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What were the Power Rangers' zords and what did they morph into?

Everyone remembers Power Rangers, can you tell me all the zords since Season 1 to Present? And what did they comine to make?

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    Zords in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    Season 1


    The first set of Zords used by any team of Power Rangers were used in the very first series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Each of the five original Rangers (Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Pink) possessed their own Zord, which appeared in the form of a dinosaur (note that the Zords of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder are also called Dinozords). In the original "Day of the Dumpster" pilot, the Dinozords here were referred to as "Dino-Droids".

    Jason, the Red Power Ranger, piloted the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. It slept deep underneath the Earth when not active. Out of the 5 main Dinozords, the Tyrannosaurus is most capable of finishing off a monster by itself due to its shape. It was able to cause heavy damage by swinging its tail and bashing monsters. It also had a set of cannons built into its jaw, and could destroy a monster by firing a powerful beam of energy towards them. Because of the fact that in the original "Day of the Dumpster" pilot, the Zords were referred to as "Droids", it's more than likely that the Tyrannosaurus was called the "Tyranno-Droid".

    Zack, the Black Power Ranger, piloted the Mastodon Dinozord. It slept underneath a glacial area while inactive. It was capable of firing streams of frozen gas from its trunk, which would freeze monsters. In the original "Day of the Dumpster" pilot, the Mastodon was referred to as the "Masto-Droid".

    Billy, the Blue Power Ranger, piloted the Triceratops Dinozord. It slept in a desert while inactive. The Triceratops did not have legs, but rather had high speed treads underneath its body. It had a double barrel cannon on the end of its tail, which could fold over and shoot at an enemy. It was also capable of launching its horns on chains. In the original "Day of the Dumpster" pilot, the Triceratops was referred to as the "Tricera-Droid".

    Trini, the Yellow Ranger, piloted the Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord. It slept in a jungle while inactive. The Saber-Toothed Tiger was similar to the Triceratops, except it had legs instead of treads. It had a beam cannon built into its tail. In the original "Day of the Dumpster" pilot, the Saber-Toothed Tiger was referred to as the "Saber-Droid".

    Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, piloted the Pterodactyl Dinozord. It slept inside a volcano while innactive. The only Dinozord capable of flight, it excels at hit- and-run missions, but is incapable of prolonged combat by itself. Because of the fact that in the original "Day of the Dumpster" pilot, the Zords were referred to as "Droids", it's more than likely that the Pterodactyl was called the "Ptero-Droid".


    The five individual Dinozords could combine into a larger machine called the Megazord. First, they joined together into a Tank Mode, which itself transformed into a humanoid, Voltron-style. Triceratops and Saber-Toothed Tiger formed the legs and feet. Tyrannosaurus formed the body and head. Mastodon formed the arms, back, and shield. And the Pterodactyl finished by forming the chestplate.

    All five Rangers piloted the Megazord from inside its head. The Megazord was able to switch between human and tank mode instantly to suit the situation. It wielded a large Power Sword which could only be used in its right-hand, which it frequently used to deliver finishing blows to the monsters it fought. It also used the Mastodon Dinozord's head as the Mammoth Shield. It could also summon a beam of energy called the Cranial Laser from the tip of its forehead to destroy enemies.

    The Megazord was apparently solar-powered. In the fourth episode of the Green with Evil saga, Rita Repulsa created a solar-eclipse which halved the Megazord's power, making it easy for the Green Ranger, Goldar, and Scorpina to destroy it. The fact the Megazord was never used at night seems to support this. It was also poorly suited for underwater situations. If the Red Ranger was not present in the Megazord's cockpit, the other 4 Rangers were apparently able to retain full control.

    When Lord Zedd arrived on the moon and forced Rita Repulsa out of power, his Pirantishead monster turned the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord against the Rangers and froze the other four Dinozords. The Dinozords were subsequently used as the base for the more powerful Thunderzords. The Dinozords could be seen transforming into the Thunderzords for the remainder of the second season of the show to indicate the upgrade, but were never actually piloted again. In the original "Day of the Dumpster" pilot, the Megazord was referred to as the "Mega Dino-Droid".


    The Dragonzord-When a sixth Ranger, Tommy the Green Ranger, was added to the lineup, he had his own Zord, the Dragonzord. Not technically a Dinozord (because it is not based on a dinosaur), it resembled Godzilla (if Godzilla had worn samurai armor) and even rose out of water in a similar way.

    Most of the time, Tommy did not directly pilot this Zord, per se. Rather, the Dragonzord seemed semi-autonomous, and Tommy merely guided its actions through use of the Dragon Dagger, by using it as a flute (though two episodes show him in a cockpit while controlling the Zord, once in 'The Green Candle Part 2' and another time in 'Football Season').

    When Tommy lost his powers, Jason was still able to control the Dragonzord by using this Dagger. Tommy later regained his powers, though limited, and piloted the Dragonzord alongside both the original and Thunder Megazord. The Dragonzord was later controlled by an evil clone of Tommy. Dragonzord's main weapons are its finger Dragonzord Missiles and its drill tail. The Dragonzord could join together with three of the five Dinozords (the Tyrannosaurus and Pterodactyl being excluded) to form the Dragonzord in Battle Mode, as well as the Megazord proper to form the Mega Dragonzord.

    Whenever the Dragonzord was lacking in power, Tommy would play a different musical tune on the Dragon Dagger to increase its power. The Dragonzord was also more suitable for underwater use than the Megazord, making it ideal for water-based monsters. Its chest had several lights which would indicate when it was about to use its weapons. It was constantly partnered in battle with the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord due to its able-body.

    The Green Ranger was able to use the Dragonzord alongside the other Rangers' Thunderzords in the beginning of season 2, but as Tommy's powers faded, Dragonzord eventually became unusable and returned to an indefinite sleep under the sea near Angel Grove. It reappeared in the episodes "Return of the Green Ranger", where it was used by the evil Green Ranger clone against Tommy (by then the White Ranger). It is unknown if the Dragonzord still sleeps at the bottom of the ocean floor or not, however, as the clone of Tommy had a restored Green Ranger power, and presumably said coin is on a separate grid, assuming the Dragonzord was not touched since the last episode of "Return of the Green Ranger", it remains the only functional Zord of the Mighty Morphin' reign.

    Dragonzord [in] Battle Mode

    The Dragonzord could combine with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozords to create the Dragonzord in Battle Mode. In this form, the Dragonzord becomes humanoid, and its tail becomes a powerful Power Staff. This mode was first revealed to the Rangers when Tommy joined the team, and Zordon told him to awaken the Dragonzord. This humanoid fighting machine very much resembles a lancer, sporting the stereotypical lance-type weapon and dragon armor.

    Alpha does indeed refer to this setup as "Dragonzord in Battle Mode", although is has in several instances been referred to as "MegaDragonzord" or "Dragonzord in Fighting Mode." While this formation apparently had a huge fanbase, it did not appear nearly as often as its sentai counterpart did in ZyuRanger. The Dragonzord Battle Mode is physically stronger than the Megazord, but it seems to be slower.

    This formation was usually piloted by the 5 main Rangers (despite the fact that the Pink and Red Ranger's Dinozords were not part of the formation), although the Red Ranger used the Green Ranger's Power Crystal to control it. In "Itsy Bitsy Spider", the Black, Yellow, and Blue Rangers piloted the Zord without the help of the others. The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord often assisted it.

    Mega Dragonzord

    The Dragonzord had the ability to combine with the entire original Megazord to form the Mega Dragonzord. In this form, the Dragonzord turns into armor that attaches to the top of the Megazord, turning its finger cannons into shoulder cannons. This mode was used infrequently by itself however, because it's usually only being seen when it combined with Titanus to form the Ultrazord.


    When Tommy and Jason went to search for special weapons to destroy Rita's new Super Putties, they encountered Titanus, a white-and-black Brachiosaurus Zord. Titanus was guarding the special weapons but after Tommy and Jason worked together to get past him and retrieve the weapons, Zordon told the Rangers he was on their side. From then on the Rangers called forth Titanus when they got in big trouble, and with the Megazord and Dragonzord they could form the Ultrazord.

    When the Rangers got their Thunderzords they stopped using Titanus and instead used Tor as their Carrierzord. But when the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord were destroyed, the Power Rangers called on Titanus again to assist their new Ninjazords. Zordon and Alpha 5 configured Titanus to link up with the Ninja Megafalconzord or the Shogun Megafalconzord to form the Ninja Ultrazord or the Shogun Ultrazord.

    Titanus has not been seen since the Rangers' Power Coins were destroyed and is probably in a dormant state (Titanus' return was a Power Rangers only situation). Although not shown in Power Rangers (only in ZyuRanger), Titanus and the Megazord were capable of combining without Dragonzord, with the Megazord holding its sword and shield.


    In times of dire peril, all six Zords, along with Titanus, the Carrierzord, could combine into the most powerful form: the Ultrazord. They did this, for example, when battling the evil 'Warzord' Cyclopsis. The Ultrazord destroyed enemies by firing a massive amount of weapons.

    Season 2


    The Thunderzords were being summoned to be used during the second series of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The choice to replace the original Zords with the mecha from Gosei Sentai Dairanger (on which the Thunderzords were based) was an important decision, partly because it paved the way for similar occurrences throughout Power Rangers continuity, and also because the producers had already requested special footage featuring the original Dinozords, which became obsolete. See the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers main page for more details. When Lord Zedd came to the Moon, to try to destroy the Power Rangers and take over Earth himself, he sent down Pirantishead. Pirantishead succeeded in freezing four Dinozords and taking control of the other two. A refractoring of morph waves by Alpha 5 transformed the Dinozords into Thunderzords, much more powerful than their predecessors. The Thunderzord squadron battled the forces of Lord Zedd with their massive power throughout the second season. When Rito Revolto attacked Angel Grove, the Morphing Grid overloaded and the Thunder Megazord was destroyed in a series of massive explosions.

