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headache when reading?


readind in a car

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    When you read in a car (I speculate it i smoving) no matter how smooth the road is and no matter how good the shock absorbers of the car are, there is bound to be jerking motions. This will force your eyes to adjust and readjust to the print and this continuous adjustment and readjustment is very bad for your eyes. At the end of the journey you are bound to end up with a headache.

    You might not differentiate but I think it is also related to motion sickness. Motion sickness (also known as car sickness, sea sickness, air sickness) occurs when two "motion messages" to the brain conflict. One "motion message" comes from the inner ear that controls balance and another "motion message" comes from the eyes. During changes in position caused by travel, these two "motion messages" conflict thereby causing motion sickness.Now if you have headache during reading in a moving car but alright when reading in a usual setting,there is nothing to worry.Just avoid reading in a moving vehicle,itis never advised anyway.

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    maybe you need to be in a quiet, still place when reading. helps you to focus better. that movement distracts you. you may also get a little motion sickness and that is why you experience headaches when reading in a car.

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    Get glasses and stop reading in cars.

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    reading glasses they sell them at all the drud stores for 6-25 good luck

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    when im reading and too long on the computer too the back of my neck hurts

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    You need a pair of glasses.

  • you may need reading glasses, have your eyes checked

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    You are straining your eyes, get a check up with your eye doc.

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