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does any body know a gambling tips on playing the slot machine easy street. with the little dog?

This slot machine is at Mountaineer casino in W. Virginia. Person has to get i think 3 easy streets and then you can hit the spinner wheel and see how far the dog can go. Make it all the way and get easy street bonus and pick a place such as bank, diner, just all different places. I would like to know how much to bet , how many lines, max bet or not. Does the game run in any kind of pattern. When do I get off or when to stay. Any advice is helpful...

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    Ewwww, you like that game? I have played that game at Mountaineer and got my butt kicked.

    There isn't really any strategy to help you out with that game. If there are any secrets they are not printed anywhere online. (That's why they are called secrets!)

    I have been to Mountaineer many times and I have not won a lick there except when I have bet on the horses. Those machines are super-tight. I just play online now. The slots pay out much better.

    If you are interested in trying out an online casino, visit somewhere like

    Just do yourself a favor - stay away from Mountaineer and their grind joint. There's a reason why they say "We'll leave on the slots for ya!"

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    Source(s): Sport Betting System
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    Roulette is probably the easist game that doens't involve any thinking. Its pretty simple, pick the number or color or group of numbers to make money. By watching a few bets you can catch on really quick. Another simple game is Keno, wich is just like the lottery, but takes forever for the drawings to come up and tends to be a slow betting game.

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    This isn't tips for that particular slot game, but slots in general. Hope it helps.

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