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Pains in upper thighs...?

Anyone who has ever been pregnant, have you experienced pain in your upper thights early in the stage?

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    Absolutly... And sometimes the pains would leave my legs feeling sore from thigh to calf.. My doctor says it is completly normal to get sharp pains in my thighs and that it is Similar to Restless Leg Syndrome...

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    I had a beautiful baby girl one year ago and from my experience I can tell you that yes pain in your thighs is sometimes normal due to the continuosly stretching muscles but if you for any reason think something might be wrong contact your doctor. No pregnancy is the same! Wish you the best of luck!!!

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    yes i have

    its like an all over body ache with the top of your legs and your lower back aching the most

    my doc said to up my potassium and calcium intake, take short power naps through out the day, and drink more water

    i did that, but i took Tylenol too

    (if you want more calcium and potassium try broccoli & cheese, both are in there)

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    extra effectual seek for suggestion from with a doctor or chiropractor. Chiropractic care provides superb alleviation for decrease lower back discomfort. a qualified chiropractor can manage the disks on your backbone, assisting them to alter into re-aligned. this could in basic terms grant a protracted term treatment on your lower back discomfort, with out the will for drugs. See your chiropractor to develop your therapy plan.

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    I'm a guy, so dunno bowt the pregnancy thing, but, I HAVE had pain in the upper thigh. The pain in MY case came from scoliosis of the spine. You might make a visit to a chiropractor, and let him/her make an adjustment.

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    Hi I'm Garry,

    I think you should speak to your local Doctor regarding this issue.

    Wishing you the best of luck,


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    yup, i get it ALL the time. I found it was cuz i was constantly sitting down or standing up. and from sleeping on one side too much. the key is to stretch your legs often and alternate sides and positions often too. it has helped me.

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    weight is starting to hurt your muscles strech in the morning and before bed

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