    The Thunderzords were as follows:

    Red Dragon Thunderzord, piloted by the Red Power Ranger (initially Jason Lee Scott and later Rocky DeSantos). The Zord is shaped like a chinese dragon and is capable of flight. The Red Dragon Thunderzord could transform into a humanoid form that wielded a staff as a weapon. Similar to the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, the Red Dragon Thunderzord was capable of fighting and defeating a monster on its own. Its wrists were capable of spinning at high speeds, allowing it to use its staff like helicopter blades. It was also able to ride the White Tigerzord while it was in tiger-mode.

    Lion Thunderzord, piloted by the Black Power Ranger (Zack Taylor then Adam Park) (This zord was originally a Green Ranger's mecha in DaiRanger, and therefore appears more green than black). The Lion Thunderzord is seemingly useless on its own, having no attack functions.

    Unicorn Thunderzord, piloted by the Blue Power Ranger, Billy Cranston. It has a basic block shape side from its head, and is capable of launching boulders at monsters. It is similair in design to the Griffin Thunderzord (this Zord was originally a Chinese version of Pegasus in Dairanger).

    Griffin Thunderzord, piloted by the Yellow Power Ranger (Trini Kwan then Aisha Campbell). It has a basic block shape side from its head, and is capable of firing flaming rings at monsters. It is similar in design to the Unicorn Thunderzord (this Zord was originally a Qilin, a creature that may have been based on a giraffe, in Dairanger).

    Firebird Thunderzord, piloted by the Pink Power Ranger, Kimberly Hart. It appears as a large phoenix, and is capable of spouting flames at monsters.

    Thunder Megazord

    The Thunderzords combined to form the Thunderzord Assault Team, with the Red Dragon riding the other four combined as an airborne chariot. They could also join into the Thunder Megazord. Unlike the Dinozords, the Thunderzords could not easily switch between these two formations. The Red Dragon formed the majority of the Thunder Megazord and wore the other zords like body armor. The Lion formed the gloves, shoulder pads, chestplate, and helmet. The Griffin and Unicorn formed the boots. And the Firebird wrapped itself around the waist forming skirt-like leg armor. The Thunder Megazord was modeled after Gosei Sentai Dairanger's Dairenou. Unlike the Megazord, the power-crystals weren't needed to transform the Thunderzords. While piloting the Megazord, the Rangers would stand in the cockpit located within the green window on the chest.

    The Thunder Megazord's main weapon was the Thunder Saber, which hung in a sheath on its hip while not in use. It also had a speared polearm which combined the firebird's tail with the Red Dragon's staff, although due to the edditing with Zyu2, it was cut out from the Power Ranger episodes.

    It was sometimes called the "Mega Thunderzord".

    White Tigerzord

    When Tommy's Green Ranger powers finally failed, Zordon and Alpha 5 were able to create new White Ranger powers for him, making him the leader of the team. His zord, the White Tigerzord, was controlled by his talking sword, Saba. The Tigerzord could change from its Tiger form to a humanoid form, in which it wielded a curved saber. In its warrior form, the Tigerzord could fire flame orbs from its chest. The Tigerzord could also combine with the Lion, Firebird, Unicorn, and Griffin Thunderzords to form the Mega Tigerzord.

    When Rito Revolto attacked Angel Grove, Tommy battled him alongside the Thunder Megazord but the morphing grid overloaded causing Tigerzord to explode.

    Mega Tigerzord

    The White Ranger's Tigerzord could combine with the Firebird, Griffin, Lion and Unicorn to form the Mega Tigerzord, similar to its predeccessor the Dragonzord being able to combine to form the Dragonzord in Battle mode. The Mega Tigerzord would often fight alongside the Red Dragon in Warrior mode. It had a claw on its right wrist, which was formed by the Firebird. It could shoot out, energized by a fireball from the Tigerzord, to finish off monsters. The Lion formed the Mega Tigerzord's shoulder pads and back, the Firebird its claw, the Tigerzord its head, arms, and torso, and the Unicorn and Griffin each one of its legs.

    Tor the Shuttlezord

    Zordon presented the Rangers with the turtle-shaped Tor the Shuttlezord to help them on their journey to get the Sword of Light. Tor can withstand big blasts, and even Serpentera couldn't destroy it with its sheer weight. The Red Dragon Thunderzord can ride inside Tor's central cavity while Tor is in Warrior Mode in order to use the powerful leg cannons. Unfortunately, both of Tor's modes contained very little functionality. Also, Tor can combine with the Thunderzord Assault Team (on top of which is the Red Dragon Thunderzord) and the White Tigerzord to form the Thunder Ultrazord. Like Titanus and Dragonzord, Tor is likely dormant somewhere on Earth.

    Thunder Ultrazord

    The six Thunderzords (including the White Tigerzord) could combine together, along with Tor the Shuttlezord to form the powerful Thunder Ultrazord. The Tigerzord was encased within Tor's shell, and the Thunderzord Assault Team was affixed to the top. The Thunder Ultrazord's main attack would consist of the Red Dragon Thunderzord spinning its staff around like a helicopter, pulling the entire Ultrazord upwards. Once the Ultrazord was completely above the monster, the Red Dragonzord would cease spinning and cause the Thunder Ultrazord to land on the monster, crushing it in a massive explosion.

    Season 3


    When the Thunderzords were destroyed by Rito Revolto in the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Power Rangers were given new Ninjazords by the sage, Ninjor. They were all based on living animals. Unlike most of the Thunderzords, the Ninjazords were very useful outside of megazord form as well. The Ninjazords were either lost when Master Vile altered time, or taken with the Shogunzords by Ninjor when he returned to the Desert of Despair. These Zords came from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger footage.

    Tommy, the White Ninja Ranger, piloted the Falconzord. It could use its wingtips as lasers. It was briefly captured by Lord Zedd.

    Rocky, the Red Ninja Ranger, piloted the Ape Ninjazord. It was similar to the Red Dragon Thunderzord in Warrior Mode, the Ape was human shaped and the fighter of the group, armed with twin ninja-to.

    Adam, the Black Ninja Ranger, piloted the Frog Ninjazord. It could breath fire and release several smaller Frog Zords, which would latch on to their target and produce an electric shock.

    Billy, the Blue Ninja Ranger, piloted the Wolf Ninjazord. It could use its tail like a sword.

    Aisha, the Yellow Ninja Ranger, piloted the Bear Ninjazord. It could use a stomp attack.

    Kimberly, the Pink Ninja Ranger, piloted the Crane Ninjazord.

    Ninja Megazord

    The Ninja Megazord was formed by combining the Ape, Frog, Bear, Wolf, and Crane Ninjazords. The frog formed the entire lower body. The Bear formed the chest, with the Ape and Wolf forming the arms and the Crane forming the head. Equipped with its Power Gloves, it can throw super energy punches. The Ninja Megazord possessed amazing speed and physical skill. Unfortunately, it was unable to hold anything due to the lack of hands.

    The Ninjazords and Ninja Megazord were featured in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. However, all footage of the Zords was made from scratch via CG-imaging; the artists used the Kakuranger toys for reference. Despite this however, the Ninjazords featured in the movie barely resembled their actual television counterparts, both in Zord and Megazord form. Noticable differences would be the change in transformation mechanisms, the functional hand from the ape arm, the wolf's head for a right hand, and the use of the Shogun Megazord's Fire Saber as a Power Sword.

    Ninja Megafalconzord

    The Falconzord could attach to the back of the Ninja Megazord, giving it the ability of flight. It could do a Double-Punch Divebomb.

    In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, the Ninja Megafalconzord was dubbed the "Ninja Falcon Megazord".


    Part way through the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Lord Zedd kidnapped Ninjor and used him as a hostage, demanding that the Power Rangers pilot his new Shogunzords to destroy the Earth. Ninjor was eventually freed, and the Rangers were able to use the Shogunzords for their own purposes (i.e. for good instead of evil). Originally called the "Lost Zords" or "Ancient Zords" they were found by Finster along with Squatt and Baboo. The Lost Zords were based on the technology from the Falconzord. Lord Zedd powered the Zords off the captured Ninjor. Billy was able to gain control of the Zords and power them off the Rangers' Power Coins. The Shogunzords were humanoid robots of different colors and with different armor around the head, the heads resembling the animals the Ninjazords were based off of. The Shogunzords were considerably more useful than the Ninjazords due to their human form.

    Shogun Megazord

    The combination of the five Shogunzords. Whereas the Ninja Megazord was fast and agile, the Shogun Megazord was strong and powerful, yet lacking in speed. It was heavily armored yet was able to retain its functionality. Its main weapon was the Shogun Megazord Fire Saber, modeled after a katana.

    Shogun Megafalconzord

    While ostensibly a Ninjazord, Tommy's Falconzord could combine with the five Shogunzords to make the powerful Shogun Megafalconzord. This Megazord's main weapon was a series of cannons made up of the Falconzord's wings that slid in between the Megazord's arm-sockets.

    Zords in Power Rangers: Zeo

    The Zeozords were the primary Zords of the Zeo Rangers. In Power Rangers: Zeo, with the Ninjazords and Shogunzords disabled, the new Zeozords had to be built. Billy Cranston and Alpha 5 worked on these new Zords, which were based on creatures/structures from mythology.

    Tommy Oliver (Zeo Ranger V) piloted Zeozord V which was based on the Phoenix

    Adam Park (Zeo Ranger IV) piloted Zeozord IV which was based on Taurus the Bull

    Rocky DeSantos (Zeo Ranger III) piloted Zeozord III which was based on the Sphinx

    Tanya Sloan (Zeo Ranger II) piloted Zeozord II which was based on the Dogu

    Katherine Hillard (Zeo Ranger I) piloted Zeozord I which was based on the Moai

    In battle, Taurus the Bull towed Zeozord II, and Rocky's Sphinx towed Zeozord I. Tommy, as leader of the team, flew over the other Zords to oversee the battle. After obtaining the Super Zeozords, which contained far more functionality, the Zeozords rarely saw combat. The Zeozords still lie dormant in their containment hangar in the mountains.

