is STP oil treatment good for my engine?

just curious. i've heard that products like slick 50 actually clog your oil filter, lowering oil pressure.

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    Stp makes a 10w-30 engine oil around a 15w-40..... contains cheap volume index improvers, and only adds the cheap anti wear additive zinc....., its especially good for oil burners because it will make the oil thicker.

    Valvolines synpower or maxlife oil treatment's actually contain alot of the other antiwear additives, and contains good VII's. But of course will make the oil thicker.... not good in the winter time. Cd2 oil treatment is another fairly good additive.

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    Stp Oil Treatment

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    Stp High Mileage Oil Treatment

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    STP oil treatment is the best product out there, (providing you use it correctly) It is not intended to be used for oil burning engines as a quick fix or any other quick fix ideas. You put a bottle of it in your engine every time you change your oil.

    Yes there are other products out there such as Lucas and Slick50, but take a look at the price of those too !!! can be kinda pricey. STP is still average $2.50 - $3.00 a bottle, depending on where you get it and it does the same thing that all these higher priced additives claim to do. I use it, and have been for over 20 years. It contains detergents which enhances the oil's viscosity and keeps the engine clean and sludge free, and when used regularly over a period of time, it will actually "bake" into the metal inside the engine leaving a protective film to reduce wear. It is ok to use it in a new car after the break in period has passed, that will be a sure guarantee that your engine will have a long life providing you change oil regularly. I have worked on engines that has used it and personally seen the positive effects it has. I have not seen anything that outdoes it, and besides, take a moment and think about how long that product has been on the market......................... a long time.

    Source(s): ASE certified mechanic 23 years
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  • 6 years ago

    STP IS THE BOMB!!! STP was rhthe first fully synthetic additive made and was developed by German engineers during WW II. I've used it in engines with damaged valve guides and it stops the noise and frictioninstantly. For winter use mix it half and half with marvel mystery oil. Its the best thing out there and it's inexpensive. Some 2001-2003 Chevy motors had valve chatter noise and problems, especially the 6.0. Chevy spent millions in recalls and fixes and oil changes. I put STP in several of these motors and the VALVE CHATTER STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!! I had a 2003 5.7 LS6 motor in a ZO6 andI ran it hard. It had the valve chatter when I got it at 45k mi. Put the STP IN and it never made another tick. I've used other expensive additives and treatments and not noticed any difference whatsoever in performance. Use what works: STP!!

  • 1 decade ago

    The treatment's will not clog your oil filter. However STP actually will raise the oil pressure due to it being so thick. If your engine is running fine. Don't use any additives. The only reason I see for people to use STP, or any addive that does the same, is when the engine is in the latter stages of it's life and needs it to silence those little noises it makes. I for sure wouldn't use them in newer engines.

  • 5 years ago

    I've ran STP Oil Treatment for better than 25 years in most everything I've owned from worn out tractors to new cars. Never any problems and I would have to believe longer engine life the way most have lasted.

  • 7 years ago

    HI, i have nissan altima 2005 i have a question now i my using STP oil treatment first time on my car oil change is it good to use it?? I have 2.5 4 cylinder car engine so can i put two bottles of STP oil treatment in car engine one bottle is 400ml if i put two bottles can it harm my engine or no effect on engine after putting one or two bottels of 400ml.

  • 4 years ago

    Instead of adding STP to your oil... just change the oil and filter more often. Today's modern oil covers all the needed parts the oil needs. Be sure to use oil specs recommended by the car's manufacturer. Buy your wife or gf a flower instead!

  • 1 decade ago

    Stp hasn't been proven to do anyhting if your gonna use anything at all use lucas oil stabilizer and use about 20 percent to the rest of oil volume I would use this in a new car as would alot of other drag racers and mechanics the stuff has bee n proven and is a great product

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