Graphing Calculator TI-84 Plus SE, or TI-89 Titanium?

I'm planning on getting a graphing calculator for next school year (I will be a high school freshman) but I don't know if the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition or the TI-89 Titanium would suit me better.

I'm in two-year advanced math, taking Honors Algebra II next year but will eventually take Honors PreCalculus, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and some other science classes I'm not sure of yet.

However, there is one problem with the TI-89, as I cannot use it on the ACT, which I am planning to take. (It also doesnt look as good as the other) I also have never used a graphing calculator but we have to get one for the class.

Can somebody give me some suggestions on which one I should get, as these things are quite expensive and I don't want to buy the wrong/too advanced/too simple one.

Thank you!

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    TI-84 Plus SE. If the money really an issue, you can get both of these used.

    If your instructor (or your personal inclination) allows/wants you to load applications/programs, the basic ones (which with all due respect, describe your courses) will work on both models.

    The TI-89/92 are theoretically potentially pretty nifty little mini-laptops, but the question is ... will you use that capability and will you be willing to buy all the extra widgets to make it work in this capacity and be willing to lug it around? Who uses a monochome screen (think old Palm pilots in a 3x volume package) anymore when they have an alternative?

    You should probably just drop by your new high school and ask the Math department.

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    I took two years of calculus in high school (AB and BC) and AP Statistics, and I only used a TI-83 plus, and to be quite honest that's all you need, especially if you're good at math and don't need your calculator to do everything for you. That having been said, with the choices you've given, go with the TI-84 so that you can use it on any test that you take, no sense buying an 89 then needing another calculator for SAT/ACT/competitions.

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    TI 89 is too much for basic high school math. A TI 84 should last you through all of high school math. The only thing that you might need an 89 for is Calculus I, which would be a senior level math. By then you could sell your TI 84 to a freshman and buy yourself an 89. I didn't really need one myself until then. I took Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus I during high school and for the first 3, I used a TI 83 and was fine.

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  • Carrie
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    4 years ago

    I purchased a TI-89 Titanium for Precalculus at college. Looking back, I probably should have bought a TI-83/84 but I'm looking ahead to using it in accounting and physics. It's a real sonofabitch to operate, (there's a steep learning curve involved), but once you get past that, I think you'll enjoy it. Now, just to complicate your decision, the TI-84 Plus is on sale at Office Depot. My suggestion to you is the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. Same keystrokes as the TI-83, which is what the professor is accustomed to. If you need to upgrade in two years, I doubt Mom & Dad will fuss too much. They want to give you every possible tool to further your education.

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  • Gabe
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    1 decade ago

    Since you are only in High School, you don't need the TI-89. The TI-84 will do you just fine.

    Most college course for the first two to three years you can get away with just the TI-83.

    I would like to see the schools going back to not using Calculators, we were not allowed to even think of having one in class.

    good luck in your classes.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually, a Ti-83 is good enough for a freshman.


    1. Ti-83's cost less than Ti-84's.

    2. Ti-83's can do the same calculations as a Ti-84.

    3. Ti-83's don't have the Application feature, so there will be no distractions during class time.

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    If you can't use the TI-89 on the ACT, get the 84 then... that's too important of a test to bring a calculator that you're not used to using.

    Are you sure the 89 isn't allowed on the ACT? I thought they just couldn't have qwerty keyboards (or is that the SAT?)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Get the TI 84. It's enough power for anything you will meet in college; you can use it now (It's good to practice on the calculator that you will be using on the ACT.); and it's less expensive.

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