    Zeo Megazord

    The five Zeozords could combine into the Zeo Megazord; Zeo Zords I and II formed the lower legs, IV formed the upper legs and pelvic region, III formed the arms and upper body, and V formed the head and default hemlet. However unlike previous Megazords it could access different powers depending on which Zord Battle Helmet formed the head. The most common formation had the Phoenix at the head, but five arrangements were possible, depending on which Ranger the story revolved around that episode. It was armed with the Zeo Megazord Saber.

    Zeo Battle Helmet Red (from Zeozord V) accessed Zeo Megazord mode; the standard helmet.

    Zeo Battle Helmet Green (from Zeozord IV) accessed Zeo Gravity Power.

    Zeo Battle Helmet Blue (from Zeozord III) access Zeo Pyramid Power.

    Zeo Battle Helmet Yellow (from Zeozord II) accessed Zeo Jet Mode.

    Zeo Battle Helmet Pink (from Zeozord I) accessed Zeo Cannon Mode.

    Red Battlezord

    The Red Battlezord was created by Billy Cranston using Battle Borg technology he acquired from the Aquitian Rangers. As a result, the Zord had to be piloted by Tommy Oliver, the Red Zeo Ranger, using telepathy. Tommy, going through emotional turmoil at the time, found this hard at first yet succeeded when he learned to see the Battlezord as an extension of himself. The Red Battlezord has no sword or other handheld weapons, but is equipped with two sets of six laser blasters, one on each forearm.

    The Red Battlezord is modeled after a boxer, right down to the zeo-emblem being designed into a championship-belt. Unfortunately, its telepathy-based technology proved to make it more dangerous than a help. When Tommy's mind was altered to make him unable to speak outside of singing, he was unable to pilot the Red-battlezord. As a temporary solution, the control system was altered to allow Zeo Ranger IV/Adam to pilot it. Unfortunately, this temporary solution did not hold, and it went berserk again.

    The Red Battlezord still lies dormant in the Zeozord Holding Bay.

    Zeo Megabattlezord

    The Battlezord could combine with the Zeo Megazord to form the Zeo Megabattlezord. The combination sequence depended on the Red Battlezord and thus Tommy's clear thinking. Billy attempted to devise a bypass to this system when Tommy found it difficult to combine the Zords due to personal reasons, but eventually Tommy succeeded. The Zeo Megazord lost some of its mobility while in this mode, it was often used as a fixed-turret.


    Pyramidas was the enormous pyramid-shaped spaceship piloted by Trey of Triforia. It could change into a humanoid shape which dwarfed the already giant monsters it fought, and was also integral to forming the Zeo Ultrazord. Pyramidas could also house the Super Zeo Megazord inside its massive structure, and with the Red Battlezord form the Super Zeo Ultrazord (although not named as such on screen). When Trey recovered his Gold Ranger powers, he reclaimed Pyramidas and returned to Triforia.

    Zeo Ultrazord

    Could be formed in two ways, either Warrior Mode or Carrier Mode. In Warrior Mode, Pyramidas stood up on its side, and the Zeozords moved inside. The Red Battlezord stood on Pyramidas' back, its cannon arms overhanging Pyramidas. In Carrier Mode, all six Zords stood on top of the elongated structure of Pyramidas. In either case, the Zeo Ultrazord utilized the combined power of all seven Zords. In Warrior Mode, the Zeo Ultrazord stood up to four times taller than Megazord sized monsters.

    Super Zeozords

    Before Trey of Triforia left Earth, he gave the Rangers a gift which he had protected for a millennia - the Super Zeo Gems. These gems allowed access to the Super Zeozord fleet, with each Zord resembling humanoid robots. Each torso in the shape of the Zeo crystal emblem of the Ranger that piloted it. Each Zord had access to a giant version of the weapon their respective Ranger used. The Super Zeozords are now dormant in the Zeozord hangar.

    Super Zeo Megazord

    The Super Zeo Magazord was the combination of the Super Zeozords given by Trey of Triforia. Super Zeozord I formed the feet, Super Zeozord IV formed the lower legs, Super Zeozord III formed the waist and upper legs, Super Zeozord V formed the chest, and Super Zeozord II formed the arms, shoulders and head. Before it could work at its peak efficiency, it required a reconfigured Power Booster from one of the old Zords. In the Super Zeo Megazord's first battle, the Rangers used it to defeat King Mondo of the Machine Empire. Armed with the Super Zeo Megazord Sabers.

    Warrior Wheel

    While Pyramidas was being repaired on Triforia, Trey sent the Rangers the Warrior Wheel to aid them in battle. The Warrior Wheel has two forms: a giant attacking wheel that can be thrown by the Megazords, or a Megazord form of its own resembling a football player. When used in battle, it would be thrown in its wheel form by the Megazord, and after building up enough energy, would transform into Zord mode to strike at the enemy, destroying it. The Warrior Wheel was either reclaimed by the Gold Ranger or still lies dormant in the Zeozord Holding Bay.

    Zords in Power Rangers: Turbo

    The Power Rangers were given the Turbozords by Zordon during Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, along with their new Turbo Ranger powers, in order to combat the new evil threat of Divatox and her demonic fiancee, Maligore. They were used in battle with Divatox throughout the television series Power Rangers: Turbo, until the Turbo Megazord was incinerated by the Goldgoyle monster in the finale.

    Red Lightning Turbozord - racecar piloted by the Red Turbo Ranger (Tommy/T.J) - forms the head and upper torso.

    Mountain Blaster Turbozord - 4x4 pickup piloted by the Blue Turbo Ranger (Justin) - forms the lower torso and thighs.

    Desert Thunder Turbozord - minivan piloted by the Green Turbo Ranger (Adam/Carlos) - forms the right leg.

    Dune Star Turbozord - SUV piloted by the Yellow Turbo Ranger (Tanya/Ashley) - forms the left leg.

    Wind Chaser Turbozord - compact piloted by the Pink Turbo Ranger (Kat/Cassie) - forms the arms.

    Turbo Megazord

    The five Turbozords combined to form the Turbo Megazord. The Turbo Megazord Saber was its primary weapon and was utilized in the Turbo Megazord Spinout, where the Megazord would "spin-out" while running toward its opponent, slashing it repeatedly and destroying it.


    In Power Rangers: Turbo, the Rescuezords were given to the Power Rangers by the Phantom Ranger when the Turbozords were stolen by Divatox and her brother General Havoc. They were brought into battle by Artillatron, the Turbo Transport, which also provided the primary twin cannon weapons for the Rescue Megazord. The five Zords joined together to form the Rescue Megazord. Each Rescuezord had two forms: vehicle and robot.

    Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord: firetruck piloted by the Red Turbo Ranger (T.J.) Robot form is a firefighter. Forms the head and upper torso.

    Siren Blaster Rescuezord: police cruiser piloted by the Blue Turbo Ranger (Justin). Robot form is a police officer. Forms the lower torso and thighs.

    Thunder Loader Rescuezord: dump truck piloted by the Green Turbo Ranger (Carlos). Robot form is a construction worker. Forms the right leg.

    Star Racer Rescuezord: racecar/tractor piloted by the Yellow Turbo Ranger (Ashley). Robot form is a racer. Forms the left leg.

    Wind Rescue Rescuezord: ambulance piloted by the Pink Turbo Ranger (Cassie). Robot form is a nurse. Splits and forms the arms.

    Rescue Megazord

    The Rescuezords could combine into the Rescue Megazord. Its main weapons were Artillatron's cannons, which were simply known as Artillery Power. After taking extensive damage by Divatox's Goldgoyle monster at the end of Power Rangers: Turbo, T.J. realized the Megazord was dying and selfdestructed it which destroyed the Rescue Megazord and all it's components.

    Rescue Turbo Megazord

    The Thunder Loader, Star Racer, and Wind Rescue Rescuezords could also combine with the Red Lightning and Mountain Blaster Turbozords to form the Rescue Turbo Megazord, armed with the Turbo Megazord Saber and Artillatron's twin cannons. It was used only on one occasion, and that was to destroy the monster Count Nocturn (in the episode "Carlos and the Count").

    Astro Megaship

    In Power Rangers: In Space, there are no individual Zords (at least to begin with). Instead, the Astro Megaship, which the Rangers use to travel through space, transforms into their primary Megazord. It could only do this with the addition of a NASADA Space Shuttle/Astro Megashuttle that the Power Rangers: Turbo brought with them from Earth and a black box of Zordon's that Alpha 6 decoded. The Megaship was armed with the Mega Lasers, which could be used to fire on Velicofighters.

    The ship had an onboard computer named D.E.C.A. that communicated with the Rangers about the ship's functionality. It spoke with a woman's voice (voiced by Julie Maddalena).

    Some time before the events of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, the Astro Megaship was retrofitted into a museum before it was hijacked by Kai Chen, the future Blue Galaxy Ranger, to chase after Kendrix Morgan and Mike and Leo Corbett. It was used as the Rangers' transport throughout the season, and seen in battle once more when the Space Rangers teamed up with the Galaxy Rangers to fight the restored Psycho Pink.

    When Terra Venture came under attack by Trakeena's forces and crash landed on a nearby moon, the Rangers used the Astro Megaship in an attempt to distract Trakeena's ship, the Scorpion Stinger, from interfering with the evacuation of Terra Venture. The Rangers, having no other choice, self-destructed the Astro Megaship when it was caught in a pincer by the Scorpion Stinger.

