I want to by a motorcycle, I am 5ft1in, female?

How do I find the right, motorcycle, and do I need a special license to operate a motorcycle

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    You need a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license to legally operate a motorcyle...you can take a written/riding test through your local DMV or take an MSF course and the certificate they give you replaces the tests at the DMV (so you just show that at the DMV to get the endorsement)...

    My best girlfriend has been riding for years...she's 5'1" and suggested for my first bike (which I bought a week and a half ago) a Yamaha V-star 650...she can flat foot the bike easily, and it isn't as heavy as the larger bikes tend to be (500+ lbs versus 800+ lbs)...

    My STRONG suggestion since it appears you don't already ride, is to take an MSF course in your area...they are invaluable for teaching you the proper skills needed to operate a bike as safely as possible...I can't recommend that course enough, even to someone who already rides, but hasn't taken it...it makes a huge difference...if automobile drivers had to take it (even if they never intended to ride a motorcycle afterwards) there'd be fewer car/bike accidents because they'd have SO MUCH more respect and appreciation for what it takes to ride and how differently a bike handles than a car/truck...

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    Well, in California, you need an M class driver license to operate a motorbike (with 2 wheels). Your size will limit your bike selection. Motorbikes have descriptive stats as to cars. An important one is the seat height. At 5"1' I highly doubt you will fit on any stock 600 cc sport bikes. If that is the style you are looking for, you will have to get it modified, shave down the seat and maybe drop the body by lowering the suspension. I know BMW bikes have this option, but how much are you looking to spend? Most street bikes have lower seats. Your best bet is to go to a motorbike dealer and see which bikes fit you best. Also the sales reps will be able to address any further questions you may have.

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    Yes you need to have a Motorcycle License, you can get them through taking a motorcycle safety course, the you need to decide what kind you want, do you want street bike, a cruise or long trip...Go to a dealer and check them out, sit a a few different style see which feels best to you.. then make your choice from them, but an informed choice a that

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    commence with the initiating rider class from the motorcycle safe practices foundation. you'll study on one hundred twenty 5 and 250cc motorcycles. After the category you'll have an concept of what you could deal with and what you choose. then you somewhat can bypass procuring. visit as many sellers as you could to verify what you want and, better importantly, what suits you. once you locate a suitable motorcycle, seek for a used one. when you've some adventure maximum folk verify on a higher, or a minimum of diverse motorcycle. do not blow money on a clean one until eventually you've had 3 or 4 used ones and also you recognize precisely what you choose and choose. in accordance on your length i ought to assert something round 250cc is a sturdy starter motorcycle. when you've some practice time in you'll likely choose to flow as a lot because the four hundred-six hundred area. My spouse is 5'0". She got here upon that virtually all small motorcycles (below 400cc) in good structure her superb yet merely a number of the mid-length (four hundred-800) were short adequate to enable her to positioned both feet flat on the floor. commence small and artwork your way up gradually and also you need to journey something. Take the intermediate and stepped forward MSF instructions as you bypass and also you'll do superb with besides the reality that you choose.

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    M1 endorsement in Ca. similar in other states.

    Three things in purchasing a motorcycle.

    1. Both feet need to be ble to firmly touch the ground when seated on it.

    2. The "driver" needs to be able to get it upright from an "on the side" position.

    3. You should be able to safely operate it.

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    state by state.... but usually you should get a motorcycle endorsement/license. try out the bikes... someone of your size, i'd recommend start small... like a 250cc. go take motorcycle safety foundation course... they let you use their 200-250cc bikes there... might give you idea if they're too small for you or not.

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    Well, that is awsome, girls on bikes are hot. Yes you can find a bike that will fit your size, go to the dealer and find one that is comfortable for you they will help you out. Finally, yes you need a special endorsement on your drivers lisence.

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    Get a Yamaha RXZ-125cc, if its available in ur country. U'll cherrish da experience even after u end up in a grave.

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    kawasaki ninja 250 doesn' t weigh very much so it should be easy to hold up and it will have plenty of power for a beginer if you can stand the ugly kawasaki green

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    if ur having a car licience u should seprate licienc for motorcycle it ok height for u to ride a bike,,,,,

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