desperate sick mom in brazil, american citizen needs help to go back to the usa.?

mom is sick in brazil, american citizen and needs assistance to go back to the usa and a place to stay. i have generalized anxiety disorder. I am an american citizen. and i desperate need help from some organization to go back to the usa closer to my daughter that live in illinois. i will be homeless here. please help.


I will die here. I am sick and can´t afford treatment. i tried to e-mail to oprah, but no answer. I am desperate to go back , i need assistance and a place to stay. please help me.I am suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. i need to go back to usa.

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    You may have a fixation on getting back to the States, but I ask what then? If it is manifestly impossible to manage the trip, why don't you get treatment and assistance in Brazil? Brazil is hardly a backward Third World country,and there have to be ways to receive assistance. Start by seeking information (they will not give you financial assistance) from the U.S. Consulate. Also there are usually volunteer community groups consisting of foreigners and/or strictly Americans in such countries. For example, every country I have been in always has a very active women's/wives club. Deal with your immediate priorities locally, and, then, think of your longer term options when you are in better control of yourself.

    Best of luck to you.

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    honey i too have severe anxiety and i dont think that you can really die from that even though you may feel like it sometimes. why dont you find some way to make some money and buy a plane ticket back to the u.s.??? it may take a little bit of time to make enough money but it will get you here and if you cant get enough for a place to stay when you reach the u.s. then you could stay in a homeless shelter. i hope you figure something out ill pray for you........good luck

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    Go to your Church

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