    Sometime later, during the episode Forever Red, Andros revealed to a group of Red Rangers trying to stop the remnants of the Machine Empire, that a newer Astro Megaship had been built on the shipyards of KO-35, and that it would be their transport to the moon for their mission. The Astro Megaship Mark II, as it was called, was effectively a faster version of the original ship. The Mark II was staffed by a robot Alpha 7, who effectively was the personality of Alpha 5 in the body of Alpha 6. However, whether the Mark II had its own version of D.E.C.A. or whether it could have transformed into a new Astro Megazord was not explored further.

    Astro Megazord

    The Astro Megazord was armed with the Astro Megazord Blaster and the Astro Megazord Saber and the Astro Megazord Shield. The Saber had multiple uses. First, it could be charged with energy and be used to deliver any number of powered-up slashes to the enemy. Also, it could unleash a Laser Whip to tie up its opponents, and when sent into any monster, it could be ignited with energy to obliterate the monster.

    Delta Megaship/zord

    In the ongoing quest to find Zordon, the Phantom Ranger gives the Space Rangers a hand when he is incapacitated after almost saving Zordon. The Delta Megaship, like the Astro Megaship, is a ship capable of faster than light travel. It could transform into the Delta Megazord with the ability to change its hands into Gyro-Blasters (five-barrelled gatling-style blasters), or combine with the Astro Megazord to form the more powerful Astro Delta Megazord. The Delta Megazord was destroyed in battle with Red Ecliptor.

    Astro Delta Megazord

    The Astro and Delta Megazords could combine to form the Astro Delta Megazord. In this mode, its main weapons were the cannons of the Delta Megazord, mounted on the shoulders. It could also launch its fists for devastating missile attacks. This was called the Flying Power Punch.

    Mega Vehicles

    The Mega Vehicles are the five individual Zords that were found by the Rangers using Zordon's key cards. The Mega Vehicles can be considered as the primary Zords of the Space Rangers. Each one has a different form, and is assigned to a different Ranger.

    Mega V1 ("Robo Voyager") is piloted by Andros.

    Mega V2 ("Shuttle Voyager") is piloted by Carlos.

    Mega V3 ("Rocket Voyager") is piloted by T.J.

    Mega V4 ("Saucer Voyager") is piloted by Ashley.

    Mega V5 ("Tank Voyager") is piloted by Cassie.

    Mega Voyager

    After Andros wins Zordon's Key Cards in a card game with Darkonda and others on Onyx, the Space Rangers locate the Mega Voyager hidden on Ganymede. Made up of a combination of five vehicles: Mega V1 formed the thighs and lower torso. V2 formed the shield and head. V3 formed the legs, upper torso, and the primary weapon. V4 formed the arms and chestplate. And V5 formed the feet. The Mega Voyager is thus far the only Megazord combination without the term 'Zord' in its name (It is also, with the Mega Winger, the only Megazords so far that share names with their original Sentai counterparts). Aside from the Mega V3 Missile Mode, it could also wield the Astro Megazord Saber, and was equipped with a set of four laser cannons on its chest-plating called the Mega Laser. On one occasion, (the Psycho Rangers), Psycho Yellow took control of it by teleporting herself into the Mega Voyager's circuitry. It was destroyed in battle with the monster Tankenstein.

    Mega Winger

    Personal Zord of the Silver Ranger, Zhane, and a gift from the rebels on KO-35, the Mega Winger could change from spaceship to warrior mode in phenomenal speed. It could donate its Mega Wing to the Mega Voyager, transforming it into the Winged Mega Voyager. Its main weapon was the Wing Blaster, a cannon that required both hands to operate. The Mega Winger was badly damaged in Countdown to Destruction, and it is unknown if it was ever repaired.

    Zords in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy


    The Galactabeasts are giant animals that can be communicated with by the Galaxy Rangers, and after drawing energy from the Transdaggers, they can become metallic Galactazords and merge into the Galaxy Megazord. The Galactabeasts are:

    The Lion Galactabeast/zord, piloted by the Red Ranger, Leo Corbett.

    The Condor Galactabeast/zord, piloted by the Green Ranger, Damon Henderson.

    The Gorilla Galactabeast/zord, piloted by the Blue Ranger, Kai Chen.

    The Wolf Galactabeast/zord, piloted by the Yellow Ranger, Maya.

    The Wildcat Galactabeast/zord, piloted by the Pink Ranger, Kendrix Morgan and later Karone.

    The Galactabeasts currently reside on Mirinoi, but briefly left to help battle Trakeena.

    Galaxy Megazord

    The main Megazord of Lost Galaxy, the Galaxy Megazord is the combined form of all the Galactabeasts. The Wildcat and Wolf formed the arms, the Gorilla formed the entire lower body, the Condor attached the Megazord's back and served as a weapon, and the Lion formed the chest and head. The Galaxy Megazord can gain enhanced power from the Lights of Orion called the Orion Galaxy Megazord, and also possesses the sentience of the Galactabeasts that form it. Its main weapon is the Galaxy Megazord Saber, but it can also fire a missile using the Condor Galactazord in Missile Mode.


    The personal Zord of the Magna Defender, the Torozord is rather like a Galactabeast. The Torozord is a bull that is loyal to the Magna Defender but does not always go along with his rather brutal methods. Torozord can make Magna Defender grow to giant size called the Mega Defender, and either serves as his steed or merges with him to become Defender Torozord. Defender Torozord is a Megazord with powerful slashing attacks, armed with both a lance, or with the large Defender Axe. The Torozord was destroyed when Mike, the second Magna Defender, self destructed it to hold open the portal Terra Venture used to escape the Lost Galaxy. Strangely, Torozord was briefly shown to be present during the battle with Trakeena on Earth a year later during the Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed Rescue team up episodes.

    The Lost Galactabeasts

    The Rhino, Phoenix, and Shark Galactabeasts were involved in a terrible battle 3,000 years prior to the launch of Terra Venture that left them dormant for all that time. They were found by Deviot and rebuilt into Zords to use against the Lost Galaxy Rangers.

    Centaurus Megazord

    The Rhino Galactabeast was turned into the Centaurus Megazord and was comprised of five smaller automobile-like Zords C1 through C5. The Megazord was armed with a powerful blaster cannon. It was later destroyed after being covered in bomb-equipped Sting Wingers.

    Stratoforce Megazord

    The Phoenix Galactabeast was turned into the Stratoforce Megazord and was comprised of five smaller airplane-like Zords S1 through S5. With its boomerang weapon, it aided the Rangers in many battles. On one occasion, it used the Centaurus Megazord's blaster (The Chameliac Warrior). However, it was destroyed when it became enveloped in a swarm of bomb equipped Sting Wingers during Trakeena's final assault on Terra Venture.

    Zenith Carrierzord

    The rebuilt Shark Galactabeast was turned into the Zenith Carrierzord that carried the C1 through C5 and S1 through S5 Zords. Unlike Stratoforce and Centaurs, Zenith managed to escape Trakeena's forces and joined the other remaining Galactabeasts on Mirinoi.

    Zords in Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

    Lightspeed Rescuezords

    The first fleet of Zords used in Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue were emergency vehicles sent in to help the citizens of Mariner Bay as well as fighting evil.

    Pyro Rescue 1, a fire truck Zord controlled by Carter Grayson.

    Aqua Rescue 2, a aqua vehicle Zord controlled by Chad Lee.

    Aero Rescue 3, a rescue jet Zord controlled by Joel Rawlings.

    Haz Rescue 4, a hazard vehicle Zord controlled by Kelsey Winslow.

    Med Rescue 5, an ambulance Zord controlled by Dana Mitchell.

    The Zords are carried from the Lightspeed Aquabase to the city via the Rail Rescues, a huge train using the Mariner Bay rail network to deliver the Rescuezords to the scene of the battle. Aqua Rescue 2, Haz Rescue 4 and Med Rescue 5 could combine to form the Hydro Mode, which could walk (Aqua Rescue being the hips and the other two zords as legs) and put out fires, or distract the attacking monster while the other Zords carried out a rescue mission. These Zords shared their name with the Rescuezords from Power Rangers: Turbo.

    Lightspeed Megazord

    A combination of the Rescuezords; Aero Rescue would hoist Pyro Rescue on top of the Hydro Mode, or alternately Pyro Rescue would pre-emptively form the arms with its double-ladders and hoist itself onto the Hydro Mode. Aero Rescue would complete the Lightspeed Megazord by forming the head. This Megazord used its extendible arms to punch and grab a monster at distance. Like most Megazords, it uses a powerful saber slash to defeat monsters with its Lightspeed Megazord Saber. It was damaged badly by Diabolico and Olympius.

    Rail Rescues

    It was soon revealed by Angela Fairweather that the Rail Rescues were in fact Zords themselves. Although incapable of fighting in their own right, they could combine to form a powerful Megazord.

    Supertrain Megazord

    By running off a raised rail section and becoming airborne, the Rail Rescues could combine to form the Supertrain Megazord. As the Rail Rescues were large enough to house the Rescuezords, the Supertrain Megazord was substantially larger than the other Megazords. It had missiles and an ion turbine weapon at its disposal. At first larger than its opponents, some later monsters were grown even larger to combat the Supertrain Megazord. Unfortunately, due to the massive output needed to power the Zords in their Megazord form, the Supertrain often overcharged itself which resulted in the Rangers being injured from within the cockpit. During its initial battle, the Megazord nearly tore itself apart, overloading twice by using its weapons. The Supertrain was destroyed by Diabolico and Olympius.

    Max Solarzord

    A shuttle-type Zord pilotted by Ryan Mitchell, the Titanium Ranger. The Max Solarzord could become a warrior to fight with, or combine with the Lightspeed Megazord to become the Lightspeed Solarzord. It could also launch the Rail Rescues into space (see below). When the Titanium Ranger left the team, the Max Solarzord was controlled via remote-control by the Battle Boosters by the other Rangers. The large solar-panels on its body were its main source of power, which in turn meant the Zord was useless at night. It was damaged badly by Diabolico and Olympius.

