

    Often people refer to things as being "alien" that are not true, factual "aliens", for example if their does exist beings from other planets technically they are "extraterestrials" calling them "aliens" is ONLY a perception of an invalid perspective, unsuitable for any factually based, logical determination.

    NOW for the interesting part, PROOF of the abundant existance of actual entities not of this universe, and infact there right here on planet earth!(as has been claimed for over 6 thousand years)

    Understand that because they have been here so long modern man has come to accept them as if indiginious, infact many a fool is their submissive subject possessed body and soul by these evil masters of deceit and illusion. Prepare yourself, you may have also embraced them as your "authority".

    Straight up, government, institutions and corperations are these true, factual and scientifically verifiable "aliens"(they are abundant huh). Don't "believe" it? understandably so, they taught you the deception of "belief". Once you've over come your denial consider the FACTS!

    BE ADVISED technically the knowing refusal to accept the facts is insanity, far worse than ignorance.

    Truth is; there is a significant and fudamental law(unbreakable rule) of nature repressed by them from a complete and common understanding. With out this ONE and ONLY "real" law the computer could not store and transfer data and is known as digital or binary, represented by series of ones and zeros, the one representing "it is data" and zero representing "it is not data" as, 10111001. Mathmaticly it is known as an axiomatic algorythm, unlike any other fact it is, has been and allways will be absolutely true.

    What it is, is creations(not gods) omnipotent decree, the seemingly elusive "whole(y) truth" basically meaning;

    "IT IS" manifested directly of, by and from the real source (GOOD) (INDIGINOUS)


    "IT IS NOT" manifested directly of, by and from the real source(EVIL) (ALIEN)

    If nothing else realize that this is the real authority and when followed it will forever free you form these aliens' eternal bondage.

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    Are the aliens that people claim to see in the sky and be abducted by real? More than likely no for two reasons.

    1) If a culture is advanced enough to cross vast distances of space at faster than light speeds, why aren't they able to hide their ship from a redneck drinking a beer on his porch?

    2) Once again, given the technology level of these aliens, what could they possibly learn from abducting people that they couldn't learn from scanning us and observing us from space? One would assume that intersteller propultion technology would have at least some side-effect technological advancement that would allow them to obtain any information they needed about us from a distance of less than 2 inches from us.

    As for the question of life in general, it is probably possible (and downright probable) that life exists somewhere else. We alone are proof that life can occur, and based on probability, if an event can happen once, given enough chances it can happen again. And the universe is near infinately large, giving spawn to a near infinate amount of other chances. Will we be able to recognize this life though?

    The first thing to consider is metabolic rate. There is no reason to assume that the metabolic rate of any alien species we encounter will be the same as ours. All life on Earth has roughly the same metabolic rate, but all life on Earth spawned from the same ancestor and has evolved with the same cycles of night and day, summer and winter. Given different speeds of planetary orbit and rotation, vastly different metabolic rates may be developed by other species. Could you imagine the logistical problems of trying to communicate with a species that is born, breeds, lives, and dies in less than 5 minutes, and can have an entire conversation within nanoseconds?

    Another thing to consider is conciousness. Being self-aware and able to form cultures and technology is something that is almost exclusively the domain of humans on this planet. Although some creatures on Earth show these traits (Dolphins have been shown to have individual names, and talk about other dolphins when the one being discussed is not around. Gorillas use simple technology like sticks and rocks while foraging and eating), there is no reason to assume that other forms of life coming from a different common ancestor would have this trait.

    As for life being rare because planets like Earth, or planets that are "Just right" are rare, this is a null point. Of course Earth is "Just right" for our type of life - we evolved here! If life evolved on the methane lakes of Titan (a moon of Saturn), Titan would be "Just right" for that kind of life, and any concious beings that evolved off of that world would be just as valid to say that life can only occur where the tempurature is cold enough for methane to exist as both a liquid and a gas, and on small moons that orbit gas giants who orbit their stars at a distance 9.5 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun. We have no reason to believe that the creation of life, or more importantly conciousness, is the sole domain of water-carbon based chemistry. Making such an assumption is akin to being randomly served a Pizza, and thereby assuming that all types of food must have tomato sauce, cheese and be cut into triangular shapes.

    In short, are people seeing and being abducted by aliens? No. Is there life out there somewhere? Given a large enough area, yes. Will we be able to know life when we see it? That's the real question.

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    Yep, saw a bunch of them rounded up to be shipped back to Mexico last week...

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    If they aint then who's been abducting me all these years?

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    NOt sure, Never seen any.

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    Yes we are.

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