How do I stop a down feather blanket from shedding?

I think that maybe the quality of the blankets is the reason that they "shed." But is there any way to treat or seal a blanket so that the down doesnt release?


The blanket itself is a thick lavender silk with beautiful floral stitching to hold in down as well as box stitched. I really like the look and feel of the silk, so it there any way to "treat" or "seal" it with out using a duvet cover or coverslip? Do launderers have anything maybe scotchguard?

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    You're right; it is probably the quality of the fabric that's causing the problem. Down needs a really high thread count and tight to weave to keep the feathers inside. Try spraying with a good waterproofing product to make the fabric less permeable. If practicable, buy a protector cover (same idea as a pillow protector) to reduce the wear and tear on the blanket.

    Source(s): We've been using down covers for centuries in Norway, and know the importance of the right fabric.
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    or I heard of spraying Scott guard a few coats- after a long cool fluff cycle in dryer! Line dry coats! it gives a coat of silicon barrier

    Source(s): (I heard!!)
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    I would buy a good quality coverlet. Get the highet thread count you can afford. Pick a print you can live with.

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