    Lightspeed Solarzord

    The Lightspeed Megazord and Max Solarzord could combine into the Lightspeed Solarzord. In this form, the Solarzord could absorb energy from the sun or enemy attacks to charge its weapons. The main weapons are two cannons mounted on the hips, which when fully charged can destroy almost anything.


    Launched from the Rail Rescues, the Omegazords are deployed in space, and can combine to form the Omega Crawler, later the Omega Megazord.

    Omegazord 1, controlled by Carter Grayson.

    Omegazord 2, controlled by Chad Lee.

    Omegazord 3, controlled by Joel Rawlings.

    Omegazord 4, Controlled by Kelsey Winslow.

    Omegazord 5, controlled by Dana Mitchell.

    Omega Crawler

    The Omega Crawler was first used to stop an asteroid headed for Mariner Bay.

    Omega Megazord

    The Omega Megazord is created after the Omegazords formed the Omega Crawler. Its main weapon is a powerful staff that unleashes the Omega Missile Blast as its final move. It can also use the Lightspeed Megazord Saber. During the battle against Trakeena on Earth, the Omega Megazord was temporarily infused with the Lights of Orion Armor. This Megazord was damaged by the Super Demons, but repaired by the Demon forces and used for a special ceremony. Carter and Ryan crashed the MAV into the torso of it in the finale, causing it's arms to fall of, it's torso to explode and it's legs break apart into pecies.

    Lifeforce Megazord

    The Lifeforce Megazord, while it unusually could not separate into individual Zords, resembled a black version of the Lightspeed Solarzord. It fed off the Rangers' lifeforces when in battle. As such, it fought only once. Unlike the Lightspeed Solarzord, it was armed with the Lifeforce Megazord Saber similar to the Lightspeed Megazord's. It was later commandeered and used to attack the Aquabase, The rangers commanded a sub and fired a torpedoes at it, causing it to fall to the ground and expole from water pressure.

    Zords in Power Rangers: Time Force

    Transwarp Megazord

    In Time Force, all of the Zords (except the Quantasaurus Rex) are stored in the year 3000, at Time Force's base. They are sent through time by the Transwarp Megazord when needed, by using the Megazord's extendible arm to hit the Zord in order for it to attain the necessary velocity for time travel. Its combat capabilities are largely unknown, although the arm that it uses to send other Time Force Zords back in time can be used as a weapon. The Transwarp has only participated in battle once, and its travel to the past was only made possible by the warping powers of the mutant Cinecon.

    Time Flyers

    Each of the five Rangers have control of their respectively-colored Time Flyers, which can combine in three different ways to form the Time Force Megazord: Mode Red, Mode Blue, and Jet Mode. (In this way, it is similar to the mecha from Jetman.) Ostensibly, the Time Flyers are stored in the year 3000 for the sole reason that it is not possible to refuel them in the year 2001.

    Time Flyer 1, piloted by Wesley Collins.

    Time Flyer 2, piloted by Lucas Kendall.

    Time Flyer 3, piloted by Trip.

    Time Flyer 4, piloted by Katie Walker.

    Time Flyer 5, piloted by Jen Scotts.

    Time Force Megazord

    The five Time Flyers can combine into the Time Force Megazord in modes Red, Blue, and Jet Modes. The Time Force Megazord Jet Mode is simply a larger aircraft capable of using the Cyclone Defense. In the course of the series, however, the Jet Mode has never finished off an opposing monster, instead having to switch to Mode Blue, or more commonly Mode Red. Because of this, the Jet Mode is almost never recognized as being a Megazord.

    The Time Force Megazord Mode Blue is optimized for speed, and it can use the Time Jet in Blaster Mode. Mode Blue is formed with Pink and Yellow Time Flyers forming the legs, Red making the body and head, and Green and Blue forming the arms. It uses the nose/cockpit section of the Red Time Flyer to form its head, so the head is more triangular than that of Mode Red. The finishing move for Mode Blue involves using the Time Jet in gun mode to freeze enemies.

    The Time Force Megazord Mode Red, on the other hand, is optimized for power. Mode Red is formed with Green and Blue Time Flyers becoming the legs; Red making the body and head; and Pink and Yellow becoming the arms; while the wings of Red and the noseshields of Pink and Yellow combine to become a shield. It is armed with the Time Force Megazord Saber, allowing it to use the Blizzard Slash attack to freeze enemies. Typically, one Ranger would say "Your time is up" before its use. During its use, the sides of the sword would close, and the slash itself would commence in earnest when the sides are fully merged with the blade.

    Shadow Winger/Time Shadow Megazord

    Later on in the series, the Shadow Winger appears to aid the Rangers. Its presence is often heralded with a solar eclipse. For a long time, the identity of the person who sends the Shadow Winger back in time is unknown - later it is revealed to be Alex. The Shadow Winger can become the Time Shadow Megazord, and can also combine with the Time Force Megazord to form the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue or Red, depending on what mode the Time Force Megazord is in. In Super Sentai, but not Power Rangers, the Time Shadow can also be combined with the Omega Megazord and the Wild Force Megazord.

    Shadow Force Megazord

    The Time Shadow can combine with the Time Force Megazord to form the Shadow Force Megazord. This Zord is basically the same as the Time Force Megazord, but with increased power and additional armor. Like the Time Force Megazord, the Shadow Force also comes equipped with the Shadow Force Megazord Saber which has a sword and blaster, with its attacks Time Target and Blizzard Slash.


    The Quantasaurus-Rex (Q-Rex for short) is operated through voice activation by the Eric Myers/Quantum Ranger. Like many Other Ranger Zords before it, it is not piloted by the Quantum Ranger. It is incapable of combining with other Zords, although it can change from its Dinosaur Mode to Megazord Mode, and the Time Force Megazord in Mode Red has often ridden on the back of the Q-Rex as it finished off the enemy. Originally a prototype Zord from Time Force, the Q-Rex was one of the first objects to be sent back in time, but it was lost in time during the Jurassic until recovered by Wes and Eric. It is powered by Trizerium Crystals, a technology developed in the future and manufactured from what is considered industrial waste today. Due to its unstable nature, it can often go berserk and out of control. Its main weapons in dinosaur mode are a pair of cannons on its back and a giant laser that fires from its mouth. When the Quantasaurus-Rex transforms into Megazord form, it undergoes several changes in arsenal. Its dinosaur mode back lasers are replaced by shoulder mounted cryo-units, which are used in the Max Blizzard attack to freeze mutant enemies into stasis. It can also fire its left hand in the Q-Rex Fist attack, similar to an attack used by the Astro Delta Megazord. Its final weapon is the Q-Rex Missile gauntlet located on its right hand. This Megazord also has a special emitter on its chest which was used to give Eric the Mega Battle Armor. The Q-Rex continues to serve Eric.

    Zords in Power Rangers: Wild Force

    Wild Zord List

    The main set of Wild Zords were as follows:

    The Red Lion, used by Cole Evans

    The Yellow Eagle, used by Taylor Earhardt

    The Blue Shark, used by Max Cooper

    The Black Bison, used by Danny Delgado

    The White Tiger, used by Alyssa Enrilé

    The Lunar Wolf , used by Merrick Baliton

    The other Wild Zords that were used by the Rangers are:

    The Elephant, used by Alyssa Enrilé

    The Deer, used by Alyssa Enrilé

    The Giraffe, used by Max Cooper

    The Black Bear, used by Taylor Earhardt

    The Polar Bear, used by Taylor Earhardt

    The Gorilla, used by Cole Evans

    The Falcon, used by Cole Evans

    The Hammerhead Shark, used by Merrick Baliton

    The Alligator, used by Merrick Baliton

    The Rhino, used by Danny Delgado

    The Armadillo, used by Danny Delgado

    The Black Lion, a piece of Animus

    The Condor, a piece of Animus

    The Sawshark, a piece of Animus

    The Buffalo, a piece of Animus

    The Jaguar, a piece of Animus

    The adult Soul Bird, currently living in the wild near Turtle Cove.

    Out of all the other Wild Zords that fell in the battle against the Orgs, the only ones identified in the other Wild Zords' appearance in the last episode are:

    The Rat

    The Stingray

    The Peacock

    The Zebra

    The Wild Zords that only appeared in the Japanese Movies or the Cd special are:

    The Panda Bear, a repaint of the Black and/or Polar Bear Wild Zords with panda markings.

    The Fire Kong, a red-and-gold repaint of the Gorilla Wild Zord that was featured in the GaoRanger Movie.

    Wild Force Megazord

    As with all other incarnations of Power Rangers, the Wild Zords could join together to form a humanoid creature/robot called a Megazord. The standard formation in this series was the Wild Force Megazord. The Lion and Eagle formed the head and body of the Wild Force Megazord, with the Shark forming the right arm, the Tiger forming the left arm, and the Bison forming the feet of the Megazord. The standard finishing move was the Mega Roar, where each animal involved would fire a beam that destroyed the enemy. A similar finishing move, the Soul Drive, is used when the Wild Force Megazord is joined with the Soul Bird.

    Because Wild Zords had interchangeable parts, several alternate variations were formed:

    Wild Force Megazord Sword & Shield Mode - the Elephant Wild Zord is combined with the Megazord, forming a sword (from the Elephant's trunk) and a shield (the head). Its attacks where the Elephant Sword Cyclone and Pachyderm Crush.

    Wild Force Megazord Spear Mode - the Blue Shark Wild Zord is replaced by the Giraffe Wild Zord. It uses the attack Spear of Pardolis.

    Wild Force Megazord Double Knuckle - the Blue Shark and White Tiger Wild Zords are replaced by the Black Bear and the Polar Bear Wild Zords.

    Wild Force Megazord Striker - the Black Bison Wild Zord is replaced by the Rhino & Armadillo Wild Zords. Final Strike is its move.

    Wild Force Megazord Predator Mode - the Blue Shark and White Tiger are replaced by the Hammerhead Shark and Lunar Wolf.

