Will fast food places hire me at age 14?

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I read somewhere ( http://www.groovejob.com/resources/teen-jobs-legal/ ) that 14-15 year-olds can be hired legally and work from 7am - 9pm in the summer and 7am - 7pm in the winter. ...show more
Update : Oh, and a Country Club and some other resturaunts (also not chains or ...show more
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FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AND WELL BEING...TAKE THE COUNTRY CLUB JOB. LOL!!! Out of all the jobs you listed, this one will give you the most varied experience and will look the best to future employers when looking over your application or work history! It probably will be the most laid back(thus most wanted) and perhaps the best paying job(thus most wanted) out of all the others. I have no data for you concerning the state of Mississippi, sorry. Your best bet to obtain the info you seek would be to contact the unemployment office in your local area. Good luck with the job! If you land the country club job, let me know the name of the place as I will be looking for a free round of golf as my fee for services rendered!!!


Many, Many years of working Many, Many jobs!!!!!

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Thanks a lot everyone! I'll try to land the Country Club job when it reopens this year. =)
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  • jedi_junkie05 answered 8 years ago
    I'm not sure if it's the same in Miss. , but in Ohio you can work at the age of 14 with a work permit attained from school. You can work after school till about 10pm, but never during school.

    You can always apply, and talk to the management of the restaurants. The worst that can happen is you being told you're too young.
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  • sweet k answered 8 years ago
    yes b/c my brother is 14 and he works at mcdonalds but he had to fill out a work plan so he could work and my sister is16 and she had to do the same thing since they r in school.

    TRY MCDONALDS IF U HAVE ANY QUESTIONS JUSS E-MAIL ME AT www.sweetlatina512@yahoo.com.
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  • msnglnk answered 8 years ago
    it depends on your state or local child labor laws. mcdonals and other fast food chains are very popular with hiring 14 & 15 year olds. but they follow the laws very closely. in the state of mn it is illegal for an employer to make a minor (under age 18) work more than 10-15 hrs/week. if you get your parents writen consent (at age 16) because of family financial reasons you can get longer hours.


    search "mn dept. of labor and industry" or your local listing
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  • ButterflyDancer answered 8 years ago
    You can be legally hired at the age of 14. However, certain reasturants have their own rules about how young they will hire people, so you need to check around to see who will hire you. I know I've never seen a 14-year-old working in a Burger King or anything, so I think that local businesses would be more willing to hire you. If worst comes to worst, you could always cut grass and do landscaping for people, or babysit.
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  • pcheesewhiz answered 8 years ago
    I believe the legal working age in MS is 16. Call the department of labor in your state. They will tell you over the phone.
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  • Doobles answered 8 years ago
    I dont know how it works in Mississippi but my friend go a job at a country club when she was 14. It's a lot easier than regular places. I remember picking up a Worker's Permit from my school but I never filled it out. If ur states anything like mine you might need to find someplace where you can pick up that permit to go work. Good luck!
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  • NAQ answered 8 years ago
    i think you can but you wont get many hours because of your age. but its a start!
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  • Mr.No-It-All answered 8 years ago
    a lot of mexican restaraunts hire under age kids to work in the kitchen. i think they pay them like 3 or 4 bucks an hour
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