    Wild Force Megazord Predator Spear - the Blue Shark and White Tiger are replaced by the Giraffe and Lunar Wolf.

    Wild Force Megazord Clutcher Mode - the White Tiger is replaced with the Deer Wild Zord. Its attacks are the Deer Clutcher and Capture Bubble.

    Wild Force Megazord Spear & Shield Mode - the Blue Shark is replaced by the Giraffe, while the Elephant's head is attached to the White Tiger.

    Wild Force Megazord Spear and Knuckle - the Blue Shark is replaced by the Giraffe, while the White Tiger is replaced by the Black Bear.

    Other variations may have also been possible, but these were the only ones shown in the series. In the original Super Sentai (but not Power Rangers), the Blue Shark, Elephant and White Tiger Wild Zords can replace the arms of the Thunderstorm Megazord (from Power Rangers: Ninja Storm).


    The Kongazord is a secondary Megazord, formed by the Gorilla, Black Bear, Polar Bear, Yellow Eagle, and Black Bison Wild Zords, with the Gorilla forming the head and body. As such, it is implicitly "Double Knuckle Mode". Like the other Megazords, Wild Zords can be interchanged for one another, resulting in the following combinations:

    Kongazord Striker - the Yellow Eagle and Black Bison are replaced by the Rhino and Armadillo.

    Kongazord Striker Clutcher - the Black Bear is replaced with the Deer.

    Kongazord Striker Spear - the Polar Bear is replaced with the Giraffe.

    Because the Kongazord is often summoned in Striker Mode, many believe that the Rhino and Armadillo form part of the Kongazord proper.


    The Predazord is the main Megazord of the Lunar Wolf Ranger, Merrick Baliton, formed from the Alligator, Hammerhead Shark, and Wolf zords. The Alligator forms the head, body, and feet with the other two zords forming detachable arms. As the Lunar Wolf Ranger changes alleigances from evil to good in the series, there are separate "Dark" and "Light" modes to this zord. In Dark Mode, it can use the Predator Wave finishing move, while the Light Mode Predazord uses the Revolver Phantom and a "Light" version of the Predator Wave, called the Blue Moon Wave as its finisher while it was powered-up as the Predazord Blue Moon. Both Dark and Light modes have the ability to replace its arms with other wild zords, although this has been only done in the series while in Dark Mode:

    Predzord Spear Mode - The Giraffe replaces the Hammerhead Shark as an arm.

    Predazord Double Knuckle - The Wolf and Hammerhead Shark are replaced by the Black and Polar Bear Wild Zords.

    Isis Megazord

    The Isis Megazord is another Megazord that can be formed through a combination of the Wild Zords. Unlike the others, the Isis Megazord is capable of flight, thanks to the Falcon Wild Zord forming the head and body. By default, it is also "Spear Clutcher Striker", meaning that the Rhino, Deer, Armadillo, and Giraffe form the remainder of the zord. Again, due to the interchangeable parts, the Isis Megazord is able to change into the following combinations (among others):

    Isis Megazord Predator Mode - the Bison replaces the Rhino & Armadillo, and the Wolf and Hammerhead Shark Wild Zords replace both arms

    Pegasus Megazord

    The Pegasus Megazord is another Megazord that can be formed through a combination of the Wild Zords. This Megazord is also capable of flight due to the Falcon Wild Zord being a component. However, it's main component was a giant Red Lion Wild Zord forming the legs. The Pegasus Megazord was only achieved through CGI animation. It was comprised of the Falcon, the Blue Shark, the White Tiger, the Elephant, and giant Red Lion Wild Zords.


    Finally, Animus is a God-like zord similar to the Wild Force Megazord that aids the Rangers. Animus was an ancient creature of good that had been defeated long ago by the original Master Org. The reincarnation of Animus, which later became this sentient Megazord, spent much time in this series as a small boy who named himself Kite after he looked at a kite. It is a combination of the Black Lion, Blue Condor, Crimson SawShark, Brown Buffalo, and Yellow Jaguar Wild Zords. Animus was twice destroyed by Master Org, once during the Battle of Animaria 3,000 years ago, and again in modern times in Turtle Cove. Due to Animus' special status as a sentient Megazord, it does not combine with any other zords, though it presumably is capable of doing so due to inherant interchangability of the Wild Zords. It was armed with the Animarian Arrow attack.

    Ultimus Megazord

    Although it never appeared in Wild Force or GaoRanger, the Ultimus Megazord was a toy set that was a Megazord comprised of the Fire Kong, the Blue Shark, a dark purple Bison, and the Soul Bird. The set also contained the "Armadillo Puck", a weapon that was used solely in Wild Force as part of the Jungle Blaster. This version of the Armadillo Puck would have been able to be used by the Megazord, similar to how the Armadillo Wild Zord was used as a weapon.

    Zords in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm


    The Rangers of the Wind Academy deploy several zords in battle. The Ninjazords consist of giant mechanical animals: Hawk, Lion, and Dolphin. Each possesses a different ability to use against enemies independently, but they also merge to form the Storm Megazord. (Note: not to be confused with the Ninja Zords of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.)

    Hawkzord, piloted by Shane

    Lionzord, piloted by Dustin

    Dolphinzord, piloted by Tori

    Storm Megazord

    The Ninjazords combine to form the Storm Megazord: the Lion made up a great majority of the Megazord, the Dolphin became the right arm and the Hawk became the head. The Storm Megazord can summon the Power Spheres from its chest to use in battle. It could also use the Blizzard Flurry using the ripcord on the Lion, the Dolphin Blast, using the ripcord on the Dolphin, and the Dolphin Laser which has blue lasers come from the Dolphins eyes. The Storm Megazord can also transform into a sleeker, thinner Storm Megazord Lightning Mode, which allows it to move faster but only lasts for 60 seconds. In Lightning Mode, it uses the Ramp Attack. The Storm Megazord was later destroyed in an explosion that also destroyed the Lothorzord.


    The Thunderzords are the personal Zords of the Thunder Rangers. Each possesses powerful artillery, and the two can combine into the Thunder Megazord. These Zords, too, shared a name with the Zords of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This time, the Thunderzords of Season Two.

    Crimson Insectizord, which resembled a Rhinoceros beetle, was piloted by Hunter

    Navy Beetlezord, which resembled a Stag beetle, was piloted by Blake

    Thunder Megazord

    The Thunderzords combine to form the Thunder Megazord. As seen, this Megazord is stronger than the Storm Megazord. It was destroyed when Vexacus sliced it in half.

    Thunderstorm Megazord

    The Thunder and Storm Megazords can combine to form the Thunderstorm Megazord, however to do so the Red and Crimson Rangers must drop two essential Power Spheres that form the Minizord. The Minizord, after its formation, splits apart and forms the helmet and fists of the Thunderstorm Megazord. The Thunderstorm Megazord's attack is the Lion Blazer. According to Super Sentai continuity, the arms of the Thunderstorm Megazord can be replaced by the Blue Shark, White Tiger, and the Elephant Wild Zords armaments can be used as well in a combination called the Thunderstorm Megazord Sword & Shield Mode, although the footage for this combination was not used on Power Rangers.

    Samurai Star Chopper/Megazord

    The Samurai Star Megazord is the personal Megazord of the Green Samurai Ranger. As the falcon-like Samurai Star Chopper, it is a helicopter armed with laser cannons (in Super Sentai, they were live rounds). In its Megazord form, it can make use of the helicopter blades and Power Spheres for additional weaponry. The Samurai Star Chopper can also replace the Dolphin Ninjazord to create the Samurai Storm Megazord, while it can be disassembled to combine with the Thunder Megazord to create the Samurai Thunder Megazord. According to Super Sentai continuity, the right arm of the Thunderstorm Megazord can be replaced by Samurai Star. This combination would more than likely be called the "Samurai Thunderstorm Megazord", although the footage for this combination was not used in Ninja Storm.

    This was the only personal Zord of a Ninja Storm Ranger to survive the last battle. Lothor had damaged the system that opened the Samurai Star's portal. It currently lies dormant in it's hiding place since the loss of the Green Samurai Powers.

    Hurricane Megazord

    The three main Megazords are able to combine into one Megazord known as the Hurricane Megazord, however to do so the Red, Crimson, and Green Rangers must drop the three Power Spheres needed to create the Ninja Firebird, which become the head, and fists of the Hurricane Megazord. The arms are formed in the same manner as the Thunderstorm Megazord, but the Samurai Star Megazord is disassembled and become the chestplate of the Hurricane Megazord. As the name implies, its finishing move, Typhoon Power, creates a powerful wind storm.

    Mighty Mammothzord

    The Mighty Mammothzord is a giant elephant Carrierzord (similar to Titanus and Tor of the original series) that can hold and fire multiple Power Spheres at once. It can also serve as a mount for the Thunderstorm or Hurricane Megazords. Their unoffical names were Mammoth Thunderstorm Megazord and Mammoth Hurricane Megazord. It can only be summoned by using the guitar-like Lightning Riff Blaster.

    Power Spheres

    The Power Spheres were weapons that could be summoned up by the various Megazords by one of the Rangers dropping a Power Disc into a special slot in the individual Zord cockpits. A hatch would then open up in the chest of the Megazord (or an energy field would be created by the Samurai Star between its hands) and the Power Sphere would appear and then open, revealing the Zord-like weapon within.

    Power Sphere 1: Serpent Sword, used by both the Storm Megazord summoned by Shane, Dustin, and Tori & the Thunder Megazord summoned by Hunter, but it's the primary weapon of the Storm Megazord. According to Super Sentai continuity, with the Ninja Storm & Dino Thunder Ranger powers, the Thundersaurus Megazord can summon a golden verison of the Serpent Sword. With the help of the Mammothzord, the Thunderstorm Megazord can also wield the Serpent Sword.

    Power Sphere 2 & 3: Ram Hammer & Turtle Mace, used by the Storm Megazord Dustin & Tori. With the help of the Mammothzord, the Thunderstorm Megazord can also wield the Ram Hammer & the Turtle Mace.

    Power Sphere 4: Spin Blade, used by the Thunder Megazord and summoned by Hunter. It is the Thunder Megazord's primary weapon.

    Power Sphere 5 & 6: Lion Laser & Squid Drill, used by the Storm Megazord summoned by Dustin & Tori. When both were used, it was called the Turbine Combo.

    Power Sphere 7 & 8: Minizord, used to combine the Storm & Thunder Megazords into the Thunderstorm Megazord summoned by Shane & Hunter.

    Power Sphere 9: "Ninja Scarf", used by the Storm Megazord summoned by Shane. Was used once.

    Power Sphere 10: Bee Spinner, used by the Samurai Star Megazord summoned by Cam, it's the Samurai Star Megazord's primary weapon.

    Power Sphere 11: Sting Blaster, used by the Thunder Megazord summoned by Blake.

    Power Sphere 12: "Spider Catcher", used by the Samurai Star Megazord summoned by Cam.

    Power Sphere 13: Super Stamp, used by the Storm Megazord summoned by Shane. Was used once.

    Power Sphere 14: Star Blazer, used by the Storm Megazord summoned by Tori.

    Power Sphere 15, 16 & 17: Ninja Firebird, used to combine the Samurai Star, Storm & Thunder Megazords into the Hurricane Megazord summoned by Cam, Shane & Hunter

    Zords in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder


    Tyrannozord - A red Tyrannosaurus Zord that forms the majority of the Thundersaurus Megazord (head, torso, left arm, legs and the Dino Drill), controlled by Conner the Red Dino Ranger. It resembles the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord.

    Tricerazord - A blue Triceratops Zord that forms the right arm and Tricera Shield of the Thundersaurus Megazord, controlled by Ethan the Blue Dino Ranger. It resembles the Triceratops Dinozord.

    Pterazord - A yellow Pteranodon Zord that forms helmet and chest-plate of the Thundersaurus Megazord, as well at the Pterarang weapon, controlled by Kira the Yellow Dino Ranger. It resembles the Pterodactyl Dinozord.

    Brachiozord - A black Brachiosaurus Carrierzord that carries the Tyranno, Tricera, and Ptera Zords, as well as the Auxiliary Zords, controlled by Tommy the Black Dino Ranger. It resembles Titanus, the Carrierzord.

    Dragozord - A white Tupuxuara Zord that forms arms, head, and weapons of the Dino StegaZord, and the wings of the Valkasaurus Magazord, controlled by Trent the White Dino Ranger. It resembles the Falconzord

    Auxiliary Zords

    Cephalazord - A purple Pachycephalosaurus Zord that forms the Punch weapon arm for the Thundersaurus Megazord and Dino Stegazord. It also combines with the Mezodon Rover to help form the Triceramax Megazord.

    Dimetrozord - An aquamarine Dimetrodon Zord that forms the Saw weapon arm for the Thundersaurus Megazord and Dino Stegazord. It also combines with the Mezodon Rover to help form the Triceramax Megazord.

    Stegozord - A crimson Stegosaurus Zord that becomes a hovercraft for the Thundersaurus and Valkasaurus Megazord. It also forms the body for the Dino Stegazord.

    Parasaurzord - A green Parasaurolophus Zord that forms the Scissor Blade weapon arm for the for the Thundersaurus Megazord and Dino Stegazord. It also combines with the Mezodon Rover to help form the Triceramax Megazord.

    Ankylozord - An orange Ankylosaurus Zord that forms the Shield Drill weapon arm for the Thundersaurus Megazord and Dino Stegazord. It also combines with Mezodon Rover to help form the Triceramax Megazord.

    Blizzard Zords

    Carnotaurzord - An indigo-and-teal Carnotaurus Zord that forms the majority of the Blizzard Megazord (head, chest, legs, right arm, and the Blizzard Drill).

    Chasmozord - A silver-and-violet Chasmosaurus Zord that forms the left arm and the Blizzard Shield of the Blizzard Megazord.

    Thundersaurus Megazord

    The primary Megazord of Dino Thunder, the Thundersaurus Megazord and its main mode is created by combining the Tyranno, Ptera, and Tricerazord. However, several combinations exist that incorporate the Cephala, Dimetro, Parasaur, Ankylo, and Stegozords. It can also be formed in an 'incomplete' form with only just the Tyranno and Tricerazords.

    The Thundersaurus Megazord had a variety attacks at its disposal. It had a sucker-punch attack that Ethan dubbed the Tricera Fist and another attack where the Megazord uses the Pterazord as a boomerang, which Kira calls the Pterarang. The Megazord could also unleash a fire attack from the Tyrannozord's mouth called the Fire Breath and the Tyrannozord still seems to function by biting (as demonstrated in "Diva in Distress" when it bit Donkeyvac's nose), but the Thundersaurus Megazord's most powerful attack is the Tyranno Drill/Dino Drill where the Tyrannozord's tail (forming the left arm) activates as a giant drill and impales enemies. It is usually used as the finishing blow. The Thundersaurus Megazord also can detach part of the Tyrannozord's tail and the Tricerazord's head to reveal arms and can use the Tricerazord's head as a shield with its left arm and the Tyrannozord and Tricerazord's tails with its right arm as a sword. In this mode it could use the Tyranno Tail attack in which it throws the sword like a spear.

    The Thundersaurus Megazord can retract its left arm to allow the Dimetrozord combine with it to form a giant saw blade, or the Parasaurzord to form a giant scissor-arm. Other times it can detach the Tricerazord and allow the Cephalazord to combine with it to form a giant fist, or can allow the Ankylozord to combine to form another drill with a shoulder-mounted shield. The Megazord once combined with both the Ankylozord and Parasaurzord to defeat Mad Mackerel and revert him back to human form. When the Thundersaurus Megazord combines with the Stegozord, it rides the Stegozord as a surfboard.

    The Thundersaurus Megazord was destroyed when Conner self-destructed it in the battle with the Zelzord.

    Dino Stegazord

    The Dino Stegazord is the personal Megazord of the White Dino Ranger, created by combining the Dragozord and Stegozord. It was later combined with the stolen Dimetro and Cephalazords to create a powerful combination. The Dino Stegozord was also used by the White Ranger Clone until his destruction and was piloted by Tommy in the episode "Strange Relations". It has also incorporated the Parasaur and Ankylozords.

    The Dino Stegazord had several attacks, including a powerful attack known as the Dino Stegazord Stinger/Drago Stinger where it could launch its staff at enemies (this was usually the finishing blow) and another attack, the Stega Laser where it fires a powerful blue ray from its eyes at enemies (this was only used on Angor's second form).

    It is unknown what the fate of the Dino Stegazord was in the final battle with the Zelzord, although Tommy said it was essential to sacrifice "all the dinozords".

    Mezodon Rover/Megazord

    The personal Zord of the Triassic Ranger, the Mezodon has two forms. One is that of a giant chariot pulled by the "Styracozord" (Mezodon Rover), and the other is the Mezodon Megazord. In the chariot form, the Mezodon Rover's wheels can ignite and be used to ram into enemies. In Megazord form, the Mezodon Megazord can use a pair of hatchets as its weapons, which it can use to unleash energy disks and levitate enemies in the Power Pulse Blade attack. It also uses the drills on its shoulders to attack enemies. In addition to Conner, the Mezodon Megazord has been piloted by Tommy (in 'A Test of Trust') and Ethan (in 'Thunderstruck').

    It was destroyed when Ethan self destructed it to destroy the Zelzord.

    Zords in Power Rangers: SPD

    Delta Runners

    The Delta Runners were the standard Zords of the B-Squad Rangers. Each of the Delta Runners has a different configuration, and all are dispatched from Delta Base. They combine to form the Delta Squad Megazord.

    Delta Runner 1 (Red), piloted by Jack, is a 6-wheeled police car. It has arms that stretch out to form the Megazord. Its main attack is Transformation Delta, where some pieces from the Delta Runner 1 and 4 combine to become a sword attacked to the left side of the zord.

    Delta Runner 2 (Blue), piloted by Sky, is a futuristic gyro-copter. It has barrels of lasers at its disposal and a Rescue Cable to save the day and help defeat evil.

    Delta Runner 3 (Green), piloted by Bridge, is a sleek-looking truck. The trailer houses the Mega Blaster and the Delta Sword's blade. The Mega Blaster can also be used as the main weapon of this zord. It can also fire Super Crime Scene Tape.

    Delta Runner 4 (Yellow), piloted by Z, is a hazard vehicle. The floodlights on the vehicle's roof can not only blind enemies, but also become the handle for the Delta Sword. It can also go over water although this was never shown in the series.

    Delta Runner 5 (Pink), piloted by Sydney, is a small buggy-like vehicle that uses the electronic sign attached to its roof to direct traffic and make Judgments.

    Delta Squad Megazord

    The Delta Squad Megazord is the primary Megazord of S.P.D. and its weapons are law-enforcement themed. Delta Runner 1 becomes the head and body, Delta Runners 4 and 5 serve as the arms, while Delta Runners 2 and 3 become the legs. It is armed with incredible weapons such as the Mega Blaster and Delta Sword. It also comes equipped with a giant version of the Judgment Scanner built into its arm, which determines if a person is guilty or innocent. The Delta Squad Megazord was destoyed in battle against the S.P.D. A-Squad's Megazord, but that Megazord was in turn destroyed by the S.W.A.T. Megazord.

    Delta Base

    The Delta Base is the primary headquarters for the SPD forces. It is the base of operations for the Power Rangers, and also serves as a Zord.

    Delta Command Crawler

    The Delta Base can transform into the Delta Command Crawler, a rover vehicle that can traverse the globe in seconds. This mode is also equipped with powerful laser cannons.

    Delta Command Megazord

    The result of the final stage of the Delta Base Defense System is the Delta Command Megazord. One of the largest zords in existence, it towers over the other Megazords. The Delta Command Megazord can fire powerful lasers from its finger-tips (Missiles in the Dekaranger Version) and its finishing attack is a destructive wave of energy launched from the laser panels on its chest. It is usually piloted by the Shadow Ranger but also has control panels for the five main Rangers and the Omega Ranger.

    Omegamax Cycle

    A futuristic Zord piloted by the Omega Ranger, the Omegamax Cycle is a gigantic motorcycle that can be ridden by the Delta Squad Megazord. It can also become a powerful Megazord with blade weapons.

    While engaged in battle with the A-Squad Rangers in their new Megazord, the Omegamax Megazord was no match for the A-Squad's Megazrod and was easily defeated. It was not mentioned if it was destroyed.

    Omegamax Megazord

    The Omegamax Cycle also has the ability to transform into a powerful, and the exceptionally fast Omegamax Megazord. It has blade weapons mounted on its wrists, with which it can literally slice through evil.

    Deltamax Megazord

    The Omegamax Cycle can merge with the Delta Squad Megazord to form the Deltamax Megazord. It has hyper sonic speed and can destroy evil robots with its Hyper Speed Punch Attack.

    S.W.A.T. Megazord

    The S.W.A.T. Megazord was created by Kat as a reward for the B-Squad Rangers when they fought multiple robots. It is composed of the SWAT Flyers:

    S.W.A.T. Flyer 1, piloted by Jack.

    S.W.A.T. Flyer 2, piloted by Sky.

    S.W.A.T. Flyer 3, piloted by Bridge.

    S.W.A.T. Flyer 4, piloted by Z.

    S.W.A.T. Flyer 5, piloted by Syd.

    SWAT Flyers 4 and 5 form the feet of the Megazord. SWAT Flyers 2 and 3 split to form the arms and legs, respectively. And SWAT Flyer 1 forms the torso and head. The S.W.A.T. Megazord can also transform into its own Blaster Mode for another Megazord's use, called the SWAT Flyer Cannon. SWAT Flyers 1-4 form the blaster's barrel and Flyer 2 forms the handle and trigger. It can also operate without Flyer 2.

    This Megazord barely survived its battle against Omni.

    Zords in Power Rangers: Mystic Force-WORST SHOW EVER

    Mystic Titans

    The Five Mystic TitansThe five core Zords for Mystic Force are the Mystic Titan forms of the Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Green Rangers. They become Titans by using Spell Code 1-2-5: Galwit Mysto Prifior.

    Mystic Phoenix: Humanoid Mystic Titan form of the Red Ranger. Along with the Sprite, it fills the chest cavity of the Titan Megazord, forming a chestplate. It does not form a part of the Mystic Dragon, but instead rides upon it. Looks like a knight and often wields a sword in battle.

    Mystic Garuda: Bird-like Mystic Titan form of the Yellow Ranger. Forms the wings of both the Titan Megazord and the Mystic Dragon. Has enormous wings in place of arms.

    Mystic Mermaid: Humanoid Titan form of the Blue Ranger. Forms the front portions of the Megazord's boots and the Mystic Dragon's tail. Has a trident weapon. Looks like a traditional mermaid, but can also walk on two legs.

    Mystic Sprite: Fairy-like Titan form of the Pink Ranger and the smallest Titan. Along with the Phoenix, it fills the chest cavity of the Titan Megazord. Forms the Mystic Dragon's head. Can turn into a ball to be thrown at opponents.

    Mystic Minotaur: Bull-like Titan form of the Green Ranger and the largest Titan. Forms the majority of both Titan Megazord and Mystic Dragon. Sometimes wields an axe in battle.

    Mystic Dragon

    The Mystic Dragon is activated by Spell Code 1-0-6, Galwit Neramax Unios. The Mystic Garuda, Sprite, Mermaid, and Minotaur form a Dragon Zord, which is ridden by Mystic Phoenix. Its attack is the Dragon Blast. The Mystic Sprite forms the head, the Mystic Minotaur forms the body, the Mystic Garuda becomes the wings, and the Mystic Mermaid forms the tail of the Mystic Dragon.

    Titan Megazord

    The Titan Megazord is the final combination of the Mystic Titans using spell code 1-2-6 Galwit Mysto Unios. While still technically the Titans themselves, inside the Megazord, the team appears in Ranger form and controls the Megazord from a Chess board cockpit, with each Ranger representing a chess Pawn. Wields the Titan Saber in battle, with which it performs its Mystic Spell Seal, Galaxy Slash, and Spirit of the Ancient Titans attacks. The Mystic Mermaid forms the legs, the Mystic Minotaur forms the torso, the head, and the arms, the Mystic Phoenix and the Mystic Sprite combine to become the chest plate, and the Mystic Garuda forms the wings.


    Catastros is a black Horse Zord controlled by Koragg the Knight Wolf. He is referred to in legend as the wild horse who could not be tamed. Koragg seemingly managed to do so and gained Catastros as his personal Zord. To summon Catastros, Koragg recites the spell Uthe Mejor Catastros. It forms the lower half of the Knight Wolf Centaur mode while its head becomes Koragg's lance. For the Centaurus Wolf/Phoenix Megazord formation, Catastros forms the majority of the body while its tail & head each form the helmet for either formation while the other combines with the neck to form the Lance.

    Knight Wolf Centaur

    To form the Knight Wolf Centaur, Koragg enlarges to Titan size by chanting Uthe Mejor, and replaces the head of Catastros, becoming a giant Centaur after reciting the spell Sumbol Unithos Equestras. Koragg used this combination to defeat Udonna and take her Snow Staff.

    Centaurus Wolf Megazord

    When Titan size Koragg chants Uthe Mejor Ultimas, he combines with Catastros to form the dark Centaurus Wolf Megazord. Its main attacks are the Dark Magic Spell Seal and Dark Magic Strike. This combination proved to be more powerful than the five Mystic Titans, and Mystic Dragon. It also proved to be stronger than the Titan Megazord, however it was defeated when the Titan Megazord used its new Titans Attack. Another attack the Centaurus Wolf Megazord used on the Manticore Megazord was its Counter Attack.

    Centaurus Phoenix Megazord

    The Centaurus Phoenix Megazord is a rare combination of the Mystic Phoenix and Catastros. This combination can power up the long gray mane attached to its helmet and swing it as a flaming whip known as the Fire Tail.

    Solar Train

    The Solar Train is a blue and gold 6-car Train Zord piloted by Daggeron, the Solaris Knight. While the Solar Train is like the Rail Rescues from Lightspeed Rescue, it has the ability to travel to other dimensions. It is summoned through a card punching of the Solar Cell Morpher.

    Solar Streak Megazord

    The Solar Train can transform into a battle mode called the Solar Streak Megazord. It is the only machine-like Zord in the series. Compared to other full mecha zords, it's sytems are rather low-tech; the controls are levers, and the Megazord itself seems to run on coal/steam power. Its attacks are the Steam Blaster (the Megazord leans forward and steam shoots out of it's head/smokestack), Remote Train Cars (the legs open up, revealing small locomotives that fly out and wrap the monster in train tracks) and its finishing move Furnace Blast (the chest plate opens, energy shoots out, then draws the monster into the locomotives's firebox, destroying it). It transforms from the Solar Train by means of a card punched by the Solar Cell Morpher.

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    Power Rangers Zords

  • Anonymous
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    This Site Might Help You.


    What were the Power Rangers' zords and what did they morph into?

    Everyone remembers Power Rangers, can you tell me all the zords since Season 1 to Present? And what did they comine to make?

    Source(s): power rangers 39 zords morph into:
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    mastadon, pteradactyl, triceratops, sabertooth tiger, and tyranasaurous make the megazord

    there was also the dragonzord

    lion, firebird, unicorn, griffon, and red dragon made the thunderzord.

    there was alos the white tiger

    frog, crane, wolf, bear, ape, and falcon made the ninja zord

    then came the shogun zords

    the mighty morphin alien rangers had bords that they controlled outside of their bords

    i forget the ones for zeo

    power rangers turrbo had cars

    in space had spaceships,

    i think they should have stopped there so i will stop here

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  • Farin
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    You've ruined it for me. All these years I thought the Power Rangers really had morphing powers. What are you going to tell me next, that there isn't really a Santa Clause?

  • Anonymous
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    the first one was right... then there was power rangers turbo where this stupid little kid is the blue ranger and magically he grows tall when he turns into the blue ranger??? thats messed i dont remember the zords. from that one and all the others.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    season one. t-rex saber tooth tiger, triceratops, ptyerdactyl, mastadon, also dragon zord. mega zord

    season 2. red dragon , pink fire bird, blue unicorn, yellow griffon, black lion, white tiger, thunder mega zord

    season 3, white falcon, red ape, black frog, blue wolf, yellow bear, pink crane, ninja falcon megazord

    season 4, red phoenix, green ram, blue lion , yellow a pillar type thing, pink also a pillar type thin, zeo megazor, also their was pyriadmidus, (gold rangers) also the had the mega zeo zords

    season 5 red lightning, bluemountain blaster, green desert thunder,pink wind chaser, yellow dune star, turbo megazord,

    season 6 the ship turned into the megazord

    season 7, dont quite remember

    season 8 time force megazord

    season 9 lightspeed megazord, they also had a train zord thing later

    season 10 wild force mega zord

    season 11 red hawk , yellow ram , blue dolphin, navy stag beetle, crimson ... ninja force megazord

    season 12 red t-rex, yellow ptyerdactyl, blue triceratops,blach briachozord , white ptero zord, dino mega zord

    season 13 delta racers formed delta megazord,

    season 14 sorry i havent watched this

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Nothing is foolproof, imagine if their powers failed or the Powers-That-Be went on vacation, they'd be stuck in those suits for who knows how long, so the need for a zipper, just in case.

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